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SIDDIUS – When Time is Time Again (2017)

by Vpower

Heavy Metal

siddius 11. A Conversation Between Death and Man
2. Nothings There
3. On the Open Sea
4. Don’t be Afraid to Run
5. Surfing on the Sands of Time
6. When Time is Time Again
7. Frayed Chords
8. Broken Strings


Alex Welp – Bass
Patrick Hitchings – Drums
Khalid – Guitars
Andrew Welp – Keyboards, Piano
Hayden Frasier – Vocals

Siddius is a classic Heavy Metal band from Indiana with twelve years of experience under their belt, but they just debuted their album this year. When Time is Time Again is the title of their first independent work, released on January 13, 2017.

siddius 2

It’s very surprising to hear Siddius. When you hear the first chords of  “A Conversation Between Death and Man” with its piano and melodic solo you have a feeling of “deja vu”, of listening to an album by Savatage in their period from “Gutter Ballet” to “Dead Winter Dead.” A very intense singer, long songs, always with piano and bursts of pure metal, elegant and with a sense of rhythm. Watch out for this band, they aim very high!

“Nothing’s There” starts with piano and a slow lament by the singer that grows in intensity, reminding you of Zack Stevens. I love the change of pace with a melancholy solo that pulls in distortion and drum riffs, introducing a mix between American and German Power Metal. In fact the acceleration reminds me a little of Helloween in its early period. Also at the piano they have classic touches that make you dream of the good times of Virgin Steele. These musicians are aiming straight for the stars, and their work is very smart.

“On the Open Sea” starts with a piano rhythm quite similar to the theme before it. Then they pull in a drum beat that keeps on accelerating and has progressive touches. The singer, Hayden Frasier, performs aggressively together with a guitar that directly imitates the technique of clan Oliva.

We have other kinds of themes, like the one in “Don’t be Afraid to Run”, that put aside the influences of Savatage and look to Rainbow in its “Rising” period and Dio at the start of his solo career. The solo in this theme is amazing—it comes bubbling up and it will leave the listener (if you listen to this album it’s because you love classic metal) with a feeling of hearing one of this year’s best albums.

“Surfing on the Sands of Time” has a rock beginning that draws from shred guitar, giving the album an original touch. It doesn’t go with the rest of the songs at all, and it’s a personal showcase for the guitarist, but even so I don’t know why it made me think of Deep Purple’s “Purppendicular”—everything Siddius touches turns to gold.

“When Time is Time Again” is like going back to the start of the album, that is, the essence of Savatage is back again except that Siddius gives a more aggressive, modern and current touch to its music. They have enormous feeling, every song turns into a hymn and I say again, within a few months everyone will be talking about this band. Remember that we were the first webpage  to tell you that one of the future stars of metal was born!

The album ends majestically and elegantly with the intro “Frayed Chords” to another awesome piece called “Broken Strings”. A top guitarist, a versatile singer with an impressive voice, elegance in the compositions, incredible solos, a mix of styles …. overpowering and brilliant, this is the debut of Siddius, a band that wants to take up the legacy of Jon Oliva.

Rating: 9/10

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