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BURIAL INVOCATION – Abiogenesis (2018)

by Mr Old School

Death Metal

burial invocation 11. Revival
2. Abiogenesis
3. Visions of the Hereafter
4. Phantasmagoric Transcendence
5. Tenebrous Horizons



Cihan Akün – guitar, vocals
Aberrant – drums
Can Yakay Darbaz – guitar
Ozan Yildirim – bass

These guys are called to lead the technical death metal scene some day if they don’t drive themselves crazy or lost somewhere in the middle, or at least to be reknowned as one among the best in the international arena. Why? Simply: they sound fresh, not a marked card as 99% of the bands nowadays.

burial invocation 2A Turkish band formed by members with a long experience in the underground of their country, with some cooperation at the international level too, they have gone through bands as Molested Divinity, Engulfed, Diabolizer… etc. Burial Invocation was born in Ankhara in 2008 and this is their debut.

First point of attention: the drums sound is genuine and delicious primitive, a bit soft, more from the 90s and the alternative metal but it fits perfectly with the bands cool attack. Even the sound in Revival is a little like the drums sound by Morbid Angel, never the strongest part of that pleople, by the way. But, there is a critical difference, as this Turkish use tribal rythms on drums. They also sound a little like technical thrash, mind the great guitar solos and the Vektor influence, they do know how to push the pedal to the limit, aggressive ala Bolt Thrower, the best mirror you can always handle.

Long and elaborated songs, they mix death and thrash with full aggression in some moments, a natural atmosphere created without studio tricks only by means of distortion in the guitars and a natural and clean solo, as they do in Abiogenesis, the title track.

After the last 12 minutes, never long, never boring, they know how to build up an interesting song, we get Visions of the Hereafter, by far the darkest track in the album, it collects influences from bands like Undergang, Bolt Thrower, Graveyard or Incantation.

Phantasmagoric Transcendence kicks off with a death/doom rythm and an acceleration by the book, I only miss a better sound on drums and a more pounding bass, it all would supply a more wild sound. , but this is where we are and surely they can get a better approach in the production field for next releases, but they have  the driving force of addictive and dark sounds and that is a value which should lead them to a constant grow in the future.

Tenebrous Horizons is the last song and it shows the hidden face of the band but not the darkest in this case, it is an acoustic composition that reminds me of the American Horrendous.

They are positioned at the vanguard of Death Metal but no losing either the classic elements in their music, they are able to sound aggressive but with skill and classicism, a  Turkish band with a strong appeal in the compositions and with cool creative moments. This albums was a fix number in our lottery, we knew it before playing it and they have not disappointed us.

https://burialinvocation.bandcamp.com/album/abiogenesis   full album

Feeling: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Skills: 3/5
Production: 3/5

Score: 7,75/10

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