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ERA OF DISGUST – Teratogenesi (2018)

by Mr Old School

Death Metal

era of disgust 11. Black Haze
2. Drowning
3. Infernal Mood
4. P.O.V. (Point of View)
5. Broken Shoulder



Davide Di Girolamo – guitar
Filippo Peinetti – guitar
Saverio Bello – vocals
Sandro Pirrone – bass
Simone Merlenghi – drums

A band from Torino (Italy) formed recently and with a stunning sound, they have come to stay and those of you who follow Metalbrothers.es know well that we don’t give anything for free if the guys don’t deserve it, we put the bar really high, we know it and are proud of it, we don’t sell our asses before any power, name or label, but this Italian band has jumped that bar by far and we will follow their career with especial interest.

Black Haze offers a cool dark atmosphere which is broken by a rhythm change and death metal attack which digs in the roots of Deicide, also with elements from the most violent Sweden death metal sound. Intensity and a brutal rhythm base, groove and deathcore, a powerful track.

Drowning grows in intensity with the hardcore approach, it fits as a silk glove, but they also disguise it with a flavour of death metal, aggressive and powerful, take no prisoners. Infernal Mood kicks off with double guitar riffs, loaded with groove and a thunderous sound. Several voices in the chorus, a fixed pattern in their music, and they actually own the skills to create choruses with charm, something that many bands lack. This song would be perfect with a little more development, it’s the only drawback it presents.

P.O.V. continues the same way, in fact the album follows a trend that goes from death metal to a more hardcore approach, more crazy, more violent and that includes also elements of groove and thrash/death, with an amazing power, seeking a mid tempo to create some kind of atmosphere. I guess, however, they are more brilliant when they focus on the death metal party as the mean ingredient.

Broken Shoulder is the last song and it’s Era of Disgust in all their glory, they go around everything they have shown till now and even more, because we also find blast beats and brutal death with some slamming, with the dark grade that covers all their compositions.

A strong and consistent band with a big level of addiction, a mix of elements with no weak points, very professional staff in a great debut that invites to think about a long career, here is the first step that we have presented to you.

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