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YELLOW FEVER – Epidemic Tragedies (2018)

by Vpower

Heavy Metal

yellow fever 11. Historians Of The New World
2. The Civillizing Process
3. From The Medieval Epidemics: Leprosy And Bubonic Plague
4. Avery’s Quest




Calazar – bass, vocals
Naberius – drums
Devils Preacher – vocals, guitars

This band took me by storm from the very first moment. I have been listening and collecting music for more than 25 years in the underground Metal and those who share that passion with me, many of them reading this website from time to time, will completely understandand me when I say that after some time you learn to develop an instinct, a sixth sense, so when you see some cover art you are sure to be right over something especial. And this is exactly what happened to me with Yellow Fever, it was like an arrow shot when it came to my pc screen, because these guys, believe me, are different.

yellow fever 2Yellow Fever is a Brazilian band born in 2014 under the name of Demons Crest, they released a demo and afterwards they changed the name to Yellow Fever, which is a reference to that terrible illness that still collects its toll in many parts of Brazil nowadays.

Fasten your seat belt and record their name because Yellow Fever will be one of the big albums this 2018, surely, if no ufo comes with a bunch of albums under the arm, it will be in Metalbrothers.es top ten, which is equal to be nominated for the Grammy indeed, as we are the guys doing more fucking reviews around the globe, in every style, size and colour of any genre out there, with some of our staff, although they do not like to mention it, doing their shit with their own bands. So, here we go!

Historians Of The New World kicks off with the typical Iron Maiden rythm, and of course you just think… another one doing the same… but as the minutes pass by you will feel there is something especial here. The high pitch and nasal voice so in use in the 80s, the speed metal outbursts and that bass hammer sound that drills you once and once again, it’s like mixing Holocaust and Iron Maiden. Eight minutes of hot and run heavy metal.

The Civillizing Process is six minutes long, a soft speed metal with the guitars between the NWOBHM and the US power, look at the turns with so a great feeling and the outstanding guitar solos. I would only improve a bit the drums production, but once again, who is perfect?

All the tracks are long enough for the average heavy metal band, but their sound never decline. Here you have another example, From The Medieval Epidemics: Leprosy And Bubonic Plague is a fourteen minutes piece that seems to me like a pair of breaths or sighs. It has an atmospheric start with high-pitched and slow solos which open the gate for a psichedelic and seventys air, clearly under the influence of Judas Priest’s Sad Wings of Destiny. Later on, the bassist introduces the guitars which are growing little by little, with a NWOBHM sense, like Demon or Holocaust taking the darkness from Mercyful Fate. At the end, another chapter where the bassist leads the way in an acoustic pace, bringing me memories of the gods Necromandus and his only work “Orexis of Death”.

Right to the end with Avery’s Quest and his almost 17 minutes of conceptual development. Voices with acoustic guitars on the beginning, a little bit rusty English pronunciation, if I can say it. Again, low rythms, distorted guitars, tribal rythms on the drums and that killer spirit ala Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Witchfinder General and Cirith Ungol. As in the previous track they build the atmosphere and the acoustic passages with the skills of a sacred beast, I just can put the horns up and wish it would never end. One of the craftworks of the year, alongside Firepower by Judas Priest fighting for the best heavy metal effort in 2018.

Feeling: 4/5
Creativity: 5/5
Skills: 4/5
Production: 4/5

Score: 9/10

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