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Interview with 7TH ABYSS

by Vpower

7th abyssThe Band: 7th Abyss

Country: Germany

Answers by: Alex (bass), Rob (guitar), Dan (guitar), Matze (drums), Andi (vocals)



I think this interview summarizes very well what German quintet 7TH ABYSS is all about: five guys answering, all the guys in the band participating in the conversation with real interest and attitude. And yes, that reflects perfectly what they deliver in ther debut album “Unvoiced”, Metal 4×4, a great mixing of tech, energy and execution. The kind of work you can’t just play once, you will be listening to it one time and another and another an another…


Hello guys, 7th Abyss is a new band from Germany, region of Bavaria, you started up in 2013, how did it happen and what came after that?

Alex: Matze and I thought about founding a band back in 2013. I called some people who were in line for making music and after I called Rob and he agreed I was sure that this band would be going places.

Dan: Alex produced the two releases of my old band before we split up. When I received the call from him I was glad to be part of this band.

Rob: I wasn’t playing in any band at the moment Alex called me and told me the rest of the crew was already aboard. I had some riffs I recorded earlier which led to the foundation of 7th Abyss.

On July 29th you will release your first full length, Unvoiced, prior to that had you released any material, EP or demos?

Alex: We put all our energy in creating a full length album but we actually released two early versions of Deaf and Schwester Rabiata on our Facebook page to get some feedback.

After listening to the Unvoiced promo, we would label your style as Metal, but how you define it?

Rob: Thank you! You got it! I totally agree with that. We had several band discussions about that and we never figured out the “perfect“ solution. We just want to do metal, without constraints during the creation process.

Dan: One record store even listed our album under Folk- / Medieval metal (we had a good laugh) while others said it’s Melodic Death Metal. As you can imagine we’re not the only ones who can’t decide what genre it is. For us it’s simply metal and that’s totally fine! Thinking in stereotypes just limits your freedom of creativity.

How long did you work in this Unvoiced?

Rob: Starting in June 2013 we were working on that until the beginning of 2016. During that time we continuously kept tweaking our songs.

Alex: Over two years of blood, sweat and tears.

And it worths it. When 7th Abyss was born in 2013, you were confident on the fact that sooner or later you will have an album on the streets and a contract with a record label?

Rob: Yes, that was the plan! As all our band members have band experience and some of us released metal albums in the past. The common vision was to release a full length album as mentioned above. We are very happy with our record label.

Now that you have made the first step releasing your first album, how do you see the future of the band, has anything changed compared to the first days of 7th Abyss?

Matze: Of course something changed. Actually a lot did. We’re playing way better now compared to the first rehearsals where it wasn’t even clear where the band is headed.

Alex: We’re aiming and working to release more albums. Playing some shows on festivals would be cool but playing a real tour would be amazing. We’re looking forward to what the future might bring us.

With five guys in the line up, is there a leader in the band or someone in command when talking about the design or composition of the songs?

Rob: On the one hand we have a producer, Alex, who takes care of all organisational stuff and fuels the members’ engagement. On the other hand I’m in charge of creating and composing our songs in a first instance. In a second instance Andi has the ability to be the naturally matching voice of 7th Abyss. Dan and Matze are reliable supporters of the vision and the style.

Dan: I wouldn’t say we have a typical leader. I’m glad Alex does the producing and organisation stuff and Rob takes the leading part in songwriting. Their experience is pure gold. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. But every single opinion of everybody counts and is taken seriously. That’s something I really cherish about this band.

 What are the influences of 7th Abyss?

Rob: First of all there is the whole range of metal music. Everybody contributes his own taste and preferences in music, which fuels the facets of our songs. Me personally, I have a bunch of great guitar players who inspire me. While working on the album, I consciously avoided listening to specific bands during the creation process, in order to prevent the risk of sounding like them too much.

Andi: There are a lot of different influences to our music. Like Rob said everybody likes a different type of metal and the age difference does its bit.

Your lyrics talk about…?

Andi: That’s a tough question because the lyrics cover a lot of topics. The variety changes from personal to global issues but the borders blur most of the time. I like this style of writing lyrics. People should decide for themselves what they hear and I’m looking forward to reading/hearing some interpretations.

7thabyss_unvoicedIn Unvoiced we are gonna find 11 tracks that combine energy, good technique and also great melodies with a melancholic point even. If you were to release an EP what songs would you choose?

Dan: Tough question. Unvoiced, Deaf, Schwester Rabiata, Point of View, Not.That.Day.

Rob: Lost Eternity, Deaf, Memories of lies, Not.That.Day, Schwester Rabiata.

Andi: I can’t decide.

Matze: Me neither.

Alex: As you can see every member of the band has his own favourites and we could discuss a long time about that. There’s no definite answer.

Well, but we like everyone had a voice to say something 🙂 . From the beginning with Lost Eternity what you guys deliver is pure fun, because you combine so many elements in every song

Rob: It is just our style of writing songs. Some parts of this song already existed long ago on my computer. It was the second song we composed and we tried to just be authentic. That’s the way we write music. We’re just having fun and hopefully project some of the fun on the people listening to our music.

Listening to tracks as Unvoiced the word that comes to my mind is intensity…

Rob: I really like the word intensity for that song. Andi’s voice adds a lot to it. For us this song represents the whole album.

Andi: Performing this song live is so much fun because it’s simply „in your face“ and has an incredible drive.

We also have time for the relax or reflection with songs like Nightmare At The Fields

Andi: You need some contrast in your program – and also some time to take breath.

Rob: We intended to include a slow song to calm down and give the listener the chance to reflect on the things heard. At least for a while because in the end we prepare for what follows.

Or mid tempos like Not.That.Day., which means that throughout the album you touch almost every kind of song, including fast songs, melodies, slow ones and vicious chorus… the full catalogue we could say

Dan: We wanted that everybody in this band is satisfied and has fun playing the songs. Since our taste is very different we had to make sure our music is as versatile as possible without losing our „central theme“. Rob and Alex did an amazing job and managed to create a great mix of styles we all enjoy.

Andreas Müller’s great work on vocals is the perfect piece for such diversity…

Alex: His voice fits perfectly to the rest of the music and adds the layer we imagined since the beginning. Andi was our first choice. When Matze and I decided to found 7th Abyss he was the first person coming to our mind and I’m glad he agreed without hesitation.

Rob: It’s amazing how Andi intuitively fits into this project. His variety is impressive and it is a lot of fun to work with him. I had the impression that this band had to be found in order to unleash the greatness of his voice.

Andi: Thanks for the compliment! I love the variety. Doing only one style get’s me bored really quick and I’m glad I’m free to experiment and play out my ideas as much as I like.

What touring plans do you have for promoting your debut album?

Andi: We don’t have any specific plans but playing a small tour would be nice.

Alex: Besides playing live we produced a music video for our song “Deaf“. Check out our Facebook, Twitter or Youtube page to stay informed (links at the end of the interview)

And finally, after listening to this addictive Unvoiced, we wish we had more to listen, but for the moment we will use the replay… Are you the kind of band to release an album every how many years?

Rob:We can’t wait to work on our second album, but for now we can’t tell when it will be out.

Alex: We’re already collecting some new material but it will take some time since we want to improve ourselves. But for the moment we enjoy that our album „Unvoiced“ is released and we wish all the people to have fun with it.

Thank you very much to all of you guys for your time and we wish a big success with Unvoiced!

7th Abyss: You’re welcome and we’re glad you liked our music! Thanks for your interest!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7thabyssband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/7th_Abyss_Band

Deaf music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ymnZrYyA_A

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