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Interview with AMBROTYPE

by Hombre Rancio

Ambrotype which in ancient Greek means immortality is a project of a solo musician: Adel Saflou of only 22 years old and comes from Aleppo in Syria. Their new album was released June 8 independently. Ambrotype is a brilliant project that combines death with progressive and an oriental touch.

ambrotype 1

Hi Adel. First congratulate you for your work. There are many emotions in this album. How you define your music?

Hello Hugo, thank you for taking an interest in my music. I get my inspiration from all the desperation and dismay that I’ve witnessed and faced throughout my life; whether it was the Syrian crisis or personal loss in the family and so on. I try to mask everything with metaphors and imagery so that the people could identify with my songs in their own different and unique way.

Your music reminds me Opeth. What are your favourite groups? 

The first metal song I’ve heard and the one that got me into metal was ghost of perdition from Opeth’s ghost reveries at age 14. I picked up the guitar at age 16 inspired my Mikael, Opeth’s frontman, and he’s been my hero ever since. Steven Wilson, Anathema, Haken, Alter Bridge, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Katatonia, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and The Flower kings have always and will always be on my top favorite band list.

I find your band in many different styles, personally I liked the oriental touch and light touches of jazz progressive. What styles do you want include in your work?

I started composing the second album for Ambrotype recently, and I’ve included more jazz and melodic elements. I am aiming to sculpt Ambrotype’s unique sound because I want people to know that they’re listening to the band even if they didn’t see the name of the track or if they were listening to it for the first time.

Combination of acoustic songs with other more extreme such as I am the beast, I feel that you want to include different passages and that the album is how a trip

I’ve always loved Opeth’s song structures; how they move dramatically from one part to the other and really make you feel the song and groove. I don’t want throw in heavy riffs and growls just for the sake of it. I like to pick the right moment for a heavy riff, or a growl. I think it would be much more effective for the listener and for me as a performer on stage in the future.

ambrotype 2

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

The Revelations is a concept album that talks about a man who lost his faith in his tribe and decided to flee with his lover. Nevertheless, his lover was too mind-washed by the tribe’s beliefs, so she betrayed him and led him to his death. The protagonist never stopped believing that his lover wouldn’t change her mind even after his death, so he made a deal with a divine entity to come back as a beast, purge the earth, and try to save his lover. He failed after so many tries, and had to watch her burn. The protagonist then became delusional and schizophrenic and was bound to walk the earth eternally in solitude. Each and every one of these songs resembles a stage I went through, but of course they are all masked by the story and by metaphors.

My favourite song of this album is your vivid soul, is very emotive. What is your favourite song of your album?

I enjoy listening to The Ambrotype the most. It is the final track that I composed on the album, and be then I think my song writing skills had gotten a bit better than they were when I was writing the rest of the album.

How is the process of recording of and album alone. That is what more You wanted that he was standing out in your work? You Have collaborated with three guitarrist.

ambrotype 3

It was really exhausting because I was learning as I was recording, and it took much more time than it should have taken. Now that I am familiar with the process I think it will be easier to do the second album. I love working and writing alone, my train of thoughts flows much more smoothly this way. The three guitarists that guested on my albums are all Syrian, and are all good friends of mine. Rafi Fakes is the one who programmed the drums for the album and guested on (Crown of Thorns 2nd solo, and I Am the Beast 2nd solo). Rudi Messiah is my band mate from our Arabic rock band called Rasas and the founder of the Syrian Heavy Metal band The Hourglass. He recorded a solo for the track called “My Nightmare Chamber”. Last but not least is Jawdat Atasi, my best friend and band mate in Orchid (my old Syrian rock band). He did the solos for (The Ambrotype, and I am the beast 1st solo). Jawdat will be joining Ambrotype for the next album and we will be splitting the solo work in half. I am very excited to have him in the band.

I want to talk to you about the acoustic part, which is that most surprised me. It has a very oriental touch, that we could say of the folklore of your country and which idea you have to integrate it more extreme parties?

Since I grew up in an oriental society, I think the oriental touch had been engraved in my brain. I don’t write oriental riffs and parts intentionally; they just turn out that way in some tracks and they don’t in others.


What is the metal scene in Syria? and how do you see the current landscape within the death metal?

The metal scene in Syria is now more diminished than it was before 2012. Nevertheless, concerts are still going on in Latakia, which is one of the few stable cities left in Syria. Death metal and Prog metal concerts are still being held there.

How can I buy your album?

My album is available on all online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and so on.

What future plans do you have?

The most important step for me and the future of the band is settling somewhere in Europe. I will be leaving to England soon, so that should take care of the opportunity side. The second is getting a label; I will start sending out the album to record labels as soon as I get to Europe. As I said I am composing the second album at the moment and I already have two solid tracks that I am happy with.


Thanks for all Adel. And congratulations once again for your fantastic album. If you you want to add something, forward.

Thank you for your interest in my music again. 🙂

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