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Interview with ANGER MACHINE

by Vpower

The Band: Anger Machine

Country: Netherlands

Answers: Thijmen den Hartigh (rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals)



ANGER MACHINE is a five-man metal band from the Netherlands with groov and skyrocket guitar solos that take you all the way back to the great metal bands of the eighties. The band’s sound is modern, characterised by groovy, fast parts combined and alternated with melodious and harmonious guitar play. As Thijmen puts it, they are not here to loose anybody’s time but to make us enjoy and go forward in their path.

Hello Thijmen! Anger Machine the band was formed in 2012 by you, right?

No the band was formed in 2015 by me. Most of the guys are the same guys that played on my final exams, which was a live show in 2012.

Curiously, the rest of the band are former classmates from the academy of music, that is not only a banda but a group of friends too, isn’t it?

Only Martijn is a former classmate. Corne has been a friend of Martijn for a long time. They have been playing in a lot of bands together. Merijn actually was a guitar student of mine, but I needed a bass player so I bought a bass-guitar and asked him to come play with us. Of course he ownes his own bass now. Tim I met in a guitarstore he was working in. Anger Machine is not the typically friend band. I think I’ve got an eye for talent and for me it’s really important to work with great musicians. That’s also why there is quite some distance between where we live and we don’t have a hometown. The Netherlands is our hometown! Of course now we’re in a band we are great friends!

That’s important. We find a recent change in the vocalist position, what has provided Remus Stingaciu compared to the former vocalist Tim Koole?

Tim is still a great friend of us, but he also is a very busy guy. He has his band Man As Plague, his work as a guitarbuilder with Aristides and always a million thinks he also likes to do. I think where we are going and growing this fast as a band we collectably had to choose to separate. We are very thankfull for the help in the first phase, starting this band. Of course we needed a replacement. We needed someone with the right mindset. We only had one audition, because Remus was the only one that said all the right things. We kinda knew that this was the guy that would give it all and would help us finish the album and help us playing live shows. It was kinda crazy in how little time we had written all the lyrics and recorded them all with Remus and still playing all the live shows.

Anger Machine is a five-man metal band from the Netherlands but it seems your music collects influences from many places and different times

I’ve written all the music and I’m really a fan of older thrash and heavy metal bands. I’m actually graduated as a pop guitarist and I’m still working as a guitar teacher, teaching all kinds of music styles. I always want to know what’s going on in songs and why a song is great even if it’s not my taste. That’s how I learn and I implement that knowledge in my own music. In the end it doesn’t matter what style you are playing. Great music is great music and the same rules for that go for each style.

Interesting. «Trail Of The Perished” is an independent release. Your sound could be labeled as fully international so you could have signed with several labels I gues, but you haven’t so…?

We would sign a record deal if we would get the right deal. As a graduated guitar player I’ve also learned about signing with labels, so I know a thing or two. Besides that I love to play this music, I still see my band as a corporation and not a hobby. The only way to do that is when it’s profitable.

How long have you worked on your debut album «Trail Of The Perished” and how was the process?

Hard to say, because some of the songs I’d already written in 2015. We took actually one year to record the whole album starting in may 2018. We wanted it to do a lot faster, but with the department of Tim and all, we needed a lot more time.

Groove & melodies, death & thrash, a wide range of sounds that can satisfy different tastes

I don’t write in a certain style. I just write the music I like. I think a song needs a few elements to be great, like the groove and melody you mention, but also things like structure and hooks. I also use a lot of songwriting tricks I’ve learned at school and from listening like I mentioned before.

High-quality guitar solos is one of the most important elements in your music, I would dare say

I love guitarsolo’s and I love playing guitar. I love it when a song has a great guitar solo and since I’ve been a kid I always enjoyed listening to them. Not a lot of bands do guitar solo’s anymore, while in the early days everyone did them. I think that’s a shame, but that’s just me.

I do think the same. Any difference in sound between «Trail Of The Perished” and your previous ep Unbreakable?

Of course the difference in production. Our producer Emiel Maas said this album sounds more mature if I say that right, but I don’t know. A lot of songs are shorter, but besides that it’s pretty much the same formule.

By the way, your EP was somehow criticised for the poor production, something that does not happen with «Trail Of The Perished” anymore

That is the idea. Make mistakes, learn from them and go on.

How do you feel playing live? Do the songs sound so powerful as in the album?

We are really a very skilled live band. Everyone always says we are better live than on recordings. There’s something with the energy of live show, which is magic. That combined with us nailing every part and you’ve got a great live show!

Something to watch and enjoy soon I hope. Any tour programmed in Europe or abroad for this year?

Not yet, for the reason that shows farther away cost more money and we are still paid very little. We at least have to get even if we want do keep doing this.

How do you see the current scene of Metal?

It’s very busy. There are so many genres and bands and so many different tastes. It’s most likely that if you place three metalheads in a room they absolutely hate each others music. I think it’s gotten really complicated and there’s a lot of hate also between bands. I feel there’s a lot of competition and that there’s not really a scene between bands, which is a shame.

Very graphic your comment indeed. Any especific plans for the forthcoming months?

Promoting our album by playing lot’s of live shows.

Thanks for your attention and congratulations for your debut album, if you wish to add something…

I love metal and that’s why I want to give you this album. Please take a moment to listen to it and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. I hope I didn’t make too much mistakes in my English.
Greetings, Thijmen den Hartigh

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