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Interview with ATLANTEAN KODEX

by Vpower

atlanteankodexThe Band: Atlantean Kodex

Country: Germany

Answers by: Mario Weiss (drums)



We talk with Mario Weiss to know more about ATLANTEAN KODEX’s current and future plans. With two EPs, two live albums and two studio albums they have little to demonstrate, they are one of the biggest bands of the moment in terms of sound & composition. Reading Mario Weiss speech you understand why they do things so well, their ideas are so clear and their feet firm on earth. A very cool interview, not doubt, enjoy it!!

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Hello Mario, you are releasing a new live album, «The Annihilation Of Bavaria«. The second live album in your discography, when did you decide to go for it and why?

When we decided to play the concert(s) at Schloss Theuern and we saw the location for the first time we just knew that we have to do this cause while other bands would probably go for a big festival with a huge crowd we thought that an intimate and familiar show in our homeregion, the upper palatinate, will represent the band and it’s fans in the best way – it was a really unique and intense atmosphere and we wanted this to be a night to remember.

«The Annihilation Of Bavaria» was recorded in Kulturschloss Theuern on November 6th/7th 2015. Any especial meaning on that date for the band or it was just the best recording available?

Regarding the Date: I dont remember anymore of the top of my head but i think that there was no special meaning behind it besides the fact that we all had to coordinate a lot of things for the event and this weekend worked out best for everybody that was involved – from the guys that recorded our show, the mixer to the other bands we played with. I would say though that a cold bavarian winternight is not the worst chosen environment for an epic heavy metal show 🙂

Sounds quite epic, indeed. What diffenrence we can find between «The Annihilation Of Bavaria» and your previous live album, apart of the obvious years between them?

I think on «The Annihilation of Bavaria» you can hear that we gained more experience by playing concerts over the last decade but also we have improved our songwriting. With the last Studioalbum «The White Goddess» the Vision of our music became more and more clear.

atlanteankodex3Atlantean Kodex is a well known band by many fans and I think your live shows never dissapoint

We dont play live too often due to personal reasons so there is no pressure. We choose the «where and when». After all these Years we still get excited when we play Shows and it gives me goose bumps when Fans sing along our Songs with us. We try to avoid Routine. Maybe People recognise that.

I first met Atlantean Kodex in the Keep It True, it was like a revelation for me. Comparing the sensations in this «The Annihilation Of Bavaria» with your perform in the KIT what can you say?

The Keep it True Festival is a very cool Venue. We played there three times already and it was always fantastic. But in the case of «The Annihilation of Bavaria» we wanted to create something special that transports the essence of our music. Darkness, Demons, the Prophet Mühlhiasl – Bavarian Tradition! So instead of playing in Athens, London or anywhere else in the World we wanted to invite the people to our home to share with them the origin of our music.

It’s well known that many clubs & live venues are experiencing big problems because less and less people buy tickets and attend the shows. What do you think about it all?

I don’t go to a lot of concerts by myself neither cause with the age i enjoy it more listen to music in my own comfort zone and still supporting Bands by buying there releases but i can imagine that the fact that everything is accessable so easily nowadays with Youtube, Spotify etc is part of the problem. When i was younger it was really something special to see one of my Heroes live on stage. There was a mistery behind everything. Another Problem could be that people sometimes just can’t afford it. They maybe have to decide to either buy an Album or go to a Show. But that’s all «guesses».

Many bands, especially the young ones, say that Metals health is very good but this seems in contradiction with the situation previously described, what’s your opinion about it?

I think for Bands nowadays it’s easier to get people’s attention via facebook, youtube – or internet in general. But sometimes it’s just too much input and it’s hard to segregate and channelise everything. So the Problem could also be that it’s hard to keep an overview sometimes cause there are so many releases, concerts etc. But anyway – in a long term good quality always finds it’s way to the listener.

Now time to talk a little about your future. If there is a band that has grown in popularity and cult status for the last years that is Atlantean Kodex, do you feel it?

No, not really. That’s the most funny part about it. We are around now for over 10 years and have never really reflected anything we have achieved. This year on the KIT for example i recognised that there was a lot of people wearing Atlantean Kodex Shirts or Backpatches…being «profoundly Shocked» would describe the feeling best.

atlanteankodex2So, many fans are eager for a new studio album, are you on it already?

The Concept is done and we are recording some Demos at the moment. A fragment here, a fragment there. My biggest goal is to improve the drumsound for our next Album so i’m working on that right now. Adjusting Microphone Positions etc. All that good stuff that would make normal people fall asleep in 10 seconds.

Hahaha. If so, any estimated date for the release? Any details you can share with us?

No exact date yet, BUT …Winter is coming…

If winter is coming that is enough good already…Your previous works are epic & glorious, so your third album is much anticipated, do you feel the pressure?

No, in creativity is no space for pressure. Whatever you do in life, don’t try to top yourself – just do what you like to do. No matter you do it just for fun or you want to become an expert in it. We would never release anything we are not totally satisfied with and if people like it too it’s the best side effect you can get out of your own music.

Very interesting approach. Some fans complain about the time you take between one release and another, they ask for more and more often, what is normal taking in account your top class, what can you say to those fans?

I would say: Rome was not built in one day – but it burnt down in one. Working on an Album for 3-4 years always consumes a part of your Soul. Hours of Hours of collecting Ideas, recording them, decide what is good and what not. If you rush it, you’ll regret it later on, because you have created something that sounds totally generic without even realising it by that time. Once it is released it’s out there. Also the recording itself is not what it’s taking so long, but filling up the vessel with Ideas. I would tell the fans the same what I tell my boss at work every day: «It’s not the quantity – it’s the quality of my work that counts» haha. And take a Band like Summoning from Austria for Example. They also take there time for their Albums and the out come is always superb and epic.

Markus Becker is a great vocalist and shares also his time with another great German band that we have interviewed before, Septagon. I think they were preparing new material with them, right?

Yes, I think they’re working on their second album.

Mario, what are Atlantean Kodex’s plans for the future?

We have no Special Plans for the Future. Recording the new Album, play some more Concerts and see how everything goes. A little Minitour in the States would be nice since we never been there before and maybe one or two splitreleases with Bands we like. But we know for sure, and i think i can speak for the whole Band, that the dimension of Atlantean Kodex will stay exactly the way it is right now cause that’s the best way (if not the only way), it works for us.

For having not special plans it’s quite enough. Thank you very much, Mario, for your attention and interested comments, if you wish to add something…

Tell me, have you seen the Yellow Sign?

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  1. luigi

    Se toman su tiempo pero mientras sigan manteniendo su brutal nivel de calidad a mi me vale

  2. Minos

    La verdad es que se nos hacen de rogar,pero bueno,esa sensación es buena pues señal que lo nuevo que saquen lo escucharemos con sumo gusto e ilusión.
    Yo leí decir a un miembro de la banda que no componen hasta que les viene la inspiración,así que esperar nos toca jeje
    Solo espero que esas demos que menciona tomen forma más pronto que tarde 😛

    1. Vpower (Publicaciones Autor)

      bueno, el señor Weiss parece que tiene las ideas bastante claras, así que habrá que aguantarse las ganas y esperar que no se retrasen mucho más, que ya hay ganas de nuevo material


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