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Interview with BEDSORE

by Vpower

The Band: Bedsore

Country: Italy

Answers: Jacopo (vocals, guitar, keys)



BEDSORE release the full length album «Hypnagogic Hallucinations». A fitting title for the dark lucid dreamscapes and obscure fantasia BEDSORE deliver on their debut. Death Metal in a debut album of considerable imagination and subconscious peculiarity, «Hypnagogic Hallucinations» is an uninhibited first step for a band emboldened to travel to the farthest reaches of the possible within the celestial spheres of Death Metal.

Hello Jacopo, your first songs were unleashed with the two track 2018 demo, how was the welcome by people in general at that moment?

The feedback we received with the demo was very positive and it still is, especially considering our sectorial and atypical proposal. After all, we’ve always made and make music just for ourselves and it’s incredible thinking about the response people is giving us.

It seems you captured the attention of the label 20 Buck Spin because the guys offered you a contract to release a debut album, right?

We’re excited to be part of 20 Buck Spin family, the perfect place for our music. Once we submitted the new stuff, the will to collaborate together came out immediately from both sides. We hope this twisting conspiracy will bring us towards further goals.

From 2018 to 2020, any changes inside the band or whatever?

The band started as a duo project between J and S. After releasing the first demo the necessity was to bring that music on stage so G and D joined the band as consequence, at first as live sessionist, then as official members in 2019, becoming part of the current lineup.

How long have you worked in the new songs included in the album Hypnagogic Hallucinations and how was the recording process?

It took about two years of gestation, between composing/arranging, recording, post production and shaping of all the graphic details, before Hypnagogic Hallucination could take this semblance.

What is the title about, is connected with the lyrics in some way, kind of flying away, fantasia, etc?

Yes exactly, our lyrical imagery is inspired by grotesque, lysergic and transcendental experiences. An intimate journey across the realms of dream and death of the human heart.

Four guys in the band and you also use keys to build that psychedelic digression and hypnotic digression typical or your sound?

During the arranging process we try not to esclude any timbric or tonal possibility, since each way of expression may become a good path to follow in order to recreate a specific atmosphere. In this sense, we also started to include synthesizers, keys and Hammond organ in our sound, giving more and more freedom and openness to that experimental and progressive elements. Our formula is continuously developing and no one knows what shape it could take in the future, which distant shores it will reach.

We can say that your death metal drinks from the fountain of Italian horror bands?

Absolutely, Italian music and movies are a constant influence for us. Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Area, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Semiramis, PFM are all artists we have grown with and still a remarkable source of inspiration. About this, we would like to name our friend Giorgio Trombino, special guest on the fourth track of the album and his one man project DOLORE, that according to us represents a very good example of the Italian horror sound, in a more contemporary key.

Although a death metal band, Bedsore does not regret to walk some steps into the realm of progressive metal, my imagination or that is true?

The presence of progressive elements in our music is unquestionable even if we do not feel totally represented by the term progressive metal. Of course we appreciate a few bands that are considered as such (like Fates Warning and others) but in the end we’d rather be associated to the word in its rock interpretation, just like 70’s first prog rock wave bands, the same you can find in modern projects such as Gösta Berlings Saga, Tribulation or Sweven.

I like that the songs, even short ones, offer a lot of things, it’s like there is always something happening that gives your music a cool touch

We have no particular interest in elements such as verse, bridge, chorus etc. or in recalling classic “song forms”. We prefer the listener to get dazed and disorientated by the evolution of the song. Regardless of running time, we’re constantly looking for unexpected solutions, our main focus are riffs and atmospheres in the right place, at the right time.

You show good tech that we can feel throughout the album, like in the guitar solos, who is mainly in charge of that?

We think that the “technical feel” of the album should be attributed to the band as a whole, from the hard work made by the rhythm section to the intricate arranging process. Solos are splitted, more or less equally, between the two axes and the bass.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations is a great debut, they used to say the sophomore album is a harder step to walk when you start so brilliantly, what do you think?

As far as we are satisfied of the work we did on Hypnagogic Hallucinations and we consider it a good album, we are also well aware that we have not fully expressed our possibilities yet. Indeed, we are already working on some new songs, improving all the aspects that concern our formula. We are sure that our next album will be even more powerful and visionary than its predecessor.

You have a youtube video of the song The Gate, Closure, the favorite song in the album?

Actually we don’t have a favorite track. We agree that the evocative power of the album refers the whole itself and not only to one song. Definitely, though, the ending track “Brains on the Tarmac” is the one that holds the biggest emotional charge inside.

In Italy, as in Spain, you have lived very hard times with the covid19, how have you dealed with it, especially when you were about to release your debut album?

The impossibility to support the album was and will be a severe blow, of course. Sharing messages and feelings our music intimately embraces with people is a fundamental aspect of being artists in our opinion. Anyway we think this is pretty insignificant compared to the sufferings the pandemic has caused and that are still falling on the World.

Unfortunately, it’s as you say, a hell of a pandemic. What are your plans for the future?

We will definitely try to support our album, doing our best as soon as it will be possible, probably with a European Tour. In the meantime we’ll continue to work on our new stuff. Furthermore hopefully we can play at Morbid Catacombs Fest this summer in Berlin, where we’re already confirmed.

Congratulations for the debut album Jacopo and thanks for the attention, if you wish to add something…

Thanks for having this nice talk, see you soon!

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