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Interview with BLAZE BAYLEY

by Vpower

blaze_2016_terje_johansenThe Band: Blaze Bayley

Country: UK

Answers by: Blaze (vocals, leader)



Having started his professional music career in WOLFSBANE in 1984, his career elevated to global heights when he joined IRON MAIDEN with whom he released two albums and toured worldwide between 1994 and 1999. After leaving Iron Maiden, Blaze embarked on a solo career, during which he has released 10 albums and has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the hardest working artists touring worldwide. He never stops and a new classical acoustic album entitled ‘December Wind’, co-written with classical acoustic guitarist Thomas Zwijsen, is another proof.


Once more, it’s a pleasure to talk to one of our favorite artists, taking the chance with his new album “December Wind», hi Blaze, how are you doing?

Very good thank you

We were happily surprised by your new acoustic album “December Wind», how was the idea born?

I enjoyed the earlier Russian Holiday CD and have loved the acoustic shows since then, so I wanted to release some of the new acoustic ideas I’ve been preparing during the past couple of years.

I would like to underline your good work with beautiful ballads in the last years, for example I remember One more Step included in your album King of Metal, where do you get the inspiration from?

The challenges in my own life and the true stories i see about people overcoming difficulties in their own lives.

BB_December_WindIn recent years you have collaborated with the acoustic guitarist Thomas Zwisjen, how is it to work together with this good musician?

Thomas is a great talent both with his own work and in collaboration.

Any favorite in December Wind?

Im so proud of all the songs on december wind. it depends what mood i’m in which one is the favourite.

Will you play these songs on stage? With Thomas Zwisjen and Anne Baker or any other musician invited?

Yes some of the new songs will be played on the forthcoming tour

You have been very active for the last years. You have finished the trilogy Infinite Entanglement, how do you feel about it and what has been the feedback from fans and media?

I think Infinite Entanglement is the biggest achievement of my career. The story is from the book I’m writing. Infinite entanglement was made possible by my fans. My fans make it possible for me to live my dream of being a professional heavy metal singer.

A recurrent matter is your pass through Iron Maiden and fans always ask you songs from Maiden in your gigs, but the truth is that your solo career is quite amazing. My fav is The Man Who Would Not to Die, but what is for you the most important record in your solo career?

As in my previous answer the Infinite Entanglement trilogy is my biggest achievement. In fact, my fans ask more for songs from my solo career than they ask for Iron Maiden songs.

I’m sure of that. In 2015 Blaze celebrated the 15th anniversary of his first solo release ‘Silicon Messiah’, what do you remember of that time?

It was a challenging time in my life. the most important thing to me was to make the best music i could and have an album i could be proud of. everything that i learned from my time with iron maiden and wolfsbane was put into the album. there were no big powerful home computers or smart phones back then and it seemed completely possible to me that one day my consciousness could be transferred to a machine. now it seems that my computer and my smart phone have become a part of me and the way i think.

It happens to all of us, I suppose. People are talking a lot about anniversary tours, for example Judas Priest and Saxon’s. If Iron Maiden goes forward with their own would you be able to join them? Have you already talked with the guys in Maiden about it?

BB_Tour-FlyerI will always be open to such possibilities. Being in Iron Maiden was a wonderful part of my life and I was well treated. I have great memories of touring the world and the fans mostly very generous and welcoming to me. I learned a lot co-writing with Steve Harris.

After the trilogy, where we find a good dose of melody and progressive music we wonder how your next studio album will sound. Will you follow this trend or it’s time for a change?

I will begin writing for the next full metal album during 2019 so I cannot say at this point. As an independent artist I’m free to create what ever i want, so the nature of the album will emerge during the songwriting sessions.

Time to ask about Wolfsbane and your collaboration with Paul Dianno. Any news in this matter in the short time?

Wolfsbane continue and will tour the UK again this December. There’s nothing particular in the pipeline with Paul at this time.

You have gone through many things in your life, as any human being I would say, but the important thing is that you have never surrended, where do you find the motivation?

I’m lucky. I have incredible support from my fans around the world. my fans make me believe that what I do has meaning. my fans are my most important inspiration.

What issues are marked in red in your agenda for 2019?

Big tour plans for 2019. USA, south america, europe, some big festivals are already confirmed. live album and dvd release. its such an exciting time.

Full activity mode, as ever. Thank you very much Mr. Blaze, a pleasure as ever. If you wish to add something

A big thank you to all my fans for their incredible support. At every headline Blaze Bayley show there is a free meet and great so I can say thank you to my fans.
New classical acoustic album and tour November 2018
Tour of the Eagle Spirit, full metal, 2019

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