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Interview with BLODHEMN

by Vpower

Blodhemn_InvisusThe Band: Blodhemn

Country: Norway

Answers: Invisus (all instruments, composition)





The new album of Norwegian Black Metallers BLODHEMN, formed by sole member Invisus in 2004 following the debut EP ”Brenn Alle Bruer” (2010) and the two albums «Holmengraa» (2012) and «H7» (2014), BLODHEMN’s third full-length «Mot Ein Evig Ruin» delivers exceptional and unique black metal tunes with thrashing twists. He continues to walk with firm step.


Hello Invisus, Mot Ein Evig Ruin is your new album. The two previous albums received very good reviews, what do you expect with your new chapter?

I hope to please the old fans as well as gain new ones. I think that the new album should be able to do that, and so far all feedback and reviews has been very positive.

You are still alone in the composition tasks, right? How hard or good is to work alone in a band?

Yes, I have done all of the composition since the band was started back in 2004. Working alone of course demands a lot, but when I finish a album and have the finished product in my hand then it’s all worth it! There are pros and cons of course. I enjoy not having to rely on anyone else and to be in complete control of all aspects of the band.

Any difference composing Mot Ein Evig Ruin compared to your other works?

No, composing «H7» and «Mot Ein Evig Ruin» was mostly done in the same way. Both albums are mostly written in my own studio. Back when I wrote «Brenn Alle Bruer» and «Holmengraa» I did not have my own studio, so they where mostly written where ever I got a chance to sit down with a guitar.

Mot Ein Evig Ruin is black metal all the way but spiced with some thrashing twists, do you agree?

Yeah, I guess I agree, but I think there are some more elements in there too such as for example; Heavy metal and Rock n’ Roll.

Cool. It was recorded between Conclave and Earshot Studios and Over Evne Studios, any reason for the split?

Over Evne Studios is my own studio and I felt confident enough to try and to most of the recording myself this time around. Working in my own studio made me more free and more able to experiment and refine the songs more than on the earlier albums. I guess it’s just one more thing with Blodhemn I wanted control over… Hah!

Since the publication of your ep Brenn alle bruer in 2010 you have experienced a steady growth in popularity, did you expect it?

Yes and no. I did hope for a growing fan base back then but there is of course no guaranties that your fan base actually will grow, but as long as you work hard and keep your focus I don’t see how your fan base would dissapear. I am very appreciative for all the support I still get and have gotten in the past!

Although you are in charge of all the composition tasks, do you have any contribution to the album from other guys?

blodhemn 1Very little. On this album I had Hauk do the bass tracks for the song «Mot Midnatt». Besides that there are some smaller guest apperances by two members of the band «Nifrost».

The work on drums is really cool, something not so normal when we talk about a one-man-band, where the computers usually play a main role, what do you think?

Thanks! Yes, I see what you mean! There are often used programmed drum tracks for one-man-bands and that can be a little «lifeless» and lacking «feel». The drums are actually my main instrument and I have been drumming since sometime in the early 2000’s.

And it clealy pays off. Songs like Østfront makes me think that if this album were released in the 90s now we would be talking about a classic record, what do you think?

That might be, but I think that is hard to speculate on. But if so, let’s hope the album can be a classic in the 2010s too… Hehe.

You are right. The city of Bergen is linked to the Black Metal scene, bands as Taake, Burzum, Borknagar, Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Hades, etc are good proof of that. How do you see the current scene nowadays?

There are very little interesting coming out of Bergen’s black metal scene today, unfortunately. But I do not stay updated on what’s out there, so there might be some good up and comming bands that I have yet to discover.

Arrived to this point of the path we would like to ask you about your previous bands of projects, because Blodhemn sounds so old school sometimes that it invites to think about the old bands… What can you tell us about your history?

There have not been any other serious bands than Blodhemn, actually! There is some talk about some other projects now but I don’t want to reveal anything before I know if they actually will happen.

Aha, we will narrate it whenever it happens. I suppose you will invite some guys to join you for the shows, won’t you?

Yes, I have a line-up for live shows concisting of: Dan – drums, Aanneland – lead guitar, Xarim – rythm guitar and Hauk – bass.

Any special action in order to promote your new album this year?

No, I guess it’s the usual stuff like playing a lot live and maybe do a tour or two.

Thanks Invisus for your attention, if you wish to add something….

Thanks for doing this interview!
To old and new supporters: I hope to see you on the road soon. Thanks for your support! Skaal!


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