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Interview with CARNAL TOMB

by Vpower

The Band: Carnal Tomb

Country: Germany

Answers: Corpse Ripper, Goat Eviscerator





The sophomore album of German Death Metallers CARNAL TOMB delivers a slap of brutal riffs, morbid melodies and deadly groove. After several changes in the line-up they are ready to present their new monstruous creation.

Hello guys, with your first long play, Rotten Remains, you delivered very good sensantions, how was the response from the fans?

Corpse Ripper: It was very surprising for us how great the response to Rotten Remains was, considering that we only released two demos before. We had not expected that. We received lots of positive feedback, both on social media channels and live shows. We also got good feedback in the press. It was a good feeling to read the first review of the album we put so much energy into.

By the way, there was another German band named Carnal Tomb back in the 90s and also playing death, but I suppose you have no relation with it or your name is not kind of a tribute to their memory or something?

Corpse Ripper: That’s right. There was a bavarian band named Carnal Tomb but they played a different style of Death Metal than we do. After they broke up, the majority of the members founded the band Cock And Ball Torture. There is a song called ‘Carnal Tomb’ on Dismembers EP ‘Pieces’, published in 1992. That’s where the homage goes to.

Abhorrent Veneration is your sophomore album and it comes preceded by a split which included five bands and where you display 4 songs, how was it?

Goat Eviscerator: The four songs we are presenting on this split are the four songs from our first demo ‘Ascend’ which was released in 2014. Apparently, the interest in this demo is still there and we like the other bands a lot, so we gave it a go.

How long have you worked on Abhorrent Veneration and was the recording process?

Corpse Ripper: The work on ‘Abhorrent Veneration’ began shortly after the release of ‘Rotten Remains’. But things had changed a lot. Lobotomizer left the band and Goat Eviscerator took over his place on the lead guitar, two of us are fathers now and all of us got a real job, went to college or did some training. Added to this was the preparation and performance of our first European tour with our label mates Sentient Horror. Therefore, the whole process was delayed, which we all did not like very much.

But from the point of view of today I have to say, it was a good thing, because the songs have matured for a long time, have been re-thought and revised and are now a well-rounded thing. That certainly would not have been the case with an earlier publication. The recording process was also different from «Rotten Remains» for the reasons mentioned above. Each of us recorded his parts alone in the studio, we had to be at 100% and ready to give it our best for the recording sessions to not waste time and therefore money.

Born in 2014, Carnal Tomb could be defined as old school death metal?

Goat Eviscerator: That was the basic idea when the band was founded and I think we did that very well. We are based on Swedish Old School Death, but also use stylistic devices from other genres. We are 4 people, with a wide interest in metal styles. Everyone brings in ideas that are not localized in the swedish OSDM, but in our opinion are in great harmony with the style. That’s why Carnal Tomb is so much fun for us.

Any significant changes between your debut album and Abhorrent Veneration?

Corpse Ripper: The main ideas where brought in by Cryptic Tormentor but Goat Eviscerator who became part of the band brought in a lot of ideas, wrote songs, song parts and solos himself. Vomitchrist was even more involved in the overall arrangements, created the groove to the riffs and also brought in some riffing ideas. The vocals have improved a lot and the lyrics match the overall vibe of the album perfectly. I thought a lot about the bass lines to improve the songs even further. Overall, the songwriting was more thoughtful and the songs are more complex and mature.

However, you started out as a duo in 2014 with Corpse Ripper on bass and Cryptic Tormentor on vocals/guitars. With two more members on board is easier to work out and album or is becoming more complicated?

Corpse Ripper: It was a lot of fun to do it as a duo in the beginning but the workflow and creativity has improved a lot with 4 people on board. We now write more complex songs, give the writing process more thought and have way more ideas that we can implement. Everyone has different strengths and preferences and you can draw on everything. We’re all good at handling positive as well as negative criticism which is really important in a band to get the best possible results.

This second album is launched by Testimony Records, happy with the guys?

Goat Eviscerator: Testimony Records has done a lot for us when it comes to advertising and promoting. I’m sure there are a lot more people that recognized us and our music because of Testimony Records and we’re thankful for that.

The artwork was created by Skaðvaldur and it connects pretty well with your lyrics

Goat Eviscerator: We are absolutely happy with the work of Skaðvaldur. It is not the first time we are working with him and it certainly wasn’t the last time. He exactly knows what Carnal Tomb needs.

Your favorite terror movie of all times?

Corpse Ripper: Braindead. It’s a classic!

If you had to choose between Sweden death metal or American one you would say…?

Goat Eviscerator: That’s impossible to say for me. Both sides played big parts in the evolution of Death Metal. I cannot imagine Death Metal without Dismember, Grave, Bloodbath or Opeth but also not without Suffocation, Autopsy or Dying Fetus. All of them are great bands. We have a lot of new bands emerging who are carrying on the torch of death metal, bands like Revel in Flesh, Sentient Horror, Panzer Squad, all of them are insanely great bands who all have the same kind of influences as we have and i’m looking forward to see what will come in the future.

Although your album is death metal in a high percentage we also find tracks as Dissonant Incubation with a doom touch or Feeding Mold with a punk pitch ala Bolt Thrower

Goat Eviscerator: We like to try new things and don’t want to sound the same with every release. Of course we are based in OSDM and that won’t change, but as Corpse Ripper said, we like a lot of different styles which results in our very own sound. And that’s why there are songs like ‘Dissonant Incubation’ or ‘Feeding Mold’.

With the international sound you are able to offer we can guess there will be a tour to promote your new album, right?

Corpse Ripper: At the moment there are some shows planned but nothing like a whole tour. It would be great to tour again. We will see what happens as soon as the album is released.

Thanks for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Corpse Ripper, Goat Eviscerator: Thanks a lot for your interest in ’Abhorrent Veneration’ and Carnal Tomb. Keep supporting the scene to keep Death Metal alive!

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