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Interview with CARONTE

by Vpower

The Band: Caronte

Country: Italy

Answers: Dorian Bones (vocals)





After two years since the end of the first magic trilogy regarding the shaman aspects of the works of Aleister Crowley, «Wolves Of Thelema» brings a huge change regarding sound and vibes. The introduction of a second guitar and several synth related to the lyrics treating forces and cosmic entities mark a new era for the band. Welcome to CARONTE’s realm of shadows.

Hello, your career had a great start with the trilogy based on Aleister Crowley. Now it seems is time for a change with your new album «Wolves Of Thelema»

93. Love is the Law. Love Under Will. Eight years have passed form the start of the trilogy on the works of Aleister Crowley and on the traditional sciamanism. In these years, magically and musically speaking we have evolved a lot.

Wolves of Thelema is for us a Manifesto, a declaration of intent to the world. We start to work with cosmic forces near and far and something has definitely changed in ourselves. I would say that Wolves of Thelema is a new beginning, conscious, compact and strong.

For a start, we find a second guitar in the lineup, how has this affected your sound?

After the first three album we were determined to evolve our sound. We decided to put an other guitar, Asher from Forgotten Tomb. He is a dear friend, we have a lot in common with him and he turned out to be a perfect choice. His contribution it was really remarkable. Moreover we had the contribute of Selvans with his synth and hammond for the recordings. It was a perfect alchemy.

Your fourth album «Wolves Of Thelema» however continues, as I think was natural, to be an occult trip

As we always said, Caronte is first of all a magic project as well as it always has been and always will be. It’s a part of us, on the stage, in our life and after dead. We hope you can find in our lyrics the right interpretation of our magic process.

How long have you worked in this album and how was the composition process?

Composition it was very long an difficult, but really thrilling! We were full of pure energy so it was not stressful the long hours in the rehearsal room and during the pre production. You feel the things are going well when you see your brothers completly absorbed in what they are trying.

The presence os synths is also relevant in this new album and contributes to the charm of the album

As i said, synths were very important to give to the album exactly the vibes we were looking for.

So, what are the lyrics about?

The magical practicies that brought me to the lyrics realization are very complex and i prefered to leave less direct interpretations than in the previous works. Some lyrics are numerically and kabalistically legible on different levels. Mainly are an ode to the Thelema philosophy that we still carry on but of the astract world and of the subconscious. They are even visons and astral journeys in contact with cosmic entities.

The cover artwork is really inspired and marries perfectly with your dark and atmospheric sound

For this album we have relied to the capable hands of an artis we know since many years. Alessandro Canu. We talked with him of the various meanings inside the lyrics and he joined perfectly to our Eggregore, producing this amazing artwork.

Italy has big names in the doom scene, so it seems normal that a band as Caronte would show up sooner or later

We have always been proud of our roots and our history, and i can say that the italian scene is very close. There’s something really obscure who works at the side of the band from our peninsula and there are many legends about it.

I have to say that your work, as vocalist, is simply perfect, no cracks on it, even sometimes I have the feeling that he cannibalizes the rest of the guys, in the good sense of the term

Thanks a lot, Caronte are my way of expressing myself and to send messages to the cosmos. I never had similar feelings as when the vocal line arrive from above or when i hear the voices that suggest me the words for the lyrics, not easy to explain. Without my brothers Caronte would not exist and i would never had songs so perfect to sing. When we are together we are pure magick and i think that people can feel this vibe and understand how is necessary one for the other.

I also find that the songs in «Wolves Of Thelema» are significantly shorter than in previous albums, although not short at all, this is also part of the new move in the band or just coincidence?

It’s pure coincidence, maybe being a more violent, dark and direct album, length is automatically decreased. It was not in our intentions, if that’s what you mean.

The band works as a perfect machine, I would say the collective effort is above the individualities

Absolutely yes, We are Wolves of Thelema, unique spirits united for something big outside of this space time.

What is the key to build so great atmospheres as you do?

The practice, the study, deep friendship, the spirits at our side.

Any favorite song in the album?

Personally i would say Wolves of Thelema, is a real hymn at what we are and i see it even like an exhortation to the audience. I’ve always dreamed to be a preacher ahahaha

And then, Starway to the Cosmic Fire, i remember that one time, after listening, we looked at each other with these looks of disbelief at what we had just composto. A ballad!! How it was possible? But, all jokin aside, is for me an exciting song full of pathos.

Thinking to take these songs to the stage?

I announce that we’ll paly almost all the songs of the new album in the new set list. Just because, as i said before this is a new beginning.

Excellent news! Any plan or wish for the new year?

Next year we’ll be on tour with Enthroned and Schammasch in the main european cities.
We have some festival planned and several other things which we’ll reveal in the next months.

Thanks for the attention, Dorian, if you wish to add something…

Thanks to you for your time. Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law

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