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Interview with CRYPTIC BROOD

by Vpower

The Band: Cryptic Brood

Country: Germany

Answers: Steffen Brandes (Drums & Vocals)



Because of their lust for rancid and rotten sounds, three maniacs started the band CRYPTIC BROOD in the year 2013. Several physical regurgitations of their unique death metal and morbid live rituals all over the globe made them spread their plague in the underground. Now, they are back with their second album entitled «Outcome Of Obnoxious Science».

Hello Steffen, your debut album, Brain Eater, received good reviews, a good starting point for the band, wasn’t it?

Hello and thank you for your interest in CRYPTIC BROOD and this interview! We didn’t expect this when we started the band back in 2013, and put out our first album “Brain Eater” after some minor releases. First of all it’s important that we like what we’re doing but it’s a nice bonus if other people dig what we’re doing.

Now you are releasing “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science”, your second album, how do you feel about it compared with your debut?

It’s still the rotten metal of death that you expect from the brood but it’s also different from our former releases. “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” is how CRYPTIC BROOD sounds today and we’re absolutely satisfied with that.

Only two years between your first album and this second, it seems you were anxious to deliver a new plague

Besides these two albums we also recorded exclusive tracks for split releases. Writing new songs is fun for us and we still have many ideas how to brew rancid audio-stew. But if we’re able to deliver another full-length within two years… who knows?

When did you start preparing the new album and how was the composition process?

It all comes together very natural. We meet in the rehearsal room, drink some beers, jam our ideas and create songs from that. There’s no main song writer in the band, everybody contributes his ideas. Like for the “Brain Eater” album we took some time off from live activities to gather enough material for a full-length.

The three guys that kicked off CRYPTIC BROOD are still in command, it seems everything works right among you

Yes, it does!

We can say you are still an underground band, like most nowadays, but your popularity has grown. How much of it depends on your live shows?

Live shows are one important way to present your music to people who didn’t know your band before. It’s a 50/50 chance the people like you or not 😉 we hope that most of the people remember our band and this in a positive way.

Autopsy or Nihilist are names that come to mind listening to your songs, what do you think?

All the music we listen to each day has some impact on us. So we’re not limited to a very few bands – and don’t wanna limit ourselves when it comes to songwriting. We share our greed for rancid and rotten death metal but each one of us also has his very own taste when it comes to other music genres than this. So the influences are spread wide and this is hopefully audible.

By the way, the cover artwork suprises for its colourful approach, especially when you think about rotten doom, death and so on

Same as for the music: we don’t want to limit ourselves. When we contacted Skadvaldur if he’d be down to provide art for our upcoming album entitled “Outcome of Obnoxious Science” he directly came up with some awesome drafts. The final result is stunning and fits our music. It’s a perfect combination.

What are the lyrics about?

Horror in all its forms!

I like in your music that it grows little by little inside oneself, getting stronger every time you listen to it, not like other bands where the effect is just the opposite like a soufflé losing energy

Thank you for the nice words about our music. First of all we appreciate it a lot that you listen to our music multiple times and don’t get bored and dislike it. #Hilfe!!!

Any favorite song in the album?

It’s like with your own children: you love all of them equally 😉

What do you expect of music and future in general?

Hopefully there will be more touring in the future. It would be great to return to Spain for some shows. And there are still a lot of countries on this planet where we didn’t spread our filth yet. Musically wise I cannot tell you. I hope we’ll stay as productive as we’ve been in the past. Let’s see where this leads too.

Any tour programmed? Any band you would like to share stage with?

We just came home from our 3,5 weeks “In The Grip Of Death” European tour. It was an exhausting but awesome ride through 10 countries. While still licking our wounds from this trip, we’re planning the next live rituals as we speak. Everybody interested is able to get updates about this and other news from the brood via https://www.crypticbrood.de

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