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Interview with DAUTHA

by Vpower

Dautha2The Band: Dautha

Country: Sweden

Answers by: Ola Blomkvist (guitar)


With only two songs included in their EP “Den förste”, DAUTHA has presented more than enough quality material to make us very much interested in their short-term plans. With Mr Ola Blomkvist, a doom beast, driving the project all points out to a bright future, their deal with Ván Records is a true testimony of that.

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Hello Mr. Blomkvist, when and how did you decide to start off Dautha?

Greetings to you Alberto! started Dautha in 2013/early 2014 as a side project to my main band Griftegård. I needed an outlet for ideas I could not express through Griftegård, which is a rather rigid, orthodox entity. After a year or so I asked drummer Micael Zetterberg, whom I played with in Wardenclyffe, to join me and the two of us began rehearsing. We soon pulled Emil Åström (bass, also in Wardenclyffe) into our Epic Doom vortex and after him the young, yet very tone sensitive, guitarist Erik Öquist made us a quartet. Now, somewhere at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 we could conclude that Dautha had become everyone’s priority and the hunt for a singer began in earnest. This search ended very soon though, since the first person we came to think of that would be (over) qualified for the task accepted more or less immediately, namely Lars Palmqvist. With him the Dautha cadaver truly started rattling and could start spreading its plague ridden offal in the shape of a demo.

And all for good, indeed. You all have previous experience from other bands as Scar Symetry, Bloodride, etc. How has it influenced your sound?

I don’t think any influences from our other bands can be heard in Dautha, save for, perhaps some Griftegård traces here and there, cause after all, Dautha and Griftegård move within the same genre, although not the same sub-genre. This said, we all bring our individual ways of thinking about music into Dautha so on a sub-conscious level influences might leak in. However we have a rather clear, collective, picture of how Dautha must come out so there’s no risk we will become a fragmented entity.

Taking in account that you are in other bands, how much time you dedicate to Dautha?

Dautha is the main musical priority for me, Micael, Emil and Erik while Lars is, and always will be, more dedicated to Scar Symmetry. And we are perfectly fine with this, of course-Scar Symmetry are going places, touring etc. while Dautha will linger contently within a marginal sub-genre forever. This said, we try to rehearse two times a week and more frequently when it is time for recording.

Not a bad rate for rehearsals. I suppose you lead the project, Ola?

As main composer and sole lyricist I would be the one, but without my fellow musicians I would be zero.

DauthaYou have released an ep with 3 songs. How long did you work on it?

Time…has become a blur for me, increasingly so the older I get… We were trying out several songs for the recording of Den Förste but we decided to settle for Benandanti and In Between Two Floods and the intro (written by Erik Öquist) when time came for recording. The main body of the material for the EP stem from back in 2014 and was polished on up to the recording in the spring of 2016.

Your sound can be classified as Doom Metal but a little more than that

Yes, Dautha is Doom Metal, no doubt, and once the album is out I’m quite certain that people will pin Epic to Doom Metal as well. And we’d be happy with this, of course, but as you say yourself, and I’m glad you do, there’s more to us as we have a Folk music element also. This folk element is present, obviously, in the violin harmonies, but also in the themes and aesthetics. Also, it is a mind set of mine when I come up with the basics for the songs. However what comes out to the listener, I have learned, is often pure Doom Metal. It is quite hard for an old dog of Doom like myself to do things against his nature, I guess. Hell, I AM DOOM! On a molecular level even…it is where I come from and it is what I always return to. This said the album will have at least one surprise in store for those that care to listen.

Pretty cool! You actually sound dark and epic at times and we are not gonna find any commercial stuff here, thanks to God

I’m glad you perceive us this way, proves we have done it right. Commercialism and music with true intent should not be mixed, it is a matter of hygiene, I think.

I especially love your approach on In Between Two Floods and apocalyptic song with an awesome end…

Thank you, glad you appreciate the song. In the lyrics (and music) for this one we tried to tie together the carnival mentality of 14th century Europe in the wake of the plague (perfectly depicted in Boccaccio’s Decamerone, of course…) with today’s Bacchanalian end time-consumerist madness. It’s a true Rock N Roll song really, as it is all about (forgetting that God has forgotten us and left us to) drinking and fucking (ourselves into oblivion). 

Your music also marries very well with the sobriety of the artwork

We aim for Dautha to be the whole package, the artwork and music must form a whole. I guess we are far from unique in our philosophy, but we go further than most when it comes to ensuring that art and music is indisputably linked together.

So, the question is: are you composing new songs? Although you have disclosed a little before, please give us further details

Indeed we are. We have six songs ready for the recording of our debut album, to be recorded in June. Depending on how things turn out we might save one of these tracks for a single-release, maybe in the form of a split 7” or something. The songs are quite lengthy and there’s a lot in them for the listener to digest so we do not want the album to become too long. We are happy to be able to say that Ván Records, who released the EP, will release the album as well.

Excellent. Any estimated release date?

The album will, if all goes according to plan, be out in late 2017/early 2018, depending on the extent of the hipster-que to Ván’s favored pressing plant.

I suppose that for now you don’t make any gigs around, do you?

No, we are not doing any gig’s in the foreseeable future.

Talking about more general questions, Blomkvist, a musician with your experience, how do you see the Metal scene nowadays?

From my point of view it looks quite bleak, to be honest. But I guess it can be a matter of me being an old, bitter, self absorbed recluse. Because there’s evidently still an underground out there, and then there’s hope, of course. The best to have happened in recent years is spelled Eternal Champion and Sumerlands.

Thanks Mr Ola Blomkvist, we will be awaiting your promising debut album

Thank you for the opportunity to be seen and heard, we appreciate the support.

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