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Interview with DEMON EYE

by Vpower

demoneye-1The Band: Demon Eye

Country: United States

Answers by: Erik Sugg (guitars, vocals)



Today we offer you a cool conversation with Erik from Demon Eye, a band that in August will be delivering their third album, «Prophecies and Lies», confirming the good ideas they have, alongside their great skills. Moreover, we talk a little of this and that, a good chat to know more about Erik’s musical concept and DEMON EYE.

demon eye logo

Hello Erik and congratulations for your great new album, «Prophecies and Lies», coming on August 11th

Hello! Thanks very much.

Your previous album “Tempora Infernalia” received very good reviews, in your opinion this new album is over it?

I do feel that “Prophecies and Lies” is our strongest album, yes. Naturally, most bands will say that their latest album is the best because musicians tend to build on what they have already established. But in all honesty, I feel that we’ve created something special here. We put a lot of effort into the songwriting and the overall arrangements of the songs. We experimented with some new ideas, but were careful to not make it too stylistically different from the previous albums.

The band was formed in 2012 and after that you released a disc by year, 3 in a row, one ep and 2 Lps, not usual

We were feeling very inspired during that time frame and wanted to strike while the iron was hot. We felt we were writing strong material and were gaining a lot of recognition as a band, so we didn’t want to waste any time and the take the chance of falling off of everyone’s radar.

You continue working with Soulseller Records, satisfied with the result I suppose?

Soulseller is the best. We have an excellent relationship with Jorn, the owner/operator. There were some conversations about whether or not we should try working with an American label for this third record, but ultimately decided it would be foolish to move on from a label who has treated as so well and has granted us so many rewards. We can’t speak highly enough about Soulseller. Great work ethic, great product, and great people.

demon eyeThe cover artwork follows the same pattern as previous releases, I personally think it is very special, under and cool, who is responsible?

Thank you. We worked with the same artist, John Hitselberger, of Raleigh, NC. John has done all of the art you see for the band, (the record covers, t-shirts, everything). It was his idea to create sequential imagery for the band, to have something recognizable and cohesive throughout all of the album covers. John’s art is very dear to us and we are honored that he has continued to create such beautiful pieces for the band.

How long have you worked on «Prophecies and Lies?

I think we first started writing the songs during the summer of 2015. I specifically remember Paul and Larry and I writing a lot of the riffs during a hotel stay while we were headed up to play a festival in New England. I still have the hotel paper with all of our ideas jotted down and fully brainstormed. A significant portion of that hotel session made it onto the record.

The recording process began in September of 2016. Mike Dean, from Corrosion of Conformity, engineered and mixed the record for us. It was lot of fun recording with him. We worked great together.

A hotel to remember… Bill and you share vocal duties, which actually have an especial feeling, but is any of them more in command?

My voice is predominantly heard on our songs, but Bill and I sing very well together. I’m amazed at how well he can hit a high harmony while also playing such heavy, intricate drum parts.

How is a rehearsal session by Demon Eye and how long you usually need to finish up a song, how is the process?

Most of the time songs come together pretty quickly. If they don’t, it’s generally because I can’t decide which key I’d like the songs to be in terms of my vocals, (I have a long history of driving band members crazy with that, haha). Overall, we seem to be of the mindset of “whatever flows naturally”. Being that’s the case, whenever one of us brings a riff or a song idea to rehearsal the rest of us play along with whatever clicks at that moment. Generally your first response is the correct one. Lyrics come later. I’ll wait for a song to get worked out and get a feel for it, then build a vibe and a message around it.

The new album «Prophecies and Lies” sounds vintage but contemporary at the same time

I would agree with that. The initial tracking was recorded live directly to half inch tape, which is a very vintage process, but later we utilized Protools and multitracking like everyone else. As much as everyone may want to record an album like bands did in 1969, you can’t deny the freedom that comes with layering guitars and doubling vocals.

demoneye-3_smMore heavy or more doom?

I’m weary of referring to us as a doom band, because that is such an overused term these days. I love the classic doom bands, like Trouble, Candlemass, and Pentagram and typically refer to those groups as an influence, but these days if you say you’re in a doom band people expect you to be very slow, downtuned and plodding. I like that sound, but that’s not what Demon Eye is all about. We like to keep ourselves open to different sounds and rhythms. If anything, I guess you could say we’re a dark, heavy rock band with an additional dose of classic metal.

I buy your answer. What are the lyrics about in your new album?

Overall, they reflect upon the madness we see in the world today, (the collective anger and confusion that everyone, everywhere seems to be experiencing), to regret, and wondering what you could do differently had you known things would end up as they are. Unlike the first album, there’s only one song about the devil, haha. The album closer, “Morning’s Son”, is written from the perspective of Lucifer, the fallen angel, arrogant and proud of the chaos he’s unleashed upon mankind.

What bands have influenced you in order to create your own style?

Obviously, there’s a lot of love in our band for the classics, like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Deep Purple, but I’m also a long time of fan of groups like the MC5 and the Stooges, and under-the-radar bands like Budgie and Witchfinder General. A lot of the great Swedish bands from the mid ‘2000s, like Witchcraft and Graveyard, helped me realize that you could create music that was an amalgamation of all things you loved. I like to think that our music is a good combination of power, melody, and soul.

Good stuff, indeed. Music is a passion, a business or a way to hide from the insanity that surrounds the current world?

All of those things. First and foremost, a passion. It’s something I can’t not do, and it does provide me with mental and spiritual healing when I need it to. Business and commerce doesn’t have to be a part of the equation if you don’t want it to be, but those reasons are exactly why I am speaking to you right now. So business does have it’s place!

When Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc don’t be among us anymore the Metal will be….?

Haha, god knows. I’m sure any metalhead you ask will give you a different answer. Personally, I’ve been interested in seeing how the world of black metal has evolved. There are more women in the scene and bands are experimenting with many different sounds. For doom? I tend to think that bands will begin focusing on more traditional songwriting rather than continuing on the current sludge trajectory. I could be wrong though!

Time will tell…With 3 great albums in your pockets you have nothing else to demonstrate, or no?

We have plenty of music left in us and we are constantly evolving. There will be more!

Any plans to tour around?

Hopefully! We did our first west coast tour of the United States last year, which went really well. We will probably do more traveling throughout the midwest, the south, and the northeastern seaboard of the U.S. We still hope to do Europe, but just don’t know when. I believe it would have to be centered around fest performances.

Hopefully we will see you around here. Any video or action to promote your album?

Yes. We are currently planning a video. We’re having a difficult time deciding on which song because they’re all sort of our babies.

Thank you very much Erik for your attention! Wish a big success with «Prophecies and Lies”.

Thank you, brother. We appreciate you getting in touch.

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