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Interview with DEMONBREED

by Vpower

Demonbreed 2The Band: Demonbreed

Country: Germany



Demonbreed was just born last year, but make no mistakes, these guys have been around for quite some time already. And you feel it in the way they deliver their songs, strong and direct to the throat. Old School Death Metal, 100% attitude, in a genre with so many bands they still put theirs heads over the average. A band to take in account.


Hello guys, Demonbreed is a new death metal monster just born last year. We knew nothing about this new band until you released the fantastic “Where Gods Come to Die”, so please tell us a little about your story

Demonbreed consists of band members of the original Lay Down Rotten line up and members of Milking the Goatmachine. Basically we decided to start a new band after Lay Down Rotten quit the game. We all share a passion for Old School death Metal and we all have been around for quite some time. It just seemed a logic step to get together and start this.

In fact, I think all the members have a long previous experience with other bands like Lay Down Rotten, right?

Yes, and Milking the Goatmachine and Carnal Ghoul. We are experienced at what we do, I guess. But it is also shared experience. We have been together in one way or another through all these years although we didn’t play in the same band all the time.

How did you melt all those influences to get this crazy album?

We just did it. We don’t think twice. If a track feels right we just go for it and we know what we want as a result. We share the same vision for our music. That makes it a lot easier to get to the point fast concerning the songwriting or the production.

demonbreedHow long did you work on “Where Gods Come to Die”? Did you have some songs composed before the formation of the band or all of them are brand new?

We released a demo previous to the release of our debut. What you hear on the album is all fresh and new. We spend a lot of time rehearsing and writing. And as we have two very creative guitarists there are always a lot of different ideas.

The smart guys on Testimony Records were there in the right moment and the right place to sign you, but if you continue your progression I guess you are destined to sign by a major label

Well, we like to focus on what happens in the moment. This is what counts. We are very happy to have a dedicated label and the release of our album marks the beginning of an important chapter in our lives. We just enjoy the excitement of having released a skull crushing debut… and people seem to like it. What more can we ask for? For now this is a big step for us and we will continue from here on.

If I had to summarize what we are gonna find in “Where Gods Come to Die” I would say that it’s a hammer of an album, a simple definition but enough accurate…

Yes, fair enough. And true! We poured all our dedication and passion for Old School sounds into this album. All killers…no fillers! Every song is a rough statement for Old School Death Metal. We really are amazed by the great response and of course we are proud of our debut. This is exactly what we love to listen to.

If you don’t do headbanging with this album then you must be dead… This is what a buddy told me after listening to your debut album. How satisfied do you feel with your album and what can we expect in the future? Is this the roof?

We have only just started and there is plenty more to come. We will continue on our path. This is just the beginning and we are very excited ourselves about the fantastic feedback by the media and fans… and of course the audience. We will play a lot live to celebrate the release of our debut. And this is the reason actually for releasing an album. For us it is very important and fundamental to play the songs live.

Demonbreed 1A Thousand Suns Will Rise is one of my favorite tracks, but which one you will you play in every gig, again and again?

Every song has the potential to be part of our live sets in the future. But it depends on what we will write and how we will develop. Definitely your favorite track will be in the set lists for a long time to come. It will be hard to choose from the songs as we are really fond of every single track on this record. And we are just gaining the experience with playing the songs live and interact with an audience. So far it is a blast how people react and all the songs are killers in our live set. So it will be hard to choose in the future when we put a set list together.

You touch several styles and introduce variations in your sound throughout the disc, but Red Countess with its classic old school death metal really turns me on

Yes, we are Old School. This is what this band is all about. The sound, the songwriting, the art work… every single part represents our love for this kind of music. And yes you are right… we go for the Old School vibe without doubt or mixing up our style.

The cover artwork is also a good choice, how did you get it?

The cover was designed by Felix Bäcker. We are very pleased with the result and are happy that the artist has a strong vision for his artwork. That is exactly what we needed. It represents the evil vibe of the album.

What are the lyrics about in this “Where Gods Come to Die”?

The lyrics are somewhat philosophical and we work with strong metaphors so that the listener can make up his own mind and use his imagination. In some songs we tell sinister stories and like to play with different patterns of lyrical outlines. For us it is important that every listener can bring his very own and of course subjective meaning into the song he listens to. The lyrics should be as strong as the song and I guess we achieved our goal.

Thumbs up for that! What musical influences have you collected during your career?

A lot of different bands inspired us and continue to inspire us. The Death metal Genre has a lot to offer: Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Dismember and of course Edge of Sanity. But we are open to a lot of different styles that are part of the Metal genre in general. But when it comes to Demonbreed we stick to our guns and what the band is all about.

As a German band, in the epicenter of the metal world, how do you see the metal scene right now?

It is a scene that is still vivid and we are happy and proud to be part of it. Sure, we have seen styles and trends come and go but for right now we can say that the metal scene is exciting and a lot of new talented bands come up. You know being part of all this is still amazing and thrilling for us. And the direct interaction with people who are interested in us is a lot easier than years ago thanks to web2.0. And the scene is a great community with many individuals who live their own way of life.

What touring dates have you scheduled for the next months? Is Spain in your map?

Unfortunately we don’t tour in Spain in the near future. But here in Germany we will play club shows and festival dates. Who knows what the future will bring. Maybe Spain will be on the map someday.

We sincerely hope so. Thank you for your attention and we hope to get another Killing chapter from Demonbreed soon!

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