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Interview with DER ROTE MILAN

by Vpower

The Band: Der Rote Milan

Country: Germany




German Black Metallers DER ROTE MILAN are ready to unleash their second album, entitled «Moritat” which deals with local stories that took place in Hunsrück and Hochwald, based on real events during the Thirty Years’ War. DER ROTE MILAN are creating an own identity between attacking blastbeats, catchy melodies and a diversified atmosphere. I’m they are going to play it live.

Hello guys, «Moritat» is your second album, due to release on February. How long did you work on it and how was the process?

We started working on ‘Moritat’ when ‘Aus der Asche’ was finished and started recording pretty soon. When inspiration hits you you don’t want to loose any time.

Comparing it with your first album Aus der Asche you would say…?

It is definitely a step forward. The songs are more versatile und structured than ‘Aus der Asche’ and the whole album sound more as a whole than ‘Aus der Asche’

I think the new album is based on real events, how is it?

A part of the album deals with the suffering and the despair brought onto the population during the 30years-War in Germany during the 17th century. Another theme is the Schinderhannes. A kind of german Robin Hood who lived in the 18th/19th century. The other third of the lyrics deal with despair, hope and entropy. They are pretty abstract, to give the listener room for interpretation.

A central character is the history figure of the so called “Schinderhannes“. What role he plays in the story?

The Schinderhannes is like a german Robin Hood from the 18th/19th century. At least that what the legends used to say. Today we know that he was more of a common robber who wasn’t much appreciated, neither by the rich nor by the poor. The longing for romantic heroes distorted the stories over time and so he became a symbol.

It happens nowadays even. German is again the language you use for the lyrics. You feel more comfortable singing in your mother language or are there other reasons for it?

Yes. German is our native language so we feel most comfortable unsing german and especially if the lyrics take a more abstract turn, we feel much safer to know that we can express exactly what we want to express without any of the message being lost in translation

The new album offers a wide rage of sounds that include blastbeats, atmosphere, melodies…

Yes. It is more diversified than ‘Aus der Asche’. When you keep exploring the musical universe the range of sound gets wider and wider.

When it comes to the acoustic guitars and passages I think you just do it perfect

Thank you very much, but ‘perfect’ is definitely not the term I would’ve used to describe them. Segovia playing Bach is acoustig-guitar-perfection. The acouticparts on ‘Moritat’ are an antipole to the pictures of sde destruction and despair, mirroring the hope that keeps people going in difficult times. 

Any favorite song in the album?

My personal favorite is the titletrack ‘Moritat’.

Moritat will be printed also in some limited edition, right?

Yes, there will be a limited edition CD in an a5 deluxe digibook and also a limited edition LP. All available in our store at www.ucdeath.com

I have seen that digibook and it actually feels especial. With only two albums this could be your definitve step, your consolidation as a band in the current black metak scene

I always thought that the third album is the make-it-or-break-it-album. So let me get back to that question in about two years.

Recorded it is. One of the biggest acts ever in the genre, Darkthrone, are not very much fond of playing live, kind of an alergic disease or something… what do you think of that?

Everyone has to decide for him- or herself what you like and what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. So if there is an artist who doesn’t want to play live, whatever reasons he has for that, you have to respect that. Everyone has seen and experienced things that you don’t have a clue about so who are we to judge other people’s decisions?

Are you preparing some shows around?

Yes, of course. As soon as Moritat is released we want to introduce it to people on live shows as much as possible.

Thank you very much, if you wish to add something…

Thanks to everyone who supported us so far and keeps on supporting metal! You are what keeps metal alive.

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