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Interview with DESULTORY

by Vpower

desultory1The Band: Desultory

Country: Sweden

Ansers by: Thomas Johnson (drummer)



Death Metal monster DESULTORY delivered two news this 2017, one good, another not so much. The good one is they are releasing (June 23rd) another chapter in their discography, the amazing “Through Aching Aeons”, and instant classic I would say. The bad news is that this is the end of the path for this unique band. Thanks to Thomas Jonhson for the great chat with the Metalbrothers (what else?).


Hello Thomas, when we talk about Desultory we refer to one of the pioneers in de Death Metal sound in Sweden and around. How did you start on it?

Klas and I grew up in the same area south of Stockholm. So we knew each other. In the late 80’s we played in different bands both in the veins of thrash metal. My band wanted one more guitarist so I asked Klas to do a rehearsal with us. It ended up that Klas took me to his band instead and we formed Desultory 1989.

When the band was formed in 1989 talking about Death Metal was a little like a new wave, wasn’t it?

Yes it was. In Stockholm thrash metal was popular 86-89. Then playing death metal became very popular 89/90. Trading and buying demo cassettes with lots of great bands from the Stockholm area. Then the demo bands suddenly signed record deals and released their first albums. The scene went bigger and bigger.

Thanks to bands as Desultory the Death Metal bird began to rise. Before your first full-length, Into Eternity, you put 3 demos in the streets, how hard/easy was it?

I think it was easy. We rehearsed a lot, making new music all the time. We used famous Sunlight Studios with Thomas Skogsberg behind the wheels. It was great fun. We released these 3 demos pretty quickly I think. We then signed to Metal Blade.

What has been the highest moment of Desultory?

Oh! There´s been so many moments. But playing at the Marquee in London was really cool. Also meeting our true fans from different countries is awesome.

Your career is full of great albums such as Into Eternity, do you feel especially proud about anyone of them?

I´m actually proud of every album we have made. Of course Into Eternity and Bitterness are classics. Counting Our Scars is in my opinion a very good comeback album. But to answer your question I say our latest album through aching aeons. It was a hell to record but I feel so much for this album. You wont get any better than this 🙂

However some fans were not satisfied with your approach on Swallow the Snake, do you regret publishing it or you will do it all over again?

No we dont regret that album. During this period we were so fed up with regular death metal and we wanted to play a little more death rock. New influences such as Kyuss and Queens of the Stonage came into our lives. We knew that this album maybe not fall in our fans taste but at the same time you dont know that when you are making the music. We understand that the fans were dissappointed but I think this album has some good stuff.

This year you are releasing your last album, I have read, “Through Aching Aeons”, in June 23. Any specific reason to put an end to Desultory amazing path?

We decided earlier this year to lay down the band as we haven’t done any new music for almost 2 years. The candle was burnt out after the last album recording.

desultory 1We have already listened to and commented “Through Aching Aeons” and we just can say it’s brilliant. How long have you worked on it? Any hard times composing & recording?

We worked with the album for 3 years. We did so many different versions of every song. So much rehearsing. That’s why it took so long. The recording process was pretty tuff to with predemos etc. So I think you can imagine that the process to create this album was a hard long journey. But the result is great.

No doubt about that. With a so excellent recording you don’t feel more difficult to finish up the band’ story? There will be another chance, kinda never say never?

No, we don’t think it’s difficult to quit via releasing this album. For me and I think I can speak for the other guys is that Desultory is a big big chapter of our lives and now the band don’t exist anymore is for us a strange empty feeling. But we feel right now that we won’t start up Desultory again.

It seems the last word. The album artwork and layout was done by French graphic artist Pierre-Alain D at 3mmi Design (Kamelot, Necrodeath, etc). Another positive point for this last chapter, isn’t it?

Yes, the evil man takes Desultory away to his nest he he. We think the picture has some kind of mysterious atmosphere like first cover of Black Sabbath.

Cool! Any especial promotion for this Through Aching Aeons?

We are doing tons of interviews, ads in magazines, youtube promotion from our record company. Lyric videos is on its way.

Seven years have past since your last effort, the great Counting Our Scars. What can the fan expect of your new album?

A more complex album with more surprising elements in the songs. Of course you still have the melodic Desultory guitar harmonys in the songs. For me I worked the shit out of me on the drums. But it was fun.

Will you enroll on a tour to present your new album?


Apart of this, several guys in the band are also togerther in Zebulon, more of a heavy metal act. How active is Zebulon? Do you have other projects in mind?

When we decided to start playing Desultory again 2009 we stopped playing Zebulon immediately. We noticed that almost every question we received was about Desultory. Also during that period we were longing for playing death metal again. No other projects right now.

With your long experience, Thomas, how do you see the metal scene nowadays?

If I speak for myself you have a lot of good bands still around. I´m trying to go to gigs as often as I can when there is one here in Stockholm. Now and then there´s popping up a new good band. So I think the metal scene is here to stay.  

Thank you Thomas and congratulations for your fantastic new album!

Thank you so much! Great to hear that you like it. Thanx for your great questions.

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