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Interview with DISQUIET

by Vpower

disquiet1The Band: Disquiet

Country: Netherlands

Answers by:  Arthur Stam (Drums) & Frank van Boven (Bass)



Agressive & powerful melodic Thrash Metal, spiced with interesting lyrics about the human condition, this Dutch act is living probably their best moment in all their career. As they say in this interview, it’s time for them to get serious and deliver Metal with quality and attitude. I think they have gotten both.

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Hello guys, let’s make a little History. Disquiet was formed in 2000, but until 2011 you didn’t release your first album, but 3 demos. How do you remember those early years?

Arthur: We consider 2008 as the rebirth of Disquiet. The early days were more about making fun, trying to find a sound and making a lot of mistakes. We had a lot of different people in the band. We started with a more rap orientated vocalist, we had thousands of bassplayers, Menno joined the band in 2003, left the band in 2006 and returned in 2008. So the lack of a steady line-up kept us from moving on, but learned us a lot of lessons.

In 2015 there was a change in the position of bass player, how well has Frank van Boven fit the band?

Arthur: We already worked with Frank when he replaced our previous bass player Koen a couple of times. This guy breathes metal, is a great bass player and vocalist and brings a lot of positive energy.

What differences are we going to find between Scars of Undying Grief (2011) and your new album “The Condemnation”?

Frank: The sound of The Condemnation is in overall much more aggresive in comparison with Scars of undying grief and much more mature. The sounds of the guitars are much ticker and they sound more brutal then on our debutalbum. The lyrics are about the urge for power and control over other people; a general observation of the whole album and modern life’s trend of becoming more egocentric and basically selfish.

Five years between one album and the other, it’s not very normal nowadays, especially in a young band as Disquiet. What happened?

Arthur: There has been some line-up changes in the past, mainly on bassists level. After the release of «Scars», when Koen joined the band the lineup became stable and there was time to work on the new album.

6PAN1T-C PSDHow was the composition process of the album?

Arthur: With «Scars», Fabian wrote almost all of the songs. With this album the contribution is shared between Fabian and Menno.

There is no real fixed process for writing songs. They (Fabian and Menno) write almost the complete song, which is then shared with the rest of the band to finalize it. Of course during rehearsals there is a lot of tweaking and finetuning of song before it is good enough.


What are the lyrics about?

Frank: Most of the lyrics focus on the weaknesses of the human character, like greed for money and power. And about the fact that this can never end well. The title «The Condemnation» covers it quite nice. It can be interpeted in many ways, but it’s mainly about «what comes around goes around».

We could say your approach is a melodic thrash metal, a similar sound to that from the Bay Area, right?

Arthur: True, but with a more modern and melodic touch.

However there are songs as The Great Divide where you seem nearer to other German bands as Kreator, Necronomicon…

Arthur: This is one of the most aggressive songs on the album. We’re never aware of if something is similar to any other band. Of course we’re influenced, but for instance not by the bands you mentioned.

You have a deal with Soulseller Records, how happy are you with the guys?

Frank: The owner of Soulseller is a friend of Menno’s (Guitar). With this album we really wanted to release it under the wings of a label. Soulseller liked the sound and songs instantly and we had confidence that this platform really would help us to widen our horizon.

Everything went smooth as silk then, that’s good. What are your main influences?

Frank: This goes from Arch enemy, Testament, Slayer, Exodus, Darkane, Pantera, to more death metal bands like Morbid angel, Cannibal Corpse to more modern bands like Machine Head, Soilwork.

Lately the Metal has been striken by the deaths of great personalities as Dio, Lemmy, Jimmy Bain very recently, etc. What is in your opinion the future of Metal and how do you see Disquiet in that future?

Arthur: It’s a normal and evolutional thing that the old makes place for the new generation. Most of the young people don’t even know some of the founding fathers. We grew up with late ‘80’s (Slayer, Anthrax a.o.) and ‘90’s bands (Machine Head, Sepultura and Pantera). Nowadays youngsters grow up with Bring me the Horizon, Suicide Silence etc. etc. Metal will always survive!

We are playing metal for around 20 years and we’ll be doing this for the rest of our lives. Disquiet is doing better and better so we’ll be playing as much as possible!

Positive message, positive actions, yeah. How is the Metal scene in Netherlands?

Frank: The Netherlands are famous for the female fronted scene (Epica, Delain, Within Temptation) but we feel more associated with Dutch bands like Textures, God Dethroned, Gorefest (r.i.p.) and upcoming names like Spartan, Variscythe, Undawn, From Earth, Seita, Ichaos, For i Am King, Apophys and more. There is a lot of talent in The Netherlands but a lack of support by the Dutch government to invest more in culture. So the venues can not take too much risks to book new bands and the audience has too many choice. You can see a big international metalact every week at less than a one hour drive from your house. That makes it difficult to survive and a lot of talented bands quited the last years for this reason.

I guess it ‘s a similar situation in many countries, at least Spain is not exception to that. Do you have plans for touring?

Frank: We just did a short UK tour. And we’ll play a lot of shows in The Netherlands. We hope the cd will bring in a lot of cool shows/festival/tours etc. Let’s go Spain if you ask us!

I hope it happens sooner than later. What are those gigs you remember with a smile in your face?

First of all Wacken Open Air 2012, really amazing to play on such a huge festival. We’ll never forget Surinam 2013, great experience to play in South America with so many enthusiastic people wo come out to see you.


Thank you very much guys and congratulations for your great album.

Frank: Thanks for reading this article and your enthousiasm. Keep supporting the Dutch metalscene, follow us on Facebook and buy the album 😉 We hope to see you soon.


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