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Interview with DUMHETENS HAER

by Hombre Rancio

Dumhetens Hær is a very great band from Norway. «Evig Fordummelse» is his first work. Amazing sound, very raw Crust and Death. It’s a pleasure talk with the Band.

dunhetens haer

Congratulations for your Work. Your work is receiving good reviews. Were you waiting for yourself that reception is good? 

First of all, thanks for your kind words and your interest. We really appreciate it. As for the new EP, we haven’t really seen any reviews yet, except for your own awesome one of course hehe. We haven’t really done anything to promote it except for posting it in a few facebook groups, and I don’t know if  we’re expecting a lot of interest to be honest, but all attention is good of course, so thanks again, Hugo!

How did the band form?

Back in 2003, three of us decided the world needed another garage band. No plan or set musical direction or talent for that matter. Our guitar god joined a couple of months later, and we’ve been doing our thing since then, the same guys. We released a 7 song demo cdr in 2007 and a 6 song 7”vinyl in 2010. We are slow bastards hehe.

Which are your musical references?

Well, as we are old guys, it’s natural we play what we grew up with. We all have quite varied musical tastes, but you know our instruments only seem to want to play old death metal, old hardcore, old thrash metal, doom, crust or old whatever. As filthy as possible of course. Tons of bands influence us, among them Repulsion, Autopsy, Slayer, Master/Deathstrike, Skitsystem, Anti Cimex, Svart Framtid, Stengte Dører, Venom, Napalm Death, Motorhead, Entombed and of course the mighty Loverboy. Hot girls in love!!

How do you see the underground scene?

It’s hard to keep up with! Haha no actually we like it. Most of it. Maybe it’s a little big. The underground scene is all we know of course, so maybe it’s easy to forget that that’s what it is. We don’t tend to look at a new record by some awesome band as underground anymore. Even if it’s a 150 copies vinyl single. Lots of people spend their time, money and energy on something that creates a lot of fun and possibilities, without expecting getting rich in return and that’s pretty cool and awesome.

I don’t know if that’s really what you asked about haha. Maybe you wanted an opinion on bands. If so, there are a few awesome bands, lots of great bands, lots of shitty ones, and TONS of boring bands. No names mentioned. Including our own haha.

dunhetens haer

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

Our lyrics are written exclusively in our local dialect, trøndersk, by our vocalist and crusty death metal poet Even. They are personal observations of shitty people, shitty behavior, shitty societal structures, shitty feelings about one self, a shitty humanity and a shitty future. Sometimes with a sense of hope and redemption. But not often haha

You make your debut with “Evig Fordummelse”, what can you say me about this?

Well, as stated earlier, this actually is our third release. We are very lucky to have a recording studio where we rehearse in Trondheim, and we figured it was about time to record some new songs, since it was five years since the last time haha. Originally we intented this new one put out as a 7”vinyl again. We still hope it will be put out on vinyl, but that will take some time, so in the mean time it’s there on bandcamp as you know. It took us a weekend to record plus some mixing later, and I guess we’re happy all in all. There’s always something that could have been done better. Or worse! Hahaha

I like your sound, how was the recording process?

We recorded drums first, then bass, then guitars, then vocals. Hehe. Well I’m afraid I can’t really go into details about what was done to create our sound, as that’s kind of our secret ingredient (and I don’t have a clue haha). But our friend Pål was our studio engineer, and as he basically is our local metal god, he has some awesome death metal tricks up his sleeve. Combined with our own knowledge and concept of FETT (trøndersk for cool), the result is “Evig fordummelse” Sorry about that shitty answer haha.

dumhetens haer 3


You mixed several Styles, old death and crust. The atmosphere of the album is very great! Talk me about this

Well those styles mix very well we’ve found out. It’s not something we spend hours on contemplating about really. We play a riff, debate whether it’s good or not, and try to put it together with other riffs in an as awesome way as possible. We might sometimes refer to the different parts as “that boring crust riff” or “the generic rock’n’roll riff”, but making good, aggressive songs overall is what really interests us.

About the atmosphere, I agree with you, it sounds great! Thanks again to our uncanny death metal legend Pål!

My favourite song is Folk som blør. What is your favourite song and why?

That song was just barely finished before the recording. It came out great, I agree with you! I think it’s between Folk som blør and Uten anger speaking for myself. Those were the last two songs we wrote, so I’m not sick to death of them yet haha. Plus they’re quite manly you know. They have a full set of hair on their chests.

The band sing in Norwegian. Can it be an impediment with a view to which they listen to you abroad?

If we wanted to be the new ABBA it might have, but as our potential listening audience is fairly limited, realistically, we don’t really care if it does or not. If anything, it might help us set us apart a bit from the other bands playing our type of music. It didn’t stop you from liking us did it!

How can the Fan get your album?

Hehe well the fan could contact us on our facebookpage. We’re out of our demo, but we have a few left of our last 7”, so if anybody’s interested, feel free to drop us a line. The new EP just go to http://dumhetenshaer.bandcamp.com/ and check it out. We’ll let you know about a vinyl pressing eventually. And it’s all on youtube.

What future plans do you have?

None. Hahahaha. Except for not taking five years before recording next time. And except for playing some shows hopefully. And of course tricking someone into releasing “Evig fordummelse” on vinyl!

Thanks for your amability, and congratulations once again for your fantastic work I recommended a lot this norwegian band: passion, rawness, old school, and crust …  the future of the extreme scene is in your hands. If you want to add something, forward.

Well, thank you so much for taking the time, Hugo! It really means a lot to us.


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