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Interview with EDENBRIDGE

by Vpower

edenbridge3The Band: Edenbridge

Country: Austria

Answers by: Lanvall (guitars, keyboards)



EDENBRIDGE is a well known name in the current Metal scene and it’s great to check that after almost 20 years of career these guys are still with the batteries full charged. Their new album “The Great Momentum” is the best expression of it, but also the extensive tour they are preparing and that probably will visit so exotic countries as Vietnam, surely living one of the best moments in their history, if not the best. Mastermind and compositor Lanvall has been kind enough to dedicate us some minutes.

edenbridge logoHello Lanvall, and congratulations for “The Great Momentum”, your new album that will be out on Feb.17th, which we have already enjoyed

Thank you! All the great reactions from all over the world are currently coming in and we are overwhelmed! The feeling is wonderful. I am totally happy with the new album, as I really believe it is our best production up to date. The whole album development process was great. From the first demos to the real drums, the real vocals, the orchestra and then the mix and mastering. Every little steps that tops the previous ones.

Edenbridge is a recognized name in the Metal scene thanks to a long and very consistent career, almost all your albums have been acclaimed by media and fans alike

We have always been working hard to reach that point and our world wide fan base is carrying us.

That is great but when you are at the top and with 8 studio albums in your saddlebags people always expects the best, or at least something much above the average, have you feel the pressure composing “The Great Momentum”?

No, not really, although “The Bonding” was a big, big album! Right after our last studio album “The Bonding” I wanted to do something different musically. In 2010 Sabine and I played a short acoustic showcase in Hanoi (Vietnam), just piano and vocals. This was really inspiring, so we founded VOICIANO, the acoustic project. Only acoustic instruments were allowed to use, so no drums, electric guitars and keyboards. I recorded most of the piano parts live without clicktracks and then everything followed. In 2014 we released our first album “Everflow”. After that I had the idea to do a History DVD about the first 15 years of our career. In the end I sat over 1 year in the cutting room and out came a 9 hours documentary on 6 DVD´s called “A Decade And A Half…The History So far”. In Spring 2015 I immediately started writing the new studio album “the Great Momentum” which also took me one year in the writing and arranging process. And apart from that I have been composing for a big Austrian TV documentary since 2014 called “Above Austria”, where Austria is shown from the helicopter perspective. This is a project that is planned till 2020! So you see, I didn’t get bored in all those years between our 2 studio albums.

edenbridgeWhen did you start the composition tasks of “The Great Momentum”? Any trouble or difficulty in the middle?

As I said before it took me one year of writing and arranging. In June we recorded the drums and after that I spent the whole summer of recording in my own studio. That all was a very relaxing process this time and made a lot of fun. After a 3 weeks holidays break, I went to England to Karl Groom (Threshold) for the mix, which was a great process again. It is the 5th album we have been done together now and the collaboration is always awesome. Finally Mika Jussila put the final touches on the album on mastering in Finnvox.

After so many years producing Metal together, Lanvall and Sabine, I guess when you start writing a new album you just sit at the table with a cup of coffee,  you look at each other and the magic flows naturally, without almost a word. Is it this way or you wrestle each other for every song hahaha?

This situation is a bit like when we are writing the lyrics together. For the first time we did 5 out of 9 lyrics on this album together, which was a great process. We first have a title for the song and then we are juggling around with sentences and rhymes and throwing them to each other. But when this process starts, the music is already written.

We are not going to discover Edenbridge now, but this “The Great Momentum” confirms once again that the musical core is still the duo Lanvall-Sabine, right?

It is and has always been, as we are the only remainders from the beginning on. This gave us the continuity over the years to develop and establish our own style.

I would like to remark also the orchestra parts in the new album, especially because they are so smartly “disguised” in the album, you feel their presence but you don’t feel obssesed by it, I don’t know if I explain myself…

The most important thing is to keep the dynamics. If you have the orchestra playing all the time, it´s not bombastic anymore. You have to find room for all the details. Therefore I wanted the orchestra to be a real blast when it appears and I think this how it sounds now.

edenbridge2Sabine is brilliant, in my opinion her best effort with the band till date, I especially appreciate her skills to be up to any tempo, fast or slow, she is a 4×4

I absolutely agree. Sabine is simply overwhelming on the new album. She sings with so much power and passion. And she can always be recognized at her fist note singing.

But apart of Edenbridge’s main members we still have some new faces, drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier does a great job and seems as he had joined the band for years. And it’s said that he recorded all the drum parts for the album in no more than nine hours. Myth or reality?

Absolute reality! Max told us in March last year, that he will leave due to the lack of interest in drumming generally. Many things have changed in his life and therefore it was a logical step for him. Johannes was the first one I had in mind, as he is also playing in Thirdmoon with our guitar player Dominik. We met, spoke about a lot of things and then worked on the drum parts for the album.  Apart from that he did the whole artwork and the cover together with Anthony Clarkson, as he is 3D graphic designer in his day job.

My favorite song is the 12 minutes epic The Greatest Gift Of All, and awesome display of good taste, guitar skills, melody and power, just to summarize it

The longtracks always have a special meaning for me, as they are showing what the band stands for. “The Greatest Gift Of All” for me is music and therefore it is a tribute to music lyrically. From the smoothest, mellowest parts to the orchestral blast beat inferno, you find nearly everything in those 12 minutes.

edenbridge1The album includes nine songs, it seems a perfect number to me and the duration of the album is correct. Have you dismissed any song that might be included as well?

For me an album is finished when it´s finished. I instinctively know this point and so it was this time. I like albums that are around 55-60 minutes. For me this is the perfect duration of an album.

With this album Lanvall you confirm yourself as a very complete guitarist, playing cool riffs and solos, and with a great sense for melody and catchy songs, a gold mine we could name it

Thank you for the complements. My first goal is always to be remembered and recognized as a songwriter but of course it´s nice to hear such words about my guitar playing. For me it´s always the melody that matters in a solo. If you can sing along a solo, it´s about right. But of course we try to bring in some tricky parts, that moves you further as a guitarist. This time we also used a different rhythm guitar sound, that separates the frequencies more to the vocals, choirs and orchestra. And sounds a lot heavier!

Sing along a solo… that’s the point, yeah. Do the album’s title has something to do with the band’s history or it’s just mere coincidence?

No I wouldn´t say that. “The Great Momentum” is a very powerful title, therefore it needed an equivalent artwork. “The Great Momentum” is the “timeless, absolute NOW”. People often tend to live in the future or in the past and forget about this very moment, where life is happening. The stone lady in her meditation pose and the energy flowing through her body, reflects this very well.

edenbridge2Have you considered the possibility to play “The Great Momentum” live with an orchestra from beginning to the end?

No this is not possible, but it would be a dream sometimes to do a live show with a full orchestra. In our case this is not that difficult cause all the orchestral scores are already there, from “MyEarthDream” to the actual album.

You have recently played on the 70.000 Tons of Metal, how was the experience? Any travel sickness?

We just returned yesterday and I have a big, big jetlag. Got up at 3 in the morning and started to work on all things, interviews what was delayed for one week.

The 70.000 tons was the adventure of a lifetime and simply overwhelming. What a great festival! Meeting old friends and bands we haven’t seen for years and with whom we toured years ago like Angra, Axxis and Saltatio Mortis.

The only bad thing was, that our guitars got stuck in London and didn’t make it to the boat right in time, so we had a full day of stress to find a band on the boat, that had the same tuning than we have and also 7 strings. Finally we found Dan and David, the guitar players of Revocation, and they offered us their gear for the 2 shows. And we could use the bass of Frank (Haggard). A big, big thank you to them again!

One more story to tell the grandchildren…Time for the tour dates, the schedule is ready? Will you visit Spain?

First of all it is 2 shows in Austria and then the Vietnam tour, which has still to be finally confirmed. But we hope to return to Spain again too of course!

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment it is promotion and playing and hopefully this will continue for some more time. After that I will start on ideas for the next album.

Lanvall, thank you very much for your attention and see you on the road!

Thank you very much for the interview.




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