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Interview with EXHUMATION

by Vpower

The Band: Exhumation

Country: Indonesia

Answers: Ghoal (guitars)

Photos: Jarza Jeka



EXHUMATION from Indonesia unveil a terror-storm of feral Death Metal obfuscation with “Eleventh Formulae”! Six years in the making, “Eleventh Formulae” displays a stronghold of fearless innovation, once again engineered under the helm of Devid Salasughi and featuring art illustrations by B. Mors, EXHUMATION is one the strongest forces from the Far East Death Metal realms. Let the dark travel begin…

Hello Ghoal, Exhumation is a band with more than 10 years of history, how would you summarize that path?

Over the past eleven years, all I can see only endless stream of creative force. In my early 20’s, Exhumation was a media where I found my circle and purpose, indeed a treasure for me personally. It grows and shapes in so many social ways. Even the way I perceive things both horizontal and vertical relationship. It shows a value in recognizing life beyond its borders, particularly when the life only contains a matter that does not possess true dignity. I am beyond grateful we have a tool to express, and yet to represent our radical way of thinking. And by wings of Exhumation, we could penetrate the true Devil’s Rock ‘n’ Roll music.

How is to be a Death Metal band in Indonesia?

Depends on how you treat your band really. If the entertainment excites you, the band would easily win the contest, it is a win-win solution for a younger generation these days, so you could harvest money and fame and all of those mundane things from metal community. Otherwise, if you live up to our standards, you will be only a minority in the Indonesian metal scene. Even though we are represent the Death metal movement for what truly is, we will be not going anywhere in the local scene, we do not need that either. To sum up everything, parody sells whilst dignity not.

Quite the same everywhere, yeah. Do you often go abroad for concerts, fests or whatever?

Not really. I am not really concert-goer the past two years. But I experienced some intense and inspiring shows in Jakarta, one is US Punk Haram, and the other one is legendary Sabbat show. And I save up more money in recent times in order to pursue on of our dream, Europe tours.

Possibly you are the most international Metal band of Indonesia and they often compare you with Behemoth, what do you think?

What the heck? Really? I did not find the relevant issue in the context of musical-wise, from what Behemoth did to our band, even from our debut. But it is fair, the interpretation of our album is no longer ours but the devotee. Labeling some bands into someone else’s shoes is going anywhere though.

A proof of that is that your third album «Eleventh Formulae» is being released by the label Pulverised Records, how do you feel about it?

To be frank, we desired Pulverised Records ever since we released our debut. But I know our debut is not their cup of blood, that is why we tried the second attempt with Opus Death and it went pretty well years back. The feelings now beyond grateful, we are finally able to create such a malicious storm under the true banner. In the recent times, I do not often see a metal label that truly strives for valuable extreme music through aesthetic authenticity like Pulverised Records in the early 90’s. How the heck would we know Morbus Chron able to establish such a like-able Death metal gems if not from Pulverised Records?

Any significant difference between this new album and your two previous efforts?

I think we able to capture and portray the undeniably magnetic in its precise and the razor sharp of the storm of Death metal Darkness and Chaos in the new album, Eleventh Formulae. This time we are able to finally proving that Death metal able to have a greater wide appeal when done absolutely right. But music is secondary thing in the galaxy of Eleventh Formulae, it is a mere background for ourselves to comprehend the transcendental divinity that was attained.

You are only two in the band but you have no problem to deliver an atmospheric death metal, raw riffs, high speed… the complete picture

I cannot explain how or why really, it is only always been that way. Hard work will never betray none, right? And when you think your music is the supreme media to translate your divine message, I think you will be always have the twelfth player in the game, extra member that will bear the heaviest burden in building an established band.

Who is more in charge of the composition tasks, you or Bones?

We share the duty equal. I do the musical-wise while Bones always craft the aesthetic values. And I think if we stick with this proportion which I think we will always have, we will create another opus that will turn into a frightening entity, again and again.

Did you have the support of other people in the composition of the songs and the recording of the album?

We do not tolerate outsiders to give any input to Exhumation in the course of our musical development. We would not let some others destroy what is Holy.

Pride for your own work, yeah! What would you describe as the most characteristic of your music?

We play Death metal in Death’s favor. Not only spreading over the genre’s legacy, we will stand proudly on its own essence merits, to make Death metal an fascinating phenomenon in the first place, the fist of madness.

You present an album full of intensity, any especial song for you on it?

A complex question. These 11 tracks is functioned as pillar, I am afraid if I choose one of them, that would be only ruining the very foundation of the album. But I think I go with Mors Gloria Est, since the song represented as the cornerstone of the album.

What are the lyrics about?

I always tell to other closest comrade, our stanza is now such a prayer. It intensely deals with direct force. And not only contains with personal matters or emotions, every word is profound directly inspired and connected from a truthful wisdom, Death and Holy Chaos. Those two basic matters ties Exhumation together as a boundless outfit and in very broad way, with those two principalities, Eleventh Formulae now able to reach the climax of its manifestation, Chaos. But it is really weird to say out loud what was all about, I will strongly suggest you to recite the lyrics whilst blasting our new offering, to grasps what are the level of interpretation would emerge before you.

What’s the meaning of the cover artwork?

Every component that you see in the cover artwork is the unbreakable seal in Eleventh Formulae. It is the Death’s impartiality, also symbolize a release and rebirth from the great downfall. The Papaver Somniferum also embodies so many things that have shaped a transformation, from massive obstacles that we all must face into the ending that allows the braves able to step into the next journey.

Quite a story, indeed. Any chance to see Exhumation devastating Europe this year?

After Japanese tour this year, we have plotted to visit Europe 2021. It could be sooner if the album reach the wider target.

Hopefully so, it truly deserves it. Thank you very much Ghoal, if you wish to add something…

Thank you for your interest in Death metal Bearer.

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