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Interview with FLUISTERAARS

by Vpower


The Band: Fluisteraars

Country: Netherlands

Answers: M.Koops (all instruments)



Four years since the last album and black metal act FLUISTERAARS return with their third full-length record, «Bloem». Ripping blast beats, melancholy and atmosphere and the versatile performances of B. Mollema. Another chapter where you will enjoy and taste the meaningfull songs of this Dutch band.

Hello Koops, lets’s start for the grapichpart, the cover art of your new album. The flowers invite more to think of a Dutch field than a black metal album, what’s the intention or the connection with the music on «Bloem»?

The flowers radiate beauty and tranquility. However, these are temporary properties after which decay occurs. This happens in a natural rhythm. Unfortunately, most people in modern society are no longer aware of this and we are well on our way to disrupt this natural rhythm, so that everything slowly falls into disrepair. Maybe that is also a bigger or deeper rhythm. Slowly extinction. To emphasize this, the lyrics are based on mythological stories where Flowers play a role.

Cool. «Bloem»is your third album, if we look back to the success of your previous albums this one will be another shot at the bull’s eye

Thank you, we are very happy with the result and hope that other people appreciate it too. From a musical point of view, we follow our heart and know no limit in terms of inspiration. I think that people can appreciate that and that it makes it a success, or not.

You started the band in 2009, what is different now in the band?

Of course we have all become older, so your frame of reference is getting bigger. We have different interests and different sources from which we draw inspiration. There seems to be more depth within the creation process that allows us to express ourselves better.

Koops, you are in charge of all instruments or is there some assistance from outside the band?

No, we think it is a pleasant way of working to do everything yourself. This makes it easier for us to work towards the intended end result.

Four long years to put a new album out in the streets, getting new ideas, relaxing or other reasons behind the long wait?

In addition to Fluisteraars, M. Koops is also involved with Solar Temple, Iskandr and Nusquama, so there was little time for Fluisteraars. The moment you are going to make a full length you want to focus 100% on this and that was not possible so then you should not do it. However, ideas have grown slowly over the years and we have taken many walks to discuss options and especially; what atmosphere do we like with a new album? Where does it have to go? It’s been a long time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

True words. How has been the composition and recording of «Bloem»?

We like to write the material quickly so that it is still alive and malleable when we go into the studio. When we went into the studio the songs were basically finished but there was still a lot of room to experiment. We recorded all drums on the 1st day, all guitars on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day we recorded the bass and vocals. The 4th day we recorded the choir, piano, timpani, horns etc. Followed by 2 days of analogue mixing on the mixing console. We chose to make the mix directly on the mixing console so that we could not adjust endlessly. Once the track is bounced and you start the next track you can’t go back.

Everything seems carefully planned and under control. You are considered for many one of the most creative acts in the Dutch scene, what do you think?

Musically we are very diverse in what we listen to, I think we take all the things we hear and see into our own music, giving it a different feel and sound than you expect from black metal. There are of course many artists who try to shape their music as orthodox as possible, this is of course completely fine. It works well for us to take everything we hear or see to our next album. Fluisteraars is a kind of extension of our soul; So why should you restrain yourself and take into account certain conventions. They can also go overboard so that there is room for new discoveries.

Blast beats and moments of lush melancholy, you are able to marry what seems like opposite worlds with great ability

The different facets within the music are a vehicle to express a certain feeling, as long as you clearly have in mind what you want to tell and in which order you want to place the story, you can effortlessly move from one chapter to another without a unpleasant feeling. In addition, it is important to include the atmosphere in which the story takes place in the writing process. This makes it a whole.

Amen. We even find some orchestration in some moments, another resource you manage with skill

This is in line with the two questions above. We love to experiment and are always looking for new perspectives to tell the story better, this time it has orchestrations and who knows what the next album has in store.

Bob Mollema has been in the project since the beginning and it seems he knows well enough what every track needs. He has freedom to perform or you talk about the orientation in every song?

Before we go into the studio we check per track what the appropriate vocals are, but at the moment we start recording vocals it is usually improvised. This often leads to new ideas and insights and we continue to do so.

Netherlands and Black Metal are not often readed in the same sentence, do you have more links in this regard with north Europe or you are focused in your country?

Our interest lies in many different music styles and art forms and is therefore not limited to a place. However, the Dutch scene is currently very active, which is a good breeding ground to create.

You are often included in the same team with bands such as Turia, Drudkh, Solar Temple… The new black metal of 21st century?

I think so!

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