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Interview with FYRNASK

by Vpower

fyrnaskThe Band: Fyrnask

Country: Germany

Answers by: Fyrnd (all instruments, vocals)





Today we talk to Fyrnask or, what is the same, to Fyrnd, the man in charge of all instruments and vocals. He created his band in search of his own sound and path, seeking his vision, as he states. After one demo and three albums his project has all the sense.

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Hello Fyrnd, you have just released your new album, but before going with it we would like to talk a little about Fyrnask’s story. Fyrnask started in 2008 as a solo-project, what was the motivation behind it?

The motivation was more of a vision. The vision was to create a musical approach to the idea of «sacrifice». I remember listening a lot of bands like Neurosis, Six Organs of Admittance, Fauna and stuff like that. I never felt, that there was a Black Metal approach that combined all this kind of influences to a level that I enjoyed. So I tried this myself.

You have released «Bluostar» and «Eldir Nótt», albums that have received and warm welcome among fans. Some years later how do you feel about them?

I feel that those albums were the right choice and expression at the time they were build. They captured the environment, situations and the mood they were created in. I am happy with all releases as they served as a tool to expression for those specific moments, even if I would do things differently now.

In 2014 Fyrnd joined forces with several musicians: Blizzard on drums, Exord on guitar, Svipr for synthesizers, JS with bass. In any moment was there an intention to make Fyrask a full band or was just for the gigs?

No, there never was an intention to form a full band, nor was it intended to have a «solo project». The whole project developed naturally. Back in the days when there were no musicians I did everything myself and as some good friends wanted to join and support the project, that was fine too. It is really all about the «What» and not about the «How». If the result is great, I am not interested in how the result was created.

It sounds logical. With your new album Fórn you are back to the one-man formation. What difference are we gonna find with previous albums?

I am not sure, if there are any differences to the previous albums. It is up to the listener to decide, if there are major or minor changes to previous releases. For me «Fórn» is more direct and aggressive than the albums before.

You have signed by Ván Records, a label that is strongly supporting bands with great potential or emergent, how do you feel with the guys?

Sven and Ván is great to work with. It is absolutely uncomplicated and the label is excellent in terms of quality and environment. No doubt that the decision to sign at Ván was the right one. Ván is also a highly respected label, that has never lost passion and underground attitude.

In the Black Metal genre, maybe more than in others, sometimes the lyrics are not so much important, is this your case?

I think the lyrics are extremely important in terms of concept and the whole musical approach. I tend to work at concepts before the music. The music has to fit the concept. Not the other way around.

Fyrnask-CoverSome people would label your approach as “Cascadian Metal”, what do you think about it and how do you feel about this kind of labels?

Labels seem to help people to categorize and are a kind of forecast what you have to expect from music. If people need those labels and if they help they can of course use them. I personally feel no need for labelling my own music. It is more important if I search for new music in a specific vein. But that’s not the important for creating music.

In Fórn we are gonna find many instrumetal pieces, how essential are they in the design and atmosphere of the album?

I form music with the help of stories and pictures. The more instrumental pieces help me to support those pictures.So for me they are essential to enable a kind of «storytelling», to build a cohesive experience for me when listening to the music.

One of my favorite tracks is Draugr, a black death song with great solos

I like Draugr very much. It is a very aggressive and direct approach to the metal topic. Great if this works for you too. In retrospective I tend to like the more aggressive parts of the album most, at the moment.

Agnis Offer has surprised me also because of its epic and chaotic ambient, is there some method in your composition of the songs or you just let the elements flow and there it is!?

It is definitely more a «flow». There is no strategy or «plan» that I follow, when writing music. The ideas come from a place, I am not connected to directly. It’s just that I feel a kind of urge to create somthing at a specific point. And then I just start creating and then everything develops «naturally».

With what instrument you feel more comfortable?

Definitely Guitar and Viola. That are my main instruments which I was educated in. But I always try new stuff. I am really interested in sonic synthesis and the effects of low frequency sound on mind and body.

Are you going to join forces again with some guys to present your songs in live?

Definitely yes. We have a stable setup of musicians. They are good friends and we will definitely present this music together.

Great news. Nowadays we are used to a fusion of styles in almost every metal genre, how do you see the Black Metal scene in general, is also following this trend in your opinion?

I really don’t know, in which state the Black Metal Scene is at the moment or if the scene is following trends.

Do you have any idol, any guy you feel devotion for and had been an inspiration for you?

I don’t have any idol, in that sense. Of course I draw inspiration from several sources and there are types of music which I like. Arvo Pärts work is important for me, as a fusion of modern music and baroque influences. Neurosis is important too. I like Neurosis for their extensive use of Synthesizers. I remember the Murmuüre Release which was great and really an inspiration. More ambient stuff like Black Mountain Transmitter etc is also great… I think it is hard to find an end to such a list.

And finally, are you thinking to make any especial edition of your albums now that you have signed by a new label?

Actually I did not thought about doing special releases. I think, all albums are available at the moment, so I see no need for releasing old stuff in a new form.

Thank you very much Fyrnd and congratulations for your new album!

Thank you for the interview and best regards

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