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Interview with GLACIER

by Vpower

The Band: Glacier

Country: United States

Answers: Michael Podrybau (vocals)



The legendary US heavy/power metal band returns with a new album! It was in 1985 where the same-titled EP of GLACIER was released, including 5 tracks of US heavy/power metal majesty. Few more recordings followed by various incarnations of GLACIER until 1990, when the band was put to rest. While the legend was growing, in 2016 there was formed a tribute band under the name DEVIL IN DISGUISE, featuring GLACIER singer, Michael Podrybau, and was offered a slot at the Keep It True Festival of 2017. The flame was alive and shining once again…

Hello Michael, Glacier is a name that has a place in the heart of many metalheads around the world, do you feel it?

MP: Actually, we do, very much so. In 2016 I went to a festival in Chicago as a photographer, and in my mind there was no way anyone would have known who I was. I could not believe what happened. I had lots of people coming up to me saying, “Oh, my God! You are Glacier Mike!!” and telling me how awesome Glacier was and that they really love the band.

Your EP from 1985 has a lot to do with that, may be one of the most profitable EPs in terms of popularity in Metal history?

MP: I don’t know about that. I do know we have lots of fans, so I guess yes, in a way.

In terms of recordings, your 1988 demo were the last songs to see the light of sun in the 80s. Why Glacier never recorded a full-length in the 80s?

MP: I actually had nothing to do with the band after 1985, the ’88 demo was only completed with 2 original members, Loren Bates and Pat Goebel.

By the way, that demo had some controversy around it because some members of the band didn’t recognize it as Glacier stuff

MP: I think it was great, and I still really enjoy those songs – so much so, that we have “Eastern Guns” in our current set-lists . I wish the ’88 demo would get properly released.

Back to the present time. In 2016 a tribute band under the name Devil in Disguise was formed featuring Glacier singer Michael Podrybau. How did it happen and what was the intention back then?

MP: We were approached by a promoter in Chicago about doing a reunion show. I had been talking with former guitarist, Sam Easley, about it, and while he was interested, nothing ever became of it. So the promoter offered to put a band together and have me sing the old Glacier songs.

It seems Devil in Disguise worked out very well because you decided to reactivate Glacier after so many years. How did it happen?

MP: We were only going to play the one festival in Chicago in 2017 but Oliver from Keep it True found out about it, and he offered us a spot in his festival. So we ended up playing KIT in Germany first, and then Chicago after that, and then it just kind of gained momentum from there.

No fights about Glacier copyright or something like that after so many years?

MP: No, we have full permission to play the songs and actually we have 3 older, unreleased Glacier songs on the new album, on which our former drummer, Loren Bates, and our former bassist, Tim Proctor, are actually playing.

Good. In what moment did you take the decision to work in the first full-length as Glacier?

MP: After we started doing more shows, we began to write some songs, and we played a few of the new ones live. The fans seemed to really enjoy them, so we decided to make a new album.

No Remorse Records is the label to release “The Passing Of Time,” what came first the label or the idea to record it?

MP: We actually already had Passing recorded and then we started talking to labels. We had some offers, but No Remorse was the better choice and Chris and Andreas are great guys and friends of mine.

Michael you were the leader of the tribute band and of course you are the leader of the new era of Glacier. How do you feel about that responsibility?

MP: I actually really never thought about that. The opportunity came up and I jumped. I feel I am very blessed to be able to do this again.

When did you start composing the new songs? Is there some old material in “The Passing Of Time”?

MP: We started working on the new songs just after playing in Chicago in 2017. The 3 older Glacier songs on the new LP are “Infidel,” “Live for the Whip,” and “Sands of Time.”

What can you tell us about the current line-up?

MP: They are a great bunch of musicians and I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with them.

What are the lyrics about?

MP: Without revealing too much, I’d say life, God, Jack the Ripper, sorcery, and struggles of good versus evil.

For me, the artwork is very accurate, as it displays the spirit of the past glory, what do you think?

MP: Yes, absolutely. Daniel Charles, a tattoo artist and painter from Texas came up with the idea. I knew Daniel because he was a Glacier fan, and I had seen some of his artwork. I asked if he would be interested in doing our new album cover and he said, “HELL YES!!!” So, I sent him some of the new Glacier songs and the lyrics to see what kind of ideas he had. Obviously, there are many more finer details and dramatic touches to his masterpiece now, but his very first sketch was pretty close to what you see today.

Well, Michael Podrybau is not only the original member in the band, you also prove to be a great vocalist after all these years?

MP: Actually when the Devil in Disguise group started, I was not that great. I had not been using my voice for a very long time. It took quite a bit to get back in shape – lots and lots of practicing.

Then you got it very right. Michael, since Glacier was stagnant until Devil in Disguise, have you been collaborating with other projects?

MP: No, not at all. I played guitar and sang in a band for a bit, but nothing serious. I actually was racing jet skis semi-professionally after I left Glacier in late 1985.

Fortunately, the new Glacier is not only the vocalist, the other members played also an important role in the band

MP: Yes, definitely. Michael Maselbas is a fantastic guitarist. Wait till you hear the solos in the new songs. Simply amazing. The whole band is great. We work very well together, and we are good friends as well.

How would you define the style of Glacier in the 21st century?

MP: Powerfully melodic.

Most of the songs are mid tempos, but you also deliver some fast riffs as on the track Into the Night, which will burn down the stages…

MP: Yes, “Into the Night” is awesome, I love that song. The solo is so phenomenal the way it rips hard and then slows down and builds back up to a climax and tears your head off.

By the way, I think there are some guest performances on the album, right?

MP: Yes, we have Loren Bates, Tim Proctor of the original 80s Glacier and Phil Ross of Manilla Road

Excellent. As a US band, how are you dealing with the covid19?

MP: Mask up in public. I order more for my home online. I hate it, but it’s necessary.

What do you miss more of the old life on these times of pandemic?

MP: I miss going to shows, playing festivals, traveling, and all of my friends from around the world.

Thanks for your attention and congratulations for your effort, if you wish to add something…

MP: I just want to say thanks to all of our fans and friends around the world. We miss you and we can’t wait to come perform in your country. We hope you really enjoy the new album as much as we do.

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