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Interview with GLOSON

by Vpower

gloson2The Band: Gloson

Country: Sweden




Three guitars, enormous riffs, intensity, drums & voices that welcome you to hell, great atmospheres… There are many values in their debut album, but you can summarize GLOSON’s work saying that they have created a damned good album with so many different points of view. Moreover, they work as a group and have their feet well planted on earth, it all smells like we have a big band in sight.

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Hello guys, it’s a pleasure to talk with you and about “Grimen”, your new album that is collecting very good reviews and comments all around

It sure is quite overwhelming seeing this kind of response for us. We are really excited!

This is your very first full-length album, did you expect a so warm welcome for your debut?

All in all; not really. On the other hand we did actually feel like we’ve created something pretty cool with this album. But we definitely didn’t expect the response to be THIS great and in such a short amount of time. It is very inspiring and motivating for us, we’re very hungry for getting out on the road now to say the least.

Gloson was formed in 2014, any changes in the line-up since then?

We added a drummer since we started. Actually on the Yearwalker album it was Christian who also played the drums, since we simply couldn’t find a drummer in time, with the studio deadlines and all that. Christian can play drums so we figured it was the best solution at the time. Samuel is now with us on the drumstool, and he truly was the missing piece of the puzzle for us. His drumming is amazing. He has a great sense of rhythm and groove. I hope you get to see us live some day and you’ll see what I mean.


I hope too, something really cool for sure. After your EP, Yearwalker, you decided to give it a chance to a live record, that is not so usual, how was it?

We did it because we could and because we wanted to, basically. Two of us in the band are trained sound engineers so it was definitely not a problem for us to pull it off, recordingwise or mixingwise. It was a cool thing we had the possibility of doing, being our debut-show after all. We wanted to capture that evening, which truly turned out to be an amazing gig.

Yearwalker had four songs, this Grimen has six, but it lasts for around 50 minutes, the logical conclusion is that you quite elaborate the songs

Some songs turn out long and some turn out shorter. It just depends on the context of the whole song, if it feels good even though it clocks over 10 minutes then just go for it. But we don’t do long material just for the sake of writing long songs, that would truly be ridiculous. The very foundation of the riffs themselves usually turn out to take a while before they revolve around the beat and start over again, if you know what I mean? So it’s essentially a byproduct of our riffs that our songs turn out the way they do. When we play the songs together on stage or in the rehearsal space they almost feel like they’re just 3-4 minutes long, so I guess they do something to us and that’s exactly what we’re striving for.

I see, it all flows naturally, no doubt. How was the composition process of your new album?

Quite long, but very efficient. We were all on the same page, and without sounding too pretentious it felt like the planets aligned somehow. The songs took on a life of their own and we all just obeyed and followed, wherever they ended up taking us. Everybody is always contributing to the songs too. It’s not ”Hey, this is MY song, nobody else gets to touch it”, but everybody really is working on all the material constantly. Everybody looks at things from different perspectives and listens with different ears, so this part is crucial to writing music, at least to us it is.

gloson3There are three guitars in Gloson, not so usual maybe in the style you practice. How do the guys share the guitar tasks and what effects have those 3 guitars on your gigs?

It is perhaps a bit weird, yes, but it really adds a lot when we play live. It has that ”wall of sound” effect that we are really striving for. And together with Kristoffers big bass sound it really does a big difference when you put us on a stage. We just divide parts between each other depending on who feels comfortable playing certain parts. When there are vocals to be sung it might very well be that whoever sings is playing something that’s easier to play than a lead or something. We just try it out in the rehearsal space and see what sounds and feels best!

Anders and Christian also share the vocal duties, any of them gets more weight than the other on that task?

It’s pretty much a 50/50 thing. This can also come down to some riffs being tricky to play while singing, and different riffs are easier to play for certain people while singing. But most of all we have different characteristics on our voices, so we can change the feel of a certain part of a song just by trying out Anders or Christian for that part. Anders has a slightly lower voice while Christian can get up pretty high if we want to. It’s another layer of expression to us.

Yeah, a big team. If you had to remark something about Grimen it would be..?

The production really turned out way beyond our expectations. There is very little processing on the drums, no triggering or stuff like that and everything overall is very ”au naturel”. And we did everything except the mastering ourselves, so it’s safe to say we are immensely proud of this album on so many different levels. Each song really stands out from the other as well, but still manages to maintain a ”Gloson-vibe” in all of them. Exactly as intended.

It actually sounds as a thunder. What are the lyrics about in Grimen?

Quite varied from song to song, but they all deal with very personal and human experiences or emotions. There is a hint of some confession in there, and some about embracing all of your negative aspects of yourself that you hate, instead of constantly be running away from them. There is also some hope in there; an urge to start realizing your dreams before it is too late. But all in all we encourage people to really READ the lyrics, closely, and interpret them in their own way.

I have noticed that your EP was released by yourselves, but with Grimen you have been already signed by Art of Propaganda, how do you feel about it?

Kind of correct; we released Yearwalker ourselves only digitally first. Then the label Catatonic State, who happens to be a good friend of ours, wanted to release that album on vinyl together with Art of Propaganda. It was a natural continuation to work with Art of Propaganda again, especially considering that label really has started to pick up their business lately. AoP are doing a great job for us!

When you get a so big album as Grimen is I think it changes your vision about the path you were meant to follow, something as “wow, now everyone is staring us and checking our every move…”, do you feel like that?

That’s a really good and interesting question actually, and yes it partly feels like that. A kind of ”holy shit”-moment. But I’ve seen things like these get to peoples heads before and that never ends up in a good place. So we try to stay in touch with the ground and think realistic about things. We’re not gonna quit our dayjobs, to put it that way… As long as we stay true to ourselves and what we want to be doing, and as long as we’re satisfied with it, we’ll just go with it. Wherever the music might take us. But I won’t lie – there’s a little bit more pressure being felt now than before, hehe.

Very reasonable, anyway. What are your musical influences?

Way too many to mention. Let’s just say that we are extremely open-minded about music and we all listen to all kinds of stuff. Inspiration can be found almost everywhere as long as you’re willing to truly look for it.

In your work we find a blend of Sludge and Post Metal, long songs with an epic flavour that reminds me about Neurosis’s Souls at Zero. Very clever atmospheres, tribal rythms and a great use of the distortion. Your compositions breathe an epic and transcendental air

We were actually very determined during the entire writing process to let this album be really drum-oriented. Meaning having the sound of the drums be really big, natural and warm sounding and take up quite some space in the mix. Most of all to have the drums sound natural and unprocessed. And lots of emphasis on certain drumbeats and percussive elements. We thought that it went hand in hand with the music in a nice way. You can really make a simple riff-song come to life just by working really hard on drum-arrangements. Something a lot of bands seem to overlook these days. Keep it simple – and let the power of the riff compel you.

glosonVery true, but not easy to do 🙂. You work with several Metal subgenres, do you think that is the path for the new bands to continue the heritage from the past?

I have no idea, to be honest. Some bands seem to be doing pretty well by only looking in the rear-view mirror, so to speak. Take Ghost, for example. They truly are a great band and it’s safe to say it’s going pretty well for them! So I don’t know what the natural path for new bands is. I don’t think there is one, really. You kind of have to carve your own path these days (but by bringing with you the ”past” in your baggage, of course) in order to be seen and heard by people in the vast, seemingly endless ocean of bands out there.

As a Swedish band how do you see the scene in your country right now?

There’s a clusterfuck of great bands from Sweden, but they pretty much never play back home, for some reason. Either that or I’m really bad with keeping with the times… But speaking in ”our genre”, there are glimmers of hope here and there in the bigger cities. Some promoters are starting to book and promote our type of music more which is really nice to see. But all in all in the long run, as a band it pays off to turn your eyes towards an international market rather than a Swedish one I think. There is simply more demand for shows in our type of music abroad. Although I hope that will change, because it’s nice to play at home, of course.

Are you preparing any material or events to promote your new album?

We have a releaseshow planned February 25th in our hometown Halmstad, and after that a show in Stockholm. Other than that things are pretty quiet right now regarding shows, but that’s because we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes with marketing and promoting the album. Hopefully, now that the album is out for people to hear, we can start booking more shows.

Would you tour around Europe? Is Spain in your agenda?

We are more than happy to tour anywhere in the world! As long as promoters get in touch with us we will work out a deal and get over there. Spain is a cool country to play in, so absolutely! Our goal right now is to move on to playing shows and promoting our album – hopefully even tag along on a tour with some more cool bands.

How can anyone get your album?

Streaming services seem to be the most popular go-to place for music nowadays, so there’s that. It should be available in all countries unless your country has some weird copyright law or some stupid thing like that. Other than that you can find us on our official website, www.gloson-official.com, for more links as to where you can order yourself a physical copy.

Finally, after this great debut, what can we expect from Gloson in the future?

It is safe to say that the overwhelming response we’ve been getting is inspiring us and making us more motivated than ever to start playing live more. Playing live is definitely our next step, Grimen needs to sink in for a while now as it was without a doubt the biggest project anyone of us has ever taken on. But we do have new material in our archives already, so who knows… Time will tell.

Thanks for your time, we wish you the best!

Thanks for taking interest in us, and thanks for some fun questions to answer! Take care of yourselves out there, and we hope to meet all of you awesome fans out there soon. Without your amazing support all of this wouldn’t be possible.

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