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Interview with GOATH

by Vpower

Goath-Promo3The Band: Goath

Country: Germany

Answers by: Muerte (bass, vocals)




Today we talk with Muerte about the debut full-length of German Black-Deathers GOATH. Inspired by the early 90’s scene and with a raw sound this German band sounds pretty real and genuine, no additives, the same as Muerte’s chat about the current scene and business, I would name it a bath of sincerity, it deserves a reading and they deserve listening to their aggressive album.

goath_logoHello Muerte and congratulations for your debut album!

Hi! thanx for your support and the review!

Goath was formed in 2015, how did it happen?

I had the idea of forming a band like goath long time ago and just asked goathammer, if he would join. he liked the whole concept from the beginning and agreed. We don’t have much good drummers in our area for that style of metal and this seemed to be a big Problem, but goathammer asked serrator when we had 2-3 songs ready and we met at his rehearseal place. When we started playing I felt like “ok, this is more than just extreme metal music, this is much more” and the rest is history.

You released a selftitled demo in May 2016, which sold out quickly, right?

Exactly. We sold and traded 200 tape copies and 100 cdr copies worldwide. Van records released the demo on vinyl limited to 300 (100 red, 200 black) pieces, some of them should still be available, be quick!

Goath_portadaThis year you have on the streets your first full-length album, «Luciferian Goath Ritual», how do you feel about it?

It feels just great and we’re proud of the result. Andreas Wieland did a great job with the recording / mix, Patrick W. Engel made once again an excellent mastering, Chris of Misanthropic Art made a great cover / layout, all the guest contributions on the album worked exactly how we wanted them. so we’re 100% satisifiend at the moment.

How long have you worked on the composition of the songs?

We started writing songs in the end of 2015, so it happened really fast. Maybe 6-8 months.

It’s pretty cool that the recording of «Luciferian Goath Ritual» was made in live within 30 hours in summer 2016. How did you get the idea and why?

Yes, it was the same way we recorded our demo. It was the idea of our producer, as far as I can remember. We liked the idea to record it that way. we had no time pressure and we just had to clear up, that no other band is in our rehearsal room when we record the album, that’s it. besides it’s way cheaper than renting a studio of course, but money was no decisive factor.

After the experience of this live recording, are you willing to repeat it for next releases or you will go straight to the studio?

That’s for sure! We got everything we need, we’re satisified with the sound and the atmosphere while we were recording. I guess we will never go to a studio for thousands of euros destroying our sound with plastic trigger drums and other technical bullshit nobody needs in death-, thrash-, or black metal.

Ván Records is releasing your debut on March 17th and supporting you, how do you feel with the guys?

Ván Records is the best thing that could ever happen to Goath. Sven knows how to treat bands. he’s really into the music of the bands on his label and whatever you want or need, he tries to make it possible. It’s always great to meet him and his crew in person on concerts or festivals. I worked with different labels since 1997/1998 and Ván Records is definitely the best label!

“Luciferian Goath Ritual” follows the trend of 90’s scene, doesn’t it? How do you define your proposal?

That’s the sound and the music that inspired us. 90’s and late 80`s black-, thrash-, and death metal, you’re right. when I take a look back to the times where I discovered the first morbid angel, deicide, darkthrone, sepultura, kreator, etc releases, the sound was analogue. it was the purest, raw form of metal, without overproduced plastic sound. the music has been composed and played by 100% possessed metal maniacs and you can hear it. I can hear it and I can hear when people lost all their motivation, inspiration and possession, cause they are «professional» now and it’s only about the money or playing on anti-metal festivals like wacken for example. that’s one of the reasons why I prefer listening to the old classics or younger bands, cause their blood is boiling, they are hungry and possessed!!

Goath-Promo1An interesting opinion that points out to some critical aspects of the current scene. What bands have influenced your music?

Well, beside the ones I mentioned, bands like angelcorpse, blasphemy, dissection, mayhem, sadistic intent.

Into Nihil is a song with several approaches, I think it can work very well on gigs, any favorite?

Into Nihil is really one of my/our fave songs live, that’s true. Blasphemous Supremacy is my second favorite song, but actually I like to play all songs live. We’ll see which songs survive, when we played them many times and when we have a new release.

How near is the sound or the feeling of this live recording «Luciferian Goath Ritual» to your actual show?

I would say nearly 95%, cause we recorded the album like we play the songs live with the same equipment. it’s a recorded ritual, a black mass and we have always our producer as sound technician with us. he knows us, our sound and he did a great job on all our shows so far. that’s what people told us after the shows. We use also the intros and samples we have on the album.

Do you put much ritual scenography on your live shows?

Beside bullets, chains, leather and studded wristlets, we use blood and torches when we can use them, which is unfortunately not possible when you play in bars or smaller clubs. We have also plans to spit fire, but as I said, it’s not possible in smaller venues so far.

Cool. How do you see the current black/death metal scene?

There are many great black-, and death metal bands nowadays and that’s really a positive trend. talking about a scene, well, there are good things and there are things that piss us off, but let’s talk about the good things. There were more people than we expected on our january tour and there are many maniacs organising underground shows and festivals. I know many bands supporting each other and I think the black / death scene is still supporting bands by buying records, cds and tapes and don’t care much about free download shit or streaming music.

Goath-Promo2Do you have any tour programmed? Will you come to South Europe to drink “sangría” and conquer the Spanish barbarians?

Not yet, just some festival shows are confirmed. We played our first tour in january, but we’ll hopefully continue in late 2017. we played most of the shows in germany so far and some shows in spain or other countries would be great.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re currently working on new songs, 4 tracks have been written so far. plans for the future are just recording new stuff and play as much shows as we can play, that’s it.

And it sounds damned exciting. Thank you very much Muerte, if you wish to add something…

Thanx for the interview and your support. Nothing more to add, hopefully see you in spain sooner or later! If you want to book us, get in touch !

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