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Interview with GRAVE MIASMA

by Vpower

grave miasma 2The Band: Grave Miasma

Country: UK

Answers by: Y (guitars, vocals)



We tend to think that best of Black/Death Metal is always from northern countries as Finland, Sweden, Norway, the vikings if you wanna name it as that. Here is a British band that stands with a very interesting sound, mixing early material with new compositions in their new EP “Endless Pilgrimage”, a warming up for what likely they will offer next year as a new full-length album.

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Hello Y, next May 6th you are releasing your new EP, “Endless Pilgrimage”, how long did you work on it?

Effectively, work had already begun during the writing sessions for ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’. The track Purgative Circumvolution was originally written for the full length, though at the last minute we decided to not record the track in its form back then. Immediately following our tour with Necros Christos in 2013 we returned to the rehearsal room, with that track rendered unrecognisable to how it sounded prior. Writing the three other new tracks was undertaken thereafter.

It’s curious, because all your releases since 2009 and in the form of EP, except for the great 2013 album Odori Sepulcrorum, is there any reason for that?

There was a logic to this initially. We decided following the successful reception of our demo tape to release a 7”, mini album and full length in that order. The various locations of band members at different points have necessitated how much time we could collectively work on material, but more pertinently, we never have felt pressurised to churn out releases and still find it more beneficial to work slowly on developing our sound.

However, we get a total 35-minute artcraft, you could name it a new album even, right?

I can appreciate the point that ‘Reign in Blood’ is shorter in duration, though for us five songs does not constitute a full length.

grave miasma 1All your previous works have received till now very good comments, what do you expect from “Endless Pilgrimage”?

We consider the record to contain our strongest material to date. Good reviews are fine to read, but they do not impact upon how we write music. We are analytical and self-critical of what we do, and constantly refine riffs and arrangements until the point of collective satisfaction has been reached.

Comparing “Endless Pilgrimage” to your early works we can talk of some kind of evolution in your music?

‘Endless Pilgrimage’ contains elements of our sound found since our inception. Of course the re-recording of a track written 13 years ago contributes to this, though in terms of riffing, feel and arrangement much of the material found on the record is closer to the more primal and aggressive nature of the early recordings. Having said that, we have built upon the more experimental nature of the full-length with those particular elements intensified. To evolve does not necessarily mean to always look forward.

I’m totally captured by the magic of  Utterance Of The Foulest Spirit, a track that combines the balck death old school approach in the beginning with the atmosphere and some sludge at the end

Hah, I’ve never listened to a sludge band in my life. The end of Utterance of the Foulest Spirit contains some Celtic Frost influences, at most.

I would also underline the level of crazyness in Glorification Of The Impure, I think a song with the touch of Morbid Angel or Bolt Thrower, a song that you have rescued from your demo days

The song has a more frantic feel than our usual offering. We felt that with this being a MLP, there was less of a requirement to weave each track in a web to form cohesive record from beginning to end (although there still is a discernible ‘flow’). The track had been worked on in the rehearsal room, appearing in some of our more recent gigs, and the updated version had been improved to the extent that a re-recording was warranted.

You close the work with Full Moon Dawn, a 8 minutes travel through darkness and atmosphere. I think you combine perfectly the old school with some modern sounds

There is truth is that statement. The track mixes classic Death Metal rhythms and riffing with more a more experimental song structure.

What bands have influenced your music?

All genres that we listen to manifest themselves in some ways. We are all music fanatics and are ceaselessly finding more and more exceptional records. But our influences are not confined to music, as strange landscapes, literature, drugs and general madness have their equally valid place.

A big range, indeed. Will you tour around now with the release of “Endless Pilgrimage”or you have other plans?

Our first appearance after the release will be at Maryland Death Fest, followed by some US and Latin America dates. Gigs in Europe will resume in late 2016, though there are not plans at this stage to do a tour.

How do you see the black/death scene in the UK?

There has been a solid core of bands from the UK quietly emerging over the last 10-15 years who are as good as anything else on offer elsewhere. The Death Metal revival has not escaped our island.

Your new EP is just something to tell the fans “hey we are still here” and prepare a new full-length attack or now you will take some rest on the composition tasks?

In a sense, yes. The songs featured on ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ are not outtakes or cast offs. Entering the studio in the summer of 2015 was an ample period to do so for all band members. We will resume writing material for the next full length later this year.

Thanks, Y, if you wanna add something…

The flash of lurid light

Reveals on every side

A thousand, thousand shades

Of Death begrimed and black

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