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Interview with HAUNT

by Vpower

The Band: Haunt

Country: United States

Answers: Trevor William Church (vocals, guitar, bass)



HAUNT are a machine of creating music, good music. They work hard and they are able to offer a bunch of songs of great appealing, so it’s not strange that their legion of fans is growing exponentially. What started out as a solo project of Beastmaker’s Trevor William Church developed into a powerful force in classic metal, Trevor never stops doing things, even he has time to produce or play with another bands. Amazing!!! Come Know the man and the band, you will hear more and more about them.


Hello Trevor, you started back in 2017 but your career has been like a Sputnik, with growing popularity and a handful of albums in just 3 years?

Yeah, I’ve been incredibly inspired to write songs and I’ve been trying to document it the best I can.

What started out as a solo project of Beastmaker’s Trevor William Church developed into a powerful force in classic metal, did you expect that good welcome?

I’m just thankful that people are listening. My expectations were to write songs and record them and share.

Trevor, when did you decide that you need some mates inside the band and why?

I was getting offers to play live and at the time I was doing Beastmaker and it just seemed like it was time to try and do some shows.

Some of the members in the band participate in Beastmaker, which can be considered a doom band, change of chip?

I think if anyone went back and listened to Beastmaker they’ll find its old school metal. That has always been more or less of my calling or I seem to write this style the best.

This year you have released the album Mind Freeze, at the beginning of 2020. In october you are releasing the new Flashback, but it seems there is a third album around this same 2020. How is it possible?

I write and record everything here in Fresno in my home studio so I can work at a fast pace. the third album was just re recorded songs from early on. I had two eps and I wanted them on one album but i wanted to add new elements. Mind Freeze was finished early in the summer of 2019. Also, Flashback has already been released here in the USA and it was available digitally in July. So it’s been out for a minute.

It seems you are breaking all the rules with so many albums in so a short period of time, how is the fan reacting to that?

When you get to be my age I’m not concerned with rules at all. This is a musical journey for me and I have to do what feels right. I try to be very connected to my fans. These are the people that make it possible to focus on my music and they’ve been incredibly supportive of my ways.

It’s not only the quantity but also the quality of your songs. You could start another band and share out the albums among them

Well that would be kind of pointless because I write all the music. That would mean you are hearing Trevor Church in band #1 band #2 and band #3 there really wouldn’t be a change in direction. I am involved in other bands though. Also the idea of having multiple bands isn’t really my thing. I don’t have the time. I’ve started Church Recordings my own label based out of California and I’m spending a lot of time producing other bands now in my studio and also playing on their records.

So, less go under the surface. How long do you usually need to compose a whole album and what process you follow?

Technically I could write an album and record it in 6 weeks. which is “flashback”. I have so many songs on deck and ready for future albums. I’ll never catch up with myself. This is part of the reason I’ve started to produce. I have two albums coming out with a band from the UK called Oath and then LA’s Saber which debut 7′ came out this year on my label. I’m drumming for both these bands. producing, mixing and mastering. all of it..

This high rate of albums by year is especially significant in a moment where the pandemic has almost frustrated every live tour

Yeah, I don’t think we will see things come back till 2022 so just staying focused and creating has been a blessing.

Trevor, time to be sincere, you are a hyperactive guy or how you define your nature?

I’m a family man. I have a lot of passion for music. I’m always inspired to create, it brings me great happiness. I like to think I’m easy going by nature. hyperactive maybe I am a bit but I’m just driven by the things I love and want to achieve. I’m a dreamer big time.

Although you are a young band, do you realize any important change in your music since your creation?

Well I’ve had a complete metamorphosis from Beastmaker to Haunt. My song writing shifted dramatically. The big change was from telling horror stories in Beastmaker to writing lyrics about the world I live in. It’s always evolving to me the way my mind works and how I play things and look at them.

The European edition of Flashback comes out via High Roller Records, any reason?

Yes, they contacted me about getting some “Flashback” records and we decided that maybe it would be best for Haunt to just do a one time licensing deal and I think it was a great idea. I really respect them and hopefully in the future we can continue the collaboration.

You deliver a blend of heavy metal and hard rock that although is not new becomes very appealing for the listener

I think you’d be able to count on one hand how many bands sound like Haunt. Even though everything seems to have been done before. I think the individual is just telling their story through sound.

What are the lyrics about in Flashback?

Well the song flashback is about my early skateboard days. I wanted to be a pro skater so bad growing up. It’s something I don’t really have time for any more. I was young and I look back on my skating days very fondly. Athletically I was in my prime. So it’s just a reflection on my past.

The artowork might be described as an enigma, how do you interpret it?

Time is always of the essence. The big hourglass should speak of itself and the skeleton their is just a representation of humans.

What are your main influences as musician?

I try to find influences in love, death, time, reflection, the world oustide. Anything that speaks to my heart.

With the crazy path you are developing it would be no strange that you might become a reference for other bands, right?

Hard to say. That would be an honor but it’s nothing I ever thought of before. I live in a city that most people have never heard of so if that’s where I’m headed again it’s an honor.

Haunt is one of those bands that send the message to the “old dinosuars” still alive that is time to retire and let the new blood take control?

I’m not concerned with stuff like that. I just want to make albums and enjoy my time here.

Usually we ask the bands about their plans for the future, but in your case it would be for the next weeks or months at most, lol?

Well I’m working on three albums simultaneously. Oath, Saber, and Hysteria. Everything will be out in the winter if all goes as planned. Of course I’ll have another Haunt album sooner than later but I’m just kind of just getting that done as I please. The drums are done the music is written. It’ll be called “Beautiful Distraction”…

Awesome… How are you dealing with the covid19? What do you miss more of the “old life”?

I’m just trying to stay healthy and be respectful. The USA is in a political mess right now. I prefer to be on my compound here where I have a beautiful family and our home. We’ve been just trying to make our home as nice as possible and just hope that these horrid days will come to an end.

A dream that you haven’t still achieved but you don’t give up…?

Family trip to Iceland.

Thanks for you attention, Trevor, and congratulations for your effort, if you wish to add something…

Thank you to the fans and thanks to High Roller for all you have done for me in Europe. See you guys soon.

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