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Interview with HECTIC SHOCK

by Vpower

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The Band: Hectic Shock

Country: US




Hectic Shock is band of women thrashing like hell all the way from Portland. If you are in the Thrash Metal thin, then you have to listen to their debut album “Summoning Hell”. You will stay begging for more and banging all day. Here is our conversation with these furious thrashers, women with the ideas very, very clear. Enjoy it!

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Hectic Shock was formed in …? I was looking for it but I got no info. Can you tell us more details about the band’s history?

Hectic Shock formed in 2013. Morgan and April met at a skatepark and started talking about music. Hey, let’s start a band! Morgan, April, Kelly and Mandy started writing songs in 2013. Then Kelly moved away and Jess «lightning hands» took over. She wrote her own rendition to each song and they wrote more songs.

Hectic Shock is a completely female band, it was intentional or it happened as something natural?

Not completely intentional. We would all hang out and have art nights, skate, jam and get stoned to the bone. One thing led to another.

Crystal clear. You are a female band and a powerful and raw Thrash act. How did you decide to walk the path of Thrash Metal? Why not AOR or whatever (hahaha)?

You don’t choose Thrash, Thrash chooses you!  Always been a thrasher and a hell raiser. We all were born into it. All of us heathens. Hahaha

That’s the attitude. Is there a leader in the band? Anyone more aggressive than the others hahaha, the bad girl we could say?

Well, it depends what you mean by «bad girl”. We’re all bad in our own way. Haha

April Jones definitely cracks the whip! Already working in the film industry, producing her own heavy metal TV series, Slayed in Oregon and directing The Mentors Rockumentary, her production and managerial skills definitely come naturally.

hectic shock2Cool. You have just released your debut album entitled “Summoning Hell”. I think the title cannot be more expressive…

The album title Summoning Hell expresses a pessimistic witchy vibe. We human beings are the most invasive, destructive species on the entire planet. From one perspective we are bringing hell upon ourselves with modern day idiocracy. The message is to shed light on reality in hopes for a positive change.

I add myself to your message! It’s your debut album but it seems to me as if you have been together for ten years or so. How long did you work in the album?

Including writing and tweaking the songs about 3 years. Recorded in 2 days. “Summoning Hell” is, apart of raw, a very rich in shades work. We are gonna find some flavour of Black and dark atmospheres, some epic,  nwobhm… right?

Yes, we try to create a visual image with our sound, a spooky eerie energy. Creature of the Night, for example, was written about a ritual we performed on Samhain. We called out to the ancient spirits of the four elements: earth, air, water, fire. In honor of the dead, food offerings were buried. Upon the moment of the offering, we were joined by a great white owl, a symbol for Creature of the Night.

By the way you have released it by yourselves, why and  how satisfied are you with it?

D.I.Y. or Die! No one is going to do it for you, ya gotta do it yourself. We are very satisfied with our album. Adam Becker is very talented and fun to work with! He recorded us on Metallica’s Kill Em All original tape recorder from 1983. Great thrash energy!

hectic shock1One hail for that! Most of the tracks are short and direct to the heart, you don’t loose time around…

We have a couple around 2 minutes. We wanted a quick “get in the pit” type of thrasher! That one gets the crowd going for sure!! Circle pit from Hell!  Our other songs are around 4 minutes. Yeah, I guess you can say our songs are direct to the heart. Most people can relate to the lyrics; “head banged out, rats in your hair, thrashing all night nobody cares”- Electric Night; “get in the pit, take another hit, punched in the tit, kicked in the clit”- Hectic Shock; “Ears are ringin’ its outta control, turn it up make it loud, that rock n roll!”- No Control

My favorite track is Watery Grave, dark Thrash metal, with over natural high-pitched voices, even some doom vibes, really awesome. Which is your favorite and which is the most successful in your gigs?

Watery grave does the best at shows we think. Jess “lightning hands” wrote this one. It’s memorable, dark and wicked. It’s got that old school choppy death Metal sound. The song is about the imagery that we will all fall victim to our underwater grave.

What bands have influenced your sound?

Overkill, Kreator, DIO, Venom, GBH, Motorhead, Judas Priest… Man, their are so many! In our sound we try to convey energy and feeling from everyday life or events, not just sounds of our favorite bands.

You are not the first female band and you will not be the last but  it gives you more chances or, on the contrary, it’s another bump in the road?

You make your own chances, you create your own goals. Doesn’t matter male or female. We’re just here to THRASH!!!

What touring plans do you have?

We would love to be able to tour. As you know the planning is very time consuming and expensive. We would not be able to tour independently. If we had direction and management, I say it’s possible. We’re hoping to jump on some festivals in the future!

As a band, what are your goals in the long-term?

Make friends, create memories, write more music and thrash with fans!

How can the fan get your album?

www.hecticshock.bandcamp.com or Email us Thehecticshockers@gmail.com

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  1. April Jones

    Yeah!! Brother of Metal!! You rule! We will be Summoning Hell again!

  2. Vpower

    Hi April, and we will be here to tell it, we await any new killing material from you!


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