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Interview with INSANE

by Vpower

insane2The Band: Insane

Country: Sweden

Answers by: Erik (guitar), Gustaf (guitar, vocals)



It’s time to put on your slim pants and do some headbanging with INSANE, their work on “Evil” is just awesome, they needed a long time to pulish it and deliver it as they actually wished, but all that time has been well invested, the result is a beast of a speed/thrash metal album. And you got full details about it in the next lines, just keep reading.

insane logo

Hello guys, Insane is a young and promising band, so we would like to know more about your story, how did it begin?

Hello. Thank you. We formed the band in elementary school in 2009. Back then we played a lot of cheesy covers and tried to write ”heavier” stuff. Before INSANE was formed we played together in several other bands where we played all kinds of stuff like punk, skate punk, rock etc. When we started INSANE we had recently discovered early Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, so we wanted to do something like that.

We released our first demo in 2010, called Facebreakers. We started to play more and more live and a year later we released Death Race, our second demo. At that time we had found bands like Overkill, Testament, Exodus etc. This was also the first demo where we used acoustic drums. These demos are not our favorites these days, but on Hollow Death, our third demo released through Bifrost Records on tape in 2012, we started to find our thing. After Hollow Death we changed singer and bass player. Gustaf, who only had played guitar before took over the vocals and our friend Rickard Nygren began to play bass. We recorded a MLP called Interment of Life in Örebro, released through Bifrost Records as well.

At this time we started to play even more live shows. We went to Denmark, Norway and played a lot in Sweden as well. After Interment of Life we released a split 7” with Entrench before we went separate ways with our original drummer Jerry Hoffmann and Johnny Lebisch joined the band.

Ever since Johnny joined we have worked with what became EVIL. The reason it took so long time is because we played shows, members moved from town and so on. We are not 14 anymore (back then we rehearsed all the time). All of us have other music projects too, but INSANE is stronger then ever before right now and we are hopefully hitting the road late summer and fall to celebrate the new album.

insane 1After 8 years since your creation you release your first full-length “Evil”, how do you feel about it?

Erik: It feels amazing. I have always since I stole my fathers The Wall LP dreamed about releasing an album on LP. As you say, we have been playing together for a long time and INSANE is basically my youth. Therefore it feels fantastic to finally release an album. It’s also cool because we have some old songs on the album as well, so it’s like everything we have done since 2009 is packed in this album. I also think it sounds killer. Gustaf did a really great jobb with the mixing and recording of the album. Right now I just wait to lay my hands on the physical vinyls and to get back on the road to play the album for those who cares.

Gustaf: It has been almost a year since I pressed ”Bounce to disk” the very last time and printed the files to the hard drive, but it has not been until now that we are finally done. Evil is out there and the job is done. It feels great to listen to the songs and even greater that it sounds the way I wanted INSANE to sound back in 2011. I think we really got it this time.

Before “Evil” you have released several EPs and demos. Any essential difference between the new songs and the previous material?

The thing is that many of the songs on the album appear on our earlier releases but the album is more gone through in detail and sounds a lot better than the earlier stuff. We also choose to record Human Waste once again and release it on the album. It is an old song from the first Interment of Life recording session (with the old line-up, it was never released). Gustaf and Rickard did some really killer work and changed up a few riffs and Gustaf wrote new lyrics and now it sounds killer. So that’s really nice. Dark Internal is also an old song from Hollow Death. It sounds a lot better on the album though. We are really happy with the result on that one. So, even if there are songs that have been released before it’s not at all the same songs. We have developed as musicians and as a band.

The new album goes out through Duplicate Records, any especial promotion for the occasion?

Yes, Duplicate Records will handle the release of the LP and CD. Bifrost Records will release the album on tape. We will promote the record with a few shows in Sweden and hopefully in Denmark and Germany. Other than that we don’t really know.

insane3Casette!!… vintage style 🙂 cool! The coverart seems perfect to me regarding the thrash metal you deliver

YEAH! Totally agree. Joel Sundin (Entrench) did a really great jobb once again. We told him that we wanted a colorful painting, told him the vibe of the album and what the title was. Then we made this awesome art. I think it will be great on an LP. And as you said, it fits the music perfect. Joel is a great guy and he knew exactly what we wanted and even tough we changed the layout a few times we really loved the painting from the first time we saw it.

With you new album “Evil” we get a great combination of Thrash Metal and Speed Metal, what are the most defining elements in your music?

Erik: Yeah I think it’s a great combination between Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal. I don’t know what is the most defining elements of our music but I really like that we give the bass that much attention. There are a lot of bands out there who seem to be careless about the bass. Rickard is a phenomenal bass player and it gives the music a special touch.

How long have you worked in your new album and how was the process?

It took quite long time for us to make this record. The songs have been written during a really long time and we started to record the album in the fall of 2015. Because of several personal reasons it took long time to record the album. It was all mixed in May 2016 and then it took some time to find interested labels and the right deal. At the time we looked for a label some members moved from our hometown, started to play in other bands etc. so the process was slow. But now it’s finally out and it feels really good. 

Certainly, it does. What bands have influenced your sound?

Erik: Kiss, Judas Priest, Metallica and Mercyful Fate are bands that have inspired us. We listen to a lot of different music but Metallica and Slayer are the two biggest and most important influences for INSANE I think.

Gustaf: I agree with Erik, we are four really different guys in the band and when we started out I guess that I and Erik had an idea what we wanted the band to sound like. Also, we wrote pretty much all the songs which made our influences the most apparent. But when Rickard and then later Johnny joined the band, we started to find some kind of balance between our influences, experience and style which really developed everybody and I think that was what we needed, some new blood to the line-up.

insane4If I had to “complain” about something in your new album is that it goes smooth as the ice and finishes too soon. Did you keep any songs in the drawer for the next album?

Haha! Actually no. We knew which old songs we wanted to give a new chance and then we had the new songs ready so we decided quite early on how the track list would be. Even tough we have some ”demos” and riffs saved, we have no actual songs. We have started to write new music though. We jammed some new riffs when we rehearsed for the show with Obnoxious Youth, Vampire and Antichrist in Gothenburg (Killer show, all bands delivered total chaos). So hopefully it will be a new album some time. But at this moment we need to do some shows for EVIL and after that we will sit down and take a look at some riffs and demos we have.

Listening to your music one can believe the old times of Thrash are back, I suppose you have that 80s feeling, haven’t you?

Hm, I don’t know. I agree there is a lot of great bands out there and it is A LOT of concerts to go to (in Scandinavia  at least). So I guess the ”scene” it strong. I guess we have an 80’s feeling because we like a lot of 80’s metal but I don’t know if we try to bring Thrash ”back”. When we started the band we wanted to play music like our heroes in Metallica and Slayer and back then we wanted to do it as much as ”back to the 80’s” as possible. But I don’t see it that way anymore. It’s a lot of cool new music out there, so I guess there is no meaning of dreaming about the 80’s. I mean the new Maiden album is killer, the new bands deliver amazing records and playing shows. But the music from the 80’s is still amazing and a big influence.

I like the dark & dirty edge the production gives to your sound, it makes the whole thing sound very rough and classic

Erik: Yeah as I said earlier, I really like the sound of the record. It is raw and dirty but it is clear in the sense that you can hear all instruments. I especially like the guitars and the bass sounds amazing, you can really hear all the sick things Rickard does. Overall I am really satisfied with the sound, all thanks to Gustaf!

Gustaf: Yeah I’m pretty satisfied as well! I had the luxury to record most parts and also mix the whole thing in an expensive and overall perfect studio when I studied audio production. So I have the Swedish education system to thank for that, and also a man called Tobba that worked there, he helped me out with some stuff and gave me some well needed advices to get some clarity out of that gritty, midrangy kick in your balls. And one that I will keep is that I did not need as much reverb as I thought, just more delay.

It’s difficult to choose any favourite song, but any one you will include for sure in your gigs?

Erik: We will do some shows where we play the whole album. We did that at the show with Antichrist etc. in Gothenburg. It was really nice to play the album from the first note to the last. But if I have to choose a favorite we would have to say I really like Death March and Ritualistic Death. It’s really hard to say. When we have listen to the album now when it’s done we have come up with new favorites after every listen. Hehe. I guess it’s hard for us to say. But most fun to play is definitely Ritualistic Death and Death March. 

Any chance/intention to make an extensive tour around?

At the moment we are planning a small tour in August. It will hopefully be a few shows in Germany and one in Denmark. At the moment we cannot tell more than that. We really hope that it will happen. We are planing a few more shows in Sweden as well, and we are open for more gigs if someone is interested in booking us. Just write to our email (insaneofficial@hotmail.com). 

How do you see the Thrash Metal scene nowadays?

Erik: As I said above there is a lot of great music out there now days. This year is really great for Swedish metal. New killer albums with Vampire, Antichrist, Tyranex and the new Entrench album will slay as well. Condor from Norway just released a violent masterpiece. I also like Ripper from Chile. Really great band who will tour Europe with Entrench in September. Don’t miss that thrash assault.

Thank you very much Erik & Gustaf and have a great time playing “Evil” around!

Thank you! Hope we can bring EVIL to Spain some day! Cheers!

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