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Interview with INTO ETERNITY

by Vpower

into eternity2The Band: Into Eternity

Country: Canada

Answers by: Tim Roth (guitar, vocals)




Over 20 years since their formation and Canadian troop INTO ETERNITY demonstrate with their sixth studio album that after so many years without almost new material they haven’t lost their skills to deliver strong songs and great compositions. With Tim Roth on command but well accompanied they should have a year full of success and astonishing gigs, we bet for both! “The Sirens” is the best reason to believe in these guys, a big album that deserves this cool chat with Mr. Tim Roth.

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Hello Tim! «The Sirens» due out on August 3rd is your first album in 10 years since The Incurable Tragedy, why so a long gap?

Hello! Thank you for the interview. Basically the short answer is I became a Father shortly after The Incurable Tragedy was released in 2008. We did a ton of touring that year, with Symphony X and going to Japan. In 2009 we went back to Japan again, but we had to slow down our Tour schedule, due to my family commitments. In 2011 we released the Sandstorm single and in 2012 we dropped the Fukushima single, but our touring has been limited. We’re so pleased to finally let everyone hear these new songs!

These last years you have been playing gigs, no new material, it means the good selling of CDs is over, except for the big bands, and the money is on the tours?

We have 6 albums of material, so playing live for the fans are still important to us. Money isn’t a factor to us because we all work full time jobs every day. Music is something that we all love, so we still want to play gigs and release new music when we are able to. The fans have been so supportive about these new songs and we feel very lucky to have all the support.

Tim Roth is the captain and only original member of the band. The last recruit was Amanda Kiernan on the micro. How have all these movements in the lineup influenced your sound or composition process?

into eternity1The sound of our music stays very close to what fans expect from us. There is still lots of shredding, soloing, high vocals, fast double bass drumming, harmony guitar, acoustic parts, symphony strings, piano and death vocals. In that respect, it’s business as usual for us. There is new excitement working with new musicians and each player has a slightly different feel, which will only add to our current sound. Amanda has been just an incredible addition both vocally and personally. It’s a new visual for us having a female vocalist, but I think it’s a positive move for us.

Maybe one the most relevant changes was the entrance of Amanda Kiernan, after the departing of Stu Block, now with Iced Earth. She has proved a good choice, her experience with The Order of Chaos was a good point I suppose

Amanda has been a perfect addition to our line up. She is such a great, fun girl to hang out with as well. It was a real challenge finding a singer that could do all of Stu Block’s insane vocal range, but Amanda just nails it! She has a dynamic stage presence and vocally she can do all of the new material just perfect. Thankfully we found her, so we could continue on with the band. It’s been a great choice for us!

Tim, another change is that you have left behind your relationship with Century Media and now you are flying free and on your own, why?

Century Media treated us just excellent! Between Century Media, booking agents and management, they were able to accomplish an incredible amount for us. They spent a ton of money on us and we couldn’t have got to where we are without their help and experience. Due to family commitments, we had to take a step back from the label situation and stick out independently on our own.

That is a no return way or if any label puts a good contract on the table you might sign it?

We have had quite a few offers to sign a new record deal. Our approach is always to consider each offer and see what the future will hold for us. The band did sign a new deal a few years back but unfortunately it didn’t pan out. Anything is possible though, so we would be open to signing with another label if a good deal should present itself to us.

into eternity2Tim, how do you write an album after 10 years of silence, you feel like a new start or it’s like awaking after a long dream and you start remembering things little by little…?

Things have continued on as normal for these past 10 years. There have still been tours and gigs, it’s just we haven’t been in the spotlight anymore so much. It’s all been done in sort of a low key way. In 2011 and 2012 we released singles, but yes we haven’t been as active as previous years. It does feel like a bit of a dream that our 6th album The Sirens is finally being released and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of this new CD.

A great dream anyway. You have included the two singles released some years ago, Sandstorm and Fukushima, but they fit right with the rest of the songs

Yes the two Singles have indeed been included on The Sirens. Amanda re recorded the vocals on both of those tracks as well. They were part of the same Session as the other songs, so that’s why everything should feel like it all fits together. I think it’s a really song album of songs this time around.

When did you start working on the new songs? Was it hard to put all the pieces together?

The demoing process took hundreds and hundreds of hours. The first song that we worked on was Sandstorm and Fukushima back in 2011/2012. Things went so well, that rehearsals continued and we kept on song writing until all 8 songs were complete. The process was a long one, but the results are worth it in my opinion.

I do agree with you. It’s good to see that you still sound powerful and technically brilliant after all these years

Thank you for the compliment! All of us have still been practicing every day, recording, song writing and playing gigs, so we all are always trying to better ourselves every day. There is always room for improvement in anyone’s playing, but practice does indeed make perfect!

The blend of genres is another topic in the new album, death, thrash, prog melodic metal…

into eternity 1When the band first started out in 1996, the reviews said we didn’t have our own sound because we were blending all of those different metal styles into our songs. That is our sound though! I always wanted us to be free to play any style of metal that we choose at any point in our music. We’re a hybrid Metal band and it’s fun to have all of those different metal elements all combined at one time. I think it helps us to stand out in a sea of metal bands.

Yes, indeed. I would like to call attention also on the big display of power by Bryan Newbury on drums, it’s not only that he sounds as a thunder and gives the album an impressing pace, he seems to have created also something like his own playing drums style with the blasts beats and the recurrent rhythms

Bryan just absolutely crushed on this new record! He recorded his drum parts in record time and he just nailed every part. There is a lot of fast, frantic drumming on this new disc. I’m loving all of the drum fills, off time beats, blast beats and double bass drumming that Bryan is known for. He just killed it on The Sirens! There is just a ton of exciting drumming on this one.

I think this Sirens will stand its ground against classic albums as “Into Eternity” or “Buried in Oblivion”…

Thank you so much, we appreciate that compliment! I think these songs absolutely hold up to our previous work. There is a ton of melody, shredding instruments and good song writing.

Any tour dates already programmed to promote The Sirens? Jumping this year to Europe?

The band would love to head back to Europe again! There are a lot of countries we’d love to play again, like the USA and Japan as well. Our first show we have is August 3/18 headlining the Loud As Hell festival in Alberta/Canada.

Metal fans are usually considered as very loyal, more than those on other music styles, this means Metal can last “forever” (if something can last that long) or business is business everywhere?

Metal can last forever! Music overall is timeless and that’s what we hope to achieve when creating new music. It’s a big responsibility but we don’t take it lightly!

Thank you so much Tim for your time and cool answers and congratulations for the new album, if you wish to add something…

Please everyone give us a Like on Facebook and please check our new album The Sirens, released August 3 2018. Thank you again to all of the press and our fans for the long time support! Keep it Metal!

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