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by Vpower

J_and_S_PhotoThe Band: Johansson & Speckmann

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Today we have some words with death metal band Johansson & Speckmann. They have just released their third album Edge of the Abyss. The project is consolidating itself and we could talk about a stable band right now.


Compared to your previous works what is new in this Edge of the Abyss?

The easy answer would be not much at all haha. But theres some stuff indeed, like the addition of Kjetil Lynghaug on lead guitars, wich has made the solos so much more enjoyable to listen to, and his work really lifts the sound of the album. besides that I would have to say we actually wrote better songs than before, and Pauls vocals sound better than ever, and Brynjar upped it a notch both with the drumming wich is more intense than on any previous album.

J&S music can be defined as true old school death metal. Would you add anything else to that broth?

Nothing at all really.

johansson & speckmann 2The cover artwork by Roberto Toderico is really fantastic

Yes indeed, its an awesome piece of art wich we got to use! Its also strange that it fits so well with the albums title and lyrics, as the title was already set before we had the artwork from Roberto. Also the artwork is actually an older piece, so it wasnt made for the album, but it fits better than anything esle we could have come up with, so we are extremely satisfied.

I think you have had the support of Kjetil Lynghaug on the lead guitars in some songs, right? How was it?

He does the solos in ll songs, aswell as some more floating lead work here and there too. To have Kjetil in the band feels great, as his work just raises the songs a few notches, and makes them so much more enjoyable really.

This means J&S could become a quartet in the near future or for the live shows?

Well yes, we have a full lineup right now indeed. The final reamining piece is that we actually be in the same country together for some rehearsals too.

You’ve Stepped On A Dime is one of may favorite songs, and a chance to check that Brynjar Helgetun is on board with all the consequences, killing drums…

Haha yes, its a heavy and punishing song, we never do fast stuff really but the sorta semifast stuff here, Brynjars drumming style is really punishing. Its one of my fave songs too, it really has all of the stuff that shows our sound, its sort of the perfect Johansson & Speckmann song really.

Turn it Around is another great song, big guitars in a technical death at mid tempo song

I would almost call it an epic song sort of, you know like Venom or Darkthrone did it, heavy and huge simple riffing with a plodding sorta grooving beat that just pushes it forward. Maybe a bit of a different song for us, but all in all it fits great I think.

A Concept has all the taste of the old school and we can feel all the experience you guys have had in previous bands

Yeah, its a grooving punky one, that gets into faster territory a bit too, its indeed oldschool, equal prts death metal and punk or old american hardcore like SOD even, in some small parts.

Now that you have 3 albums and many songs, we can expect some dates around Europe?

I would love to say yes, but I dont know if it will happen really. We are spread over three different countires, so it comes down to costs, mainly just travelling is a shitload of money. Its a shitty answer, but its how it looks like right now. maybe with the right amount of festivals interested something could be set up though during next summer. That would be really really fun and I know Paul would agree and want to do it aswell.

There would be more chapters from J&S in the future?

As long as we have fun, there will be indeed. And we have lots of fun doing this, its easy just writing music and doing cool stuff together, so I hope itll be going on for quite some time indeed.

What are your plans right now? Get back to your other bands duties?

Well yes I think so indeed. Pauls been on tour in the USA recently, and I guess theres some work on our different bands coming soon.

Thank you and carry on with your project!

Thanx! And people enjooying this sorta filth, should really check the new album out. Its rather cool!

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