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Interview with KOSMOKRATOR

by Vpower

The Band: Kosmokrator

Country: Belgium

Answers: Whole band





The material on «Through Ruin… Behold» was written between 2013 and 2018. Some of the songs date back to the band’s demo days, others were finished in the studio. Where «First Step Towards Supremacy» dealt with means to transcend, «Through Ruin… Behold» is a turning point and sheds a light on a downward movement into an unavoidable deterioration, the world as they, and many people too, see it. The artwork was created by T. Ketola.

Hello guys, after a demo and one Ep «Through Ruin… Behold» is your debut album, how do you feel about it?

It has been a long and frustrating journey, but in the end we are satisfied with the result.

All the songs are new brand or you have rescued some older material?

Some of the songs go back to the demo period, others were just finished at the time of recording.

How long have you worked on the new album and how was the process?

Apart from the songwriting it has taken a year and a half from recording to release. It was a long and frustrating process with a lot of pointless communication, but with a lot of lessons learned.

You are from Belgium, a country not so often mentioned in the black metal sphere, but surely you have been influenced by some international well known bands

Of course we were influenced by some of the bigger bands out there, but I don’t think random namedropping suits any purpose here.

We could say that «Through Ruin… Behold» offers a pessimistic view of the mankind and his future?

Correct, this is our view on everyday life. One we share with many.

There are many reasons to support that view, unfortunately. The names in the band are hidden behind initials, tradition of a further purpose?

There is no purpose to it. The names of the people involved are just not of importance, they do not add value to the music or the band in general.

The artwork created by T. Ketola fits well with the concept and seems also quite apocalyptic

We provided him with a concept of which we thought would fit the music. He worked it out perfectly.

What are the lyrics about?

About nihilism, the hatred for mankind, the pointless paths of society, the transcending of weakness, about moral skepticism and above all, about death.

You dive into the waters of death & black metal, but you belong more to one side or the other?

We don’t belong more to one side than to another or at least we don’t aim to.

With that background what is your goal as a band?

We did not set any objective for the band, we will continue making the music we make and we’ll see where that’ll bring us.

Any tour programmed?

No, not for the moment. We don’t plan a lot of live shows.

Thanks for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Thank you.

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