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by Vpower

The Band: Lacrimas Profundere

Country: Germany

Answers: Oliver Nikolas Schmid (guitars)



A new line-up, a new record and the German dark metal band LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE place their focus on doom again. Their new album «Bleeding The Stars» will be released on July 26th, 2019. We talk with boss Oliver about past, present and future of the band, but in the middle you will also find feelings and life, because that is what music is in the end.


Hi Oliver! Active since 1993, with your new album you also present a new line-up, changes that I suppose you must accept almost as natural or inevitable when you live a so extense career as yours?

Yez bro, you know if I count everyhing together the result is: sitting in bus or plane: 4 years and 27 days, playing time in this period: 8 weeks, laughs. So, you like it or not and if some members feel like they are too old for this kind of rock´n´roll, then, they are. Being in a band with all these guys, everybody thinks it’s a piece of cake It’s not easy. People change as they grow, and they wanna go in different directions and do different things and suddenly in the beginning of 2018 I was the only member that was left. I stood in front of a pile of shards that either could be left lying or wanted to be put together. After that the broken porcelain vase was indeed an unsightly flower pot, but I love it very much, cause no one is owner of a flower pot like this and I hope everybody could see the beauty in this flower pot like me know

You started as death doom band and have evolved into the gothic rock/metal. It’s easy to suppose than in that way you loose and win things, but what is the balance for you?

The balance between everything, the missing link, is a new album called BLEEDING THE STARS

Simple and clear. Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts is for many people a milestone in your music, but your discography is so extense… do you have any especial album in you heart?

Puh a hard question, I would say, BURNING: A WISH, cause it was the perfect link from our past to the future and opens so many doors for us, like our first tour in Mexico and doesn t matter who you ask, the most of the people still like that album a lot, not bad for a record that was released in 2001.

Do you listen to your previous albums any time, I mean apart of rehearsals. Do you ever have the sensation that something you did is top level and impossible to improve, or on the contrary something you would record differently if you could?

I think it just comes down to the music. If the music is good, people are going to dig. The cool thing about that is that those records are out there, and you can always have those records. That’s the special thing about music — certain songs are timeless and mean certain things to certain people. I always say that when we finally release a record, it’s not our record anymore — it’s your record. It turns into your life story too, and the soundtrack of your day driving around in your car, or listening at work or at home. I like to think we have a very high [standard]. Lacrimas been going a long time.

Yes, the magic of music, that put sounds in our life. You have toured through many countries. One of them is China, one of the world’s powers but especial in terms of music and maybe the way people enjoy it or what they allow people to enjoy. Did you have that perception there?

We played there two times and both trips were amazing.people are so friendly. We visited the great wall and the forbidden city, breathtaking experience

You have played also in Dubai, exotic and weird it seems, how was it?

It was the trip of my life. Thanx to Moutasem Kabbani, who opens so many doors for us to get the chance to this adventure. If you read this bro, YOU ROCK! We met people from Syria there and if they close their eyes and sing with us the words „HOPE IS HERE“, I can´t describe in words this very special moment. Unforgotten and hope to be back soon

Hope is Here, your previous album from 2016, was your first concept album and it seems good enough for the audience. Usually we have the idea in mind that to knit a concept album is a hard task, it pays off the effort or one time is enough…?

Yeah, the Album „Hope Is Here“ we released in 2016 was a concept album and I think that if a musician, no matter what genre, dares to go to a concept album, it subconsciously gets kinda progressive. Do not get me wrong, I’m a big friend when bands leave their trodden paths, but nowadays I would do it different. There are some wonderful tracks and moments on the album, but also some things I would not do anymore. Commercially «Hope» was a great success and with Top 30 our highest Chartentry in Germany so far. But I had in my mind to compose a doom dark record again without concept story behind, only the qestions: Why did I become a musician, which bands influenced me and why nobody told me that my mustache looks so stupid around 2001. Laughs.

Hahaha Talking about your new album, «Bleeding The Stars», I have read that Christopher, former vocalist, came up with the title and cover of the new album, right?

First of all I absolutely have to give Christopher a massive massive „thank you“ for helping me more than any other record I’ve made. He is my musical soulmate and I don’t know what I would do without him. This album wouldn’t be what it is without his determination and many many, MANY hours of work. We both did 90 percent of the songwriting and he had the idea of the title and the cover also, yes!

For the design of the cover art you repeat with Brazilian artist Elton Fernandes, what is the concept behind the red crimson on it?

Yeah, this is the third album we work together with Elton. The new cover is a photo, but it´s far away from the original. We sent the picture it to him including our ideas and surprisingly: it works. Like always, laughs! You know, we read up on the big bang theory a bit. When something huge is created, there is always blood involved somewhere in the process. So we thought that as the universe was created the stars have to bleed also. And voilà: the album’s title was born!”

How long have you worked on «Bleeding The Stars» and how was the process?

As I started the songwritings my fingers hurt, espacially my index finger of right hand and I went to some hospitals and everbody told me that’s arthrosis in my fingers and a progress, you can not stop unfortunately. So, I thought twice before I played some crap, because every riff I played hurts, good or bad. During that period I sat down, was quiet and listened if the music finds me. The only thing that counts: does it swollow my heart, touches my soul and stays in my head. This time I think I´ve found some of those that are important enough to play even if it hurts. . Good things come to those who wait and I have been very patient. Laughs. So it took me about 2 years on and off writing and quiet listening to myself. After demoing the stuff we went at the Kohlekeller Studios (Powerwolf, Aborted) to „Kohle“ and he’s really pushing us and making us be at our best when it’s time to record. He has a great sense of melodies, harmonies and a really good ear. Tom Porcell at HP Mastering was responsible for the mastering of this monster of a sound wall and after 3 years its finally done. So,you better order the digi pak version of the album, remove the spider webs from your stereo system and listen as loud as you can, till the neighbor rings at your doorbell, but, if you hear that, you listen to low. Yours, Joey deMaio, laughs

What are the lyrcis about?

My brother and former singer in Lacrimas, Christopher, was responsible for the lyrics, only “the reaper” was written by Julian and “breathing souls” by Chris Harms. The album talks about deep loneliness and the infinite emptiness that drives you mad! And how we misuse our planet. Bleeding the Stars deals primarily with the theme of destiny, how it is fulfilled or how it is forced to fulfill it. For example, they say «it’s in your blood» or «it’s in the stars», which in the end makes up the album title, which is composed of fate analogies.

Listening to this «Bleeding The Stars» I have a mix of emotions but one is clear, that it seems as if you had gone back in time and rescue at least part of you ADN from the early years

It’s all about notes in a different order and a lot of things has been done, but you’re taking influences from here and there and you mix it up and make it your own. That’s how the music develops. In my opinion, good music is good music. It’s incredible how much beauty exists in the world of music. When I sit down to write a song, I do the songs for myself. I write a song for myself because I need to come out with that particular song. It’s for me, and then, after I’ve produced a record and put it out, if someone finds that song of mine important, it’s just an unbelievable gift. I also think life goes in cycles. We kind of always think of the best period of our life, the best period musically in my life was as I discover old Paradise Lost stuff, Anathema, or My dying bride. When you get older, you look back at things. It’s quite refreshing to revisit those times. Over a 25-year span of the band, I’ve had periods where I haven’t done anything like this. We’ve changed styles quite a few times over the years, but it’s always nice to come back to it. It’s like putting on an old jacket that you find — I often use that analogy. It fits right and it’s still comfortable. Laughs! We strongly believe in this new album and we have the slight sensation that it could bring lacrimas to a next step, but let’s see what is going to happen.

And that return to the old sound was behind Rob quiting the band, although I don’t know if the only reason. We can talk of something like a reborn for the band?

To be honest, since the release of ANTIADORE Album I had in mind to go back to our roots, but Rob wasn´t able to do these screams and shouts, so we´ve stayed in the goth rock genre. Now Julian is beeing in the band and he can sing anything, so you don’t have to worry about throwing something in front of him and going, ‘Oh, man. I hope he can hit that note,’ or whatever — there’s not a worry about that. So you’re able to just sit there and go as far as you wanna go. It’s so great to be able to have a situation where you don’t have to worry about giving somebody something or approaching someone with an idea and have it not be doable. It basically comes down to, yeah, he can do it.

Yes, so a key factor in the new line-up is Julian Larre. We don’t know much about the guy or his cv, but I think he accomplished the task quite successfully

Yeah he is born to act on stage and with him in the front we old bastards feel kind younger and hungrier again. Everyone is on fire and we definitely have fun playing the music that means so much to us!

«Bleeding The Stars» is an album full of angles, complex and rich in shades, what percentage is due to that new “karma”?

This time I wanted the perfect dark doom album. And do not get me wrong, when I say perfect, I mean, «perfect for me». I wanted to combine the riffing of Primoridal with the vibe of Anathema and the tunes of Paradise Lost, or Dark Tranquillity. I wanted to combine all my influences and make the album I always wanted to hear. When I write stuff I still see a vinyl LP. I still think that it should be listened from beginning to end, not just a bunch of singles or whatever. Back to the core of our sound —doom, killing leads, heavy riffs, slamming drums, and everybody will be there moshing to this monster. Laughs!

In «Bleeding The Stars» we find winks to the doom metal, great atmospheres and also the gothic accent, but all in all we have an album with a high level of intensity and an awesome feeling

Twenty years ago my three favorite bands were Paradise Lost, Anathema and My dying Bride! Today my three favorite bands are Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema . OK, I mess up the order with increasing age, laughs. Add a piece of primorial and dark tranquillity into the fertilizer a bit of the 69 eyes and you got the root of the lacrimas tree. Some season it grows more into goth, next time more dark, it depends on the weather. laughs

Any favorite song in the album?

Puh, I would say I would say THE KINGDOM SOLICITUDE is one of the best songs my brother Christopher and me ever did. Ah, that´s the reason why we spent a lot of money and flew to Iceland for a video shooting. Three days later I sent the invoice to the record company and got the answer, wtf are you doing? laughs.

Hahaha a nice surprise… «Bleeding The Stars» marks a trend to follow in next albums?

Yes, I really hope so. It´s the first time everybody in the band likes every single note and I´m sure if we sell some pieces of Digis and downloads and the record label wanted a follower, we will follow the path.

I suppose there will be a extense tour worldwide, anything fixed for now?

Many festivals here in Germany are confirmed, we head over to Russia in September and we come to Spain mid November for a headline Show in Madrid at 15th and a festival show in Barcelona at 16th called Damask Metal Fest. So, hope to see some of you out there

Thanks Oliver for your attention and congratulations for your good work, if you wish to add something…

Thanx a lot and thank you for the interview. Would be cool if some of your readers come to see us playing on stage, and hoping that you are enough interested now to buy the CD. CU on the other side, best Oliver Nikolas Schmid

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