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Interview with LAID TO WASTE

by Hombre Rancio

Laid to Waste is a Great old school speed/thrash band from Czech Republic. They debut with the album  «Counterattack”

laid to wasted 1

How was Laid to Waste created?

Laid to Waste is a band formed by two Americans (drummer / guitarist) living in the Czech Republic and two Czechs from Pilsen (Vojta and Zdenek). Me and the drummer started a band called Kill Kill Kill together with a couple other English speakers from Canada and Australia. After a couple years, Zdenek joined the band as bassist, and we then added Vojta as second guitar. Zdenek stepped up and started to sing. We were all dissatisfied with the lack of direction the band had and decided to give it a complete “facelift” and start a band that was focused purely on old-school thrash metal. We were given a huge push by our new guitar player Vojta, who put a ton of energy into the band and in my opinion got things fueled up again.

Counterattack is your new album, what are we going to find in it?

Counterattack was made to sound like a total assault on the ears – fast, in-your-face and true to the old thrash-metal mentality of not giving a fuck and playing as fast as you can and as best you can. Ryan our drummer has always been the massive motor behind the music – and the drums are exactly what you would expect for a great thrash album – fast, sharp and with a big punk attitude.  Some of the songs do have some slower, groovier riffs (like Oldschool Nostalgia and Lawless Vindication) that go back to the old days of heavy metal, and there are some killer solos mostly thanks to Vojta. In general, we also make sure not to take ourselves too seriously, and I really hope this comes out a bit in the album – thrash metal is about partying, hanging out and having fun and listening to some really loud fucking music and pissing everyone else off who doesn’t like it. 

How was the design and creation process of the album?

We wrote all the songs at home or in our practice room in the Parlament 666 Metal Club in Pilsen, Czech Republic, and it all happened within a little over a year. We went to record in a little underground studio in Prague – Vysocany called KSV Studios run by a friend and fellow metalhead Karel Svejnoha who plays in Panychida and 1000 Bombs. We ended up finishing the rest of vocals back in the studio in Pilsen. Otherwise, our recording process was pretty standard, and for us it was important for it all to sound natural and not too overproduced (which wasn’t really an option anyway with our low budget). We had a nice drum kit, some Marshalls and a steady flow of beer. 

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For the album art, we went to a company called PROFIkomiks, which is actually a comic book drawer that does some sick work. We wanted something that looked professional but with a bit of humor, and of course a big influence there was Ed Repka. For me the coolest thing about the album cover is that it was drawn by a Mongol. Like, seriously from Mongolia. 

For me your music is Raw and funny, please tell about the guitar work in this album?

Most of the riffs on the album were written by Vojta, who’s been a huge driving force for the band. We used some older ideas as well that we had lying around before we formed LTW, and it all seemed to come together well. For us a big part of our guitar riffs is the question of “how much faster can we play that?”.

In your work, you mixed to different voices? Its original and funny

That’s Zdenda our vocalist and Vojta on guitar. Gang vocals are done by all of us in the band. The multi-vocals sound is something you don’t hear even in a lot of oldschool thrash bands  but it’s something we wanted to bring back.

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How do you see the current scene of the thrash speed?

In the U.S. of course the “New Wave” of thrash metal has been around for a while, with a lot of great bands reviving the genre like Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Bonded by Blood, Evile, Havok, Gama Bomb, etc. In the Czech Republic, the scene is a bit more limited. There are some great new thrash bands in the country like Lahar, Kaar or Hellocaustor, but unfortunately there are more bands that call themselves “thrash” than there are real thrash acts. That’s what we’re trying to change.

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What are your musical influences?

Definitely like in our review, I think all of us take a lot of influence from German thrash, Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, to name a few, but I think you can hear a lot of influence from bands like Death Angel, Vendetta (DE) or just OLD Metallica, Sepultura or Megadeth.

Vojta: don’t forget Sacrifice.

My favourite song is Lawless Vindication, what is yours?

Sky: Damn dude that’s a hard question but I think my favorite is the title track Laid to Waste. You just can’t beat that first riff. It’s the kind of song that’s got a ton of balls and is not afraid to show it.

Zdenda: My favourite song is definitely Ripped To Shreds. I had some riffs and I was thinking lot about the sound of the whole song. So than I put some great Vojta’s riffs and it became complete. Even though we all worked on that song, I take this one as my child. Haha

Vojta: Counterattack. The slowest part is the most powerful to me. The part came with Ryan’s riff and my lyrics. The part just describes everything, still think you’ve ever lived?! Haha

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What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

Thrash metal and speed metal have always typically dabbled in political commentary and some of the songs have a bit of that – Ripped to Shreds is about nuclear war, etc. Otherwise, songs like Moshed to Death are pretty self-explanatory – parties, mosh pits, and heavy fuckin’ metal.

How can the fan get your album?

Right now we’ve made a few tracks available on Bandcamp and will hopefully be offering the rest soon on iTunes in digital form. For those that want a real copy of the album, you can write us on our facebook page and we’ll be happy to send one by mail – bank or Paypal payments will be fine. 


What are your future plans?

Play live shows, hopefully get a bit of a tour going and play around the Czech Republic and abroad as much as we can. Especially nowadays it’s not about having your music on iTunes but getting out there and playing as many shows as you can, so we’re working on that.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

Thanks for the support! We hope to see you soon in Czech Republic or Spain! Thrash till Death!

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