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Interview with LEATHÜRBITCH

by Vpower


The Band: Leathürbitch

Country: US




LEATHÜRBITCH are a promising new American band skillfully combining glam and speed metal. They were formed in 2015 by founding members Patrick Sandiford (guitars) and Meshach Babcock (drums) and started with a low budget three-track demo that caught people’s attention right away. Since the initial demo tape, the four-piece has recorded a self-titled EP and played several shows in their hometown, as well as Seattle and Chicago. The release of the band’s five-track debut EP on High Roller Records in 2018 is now followed by “Into The Night”, the first full-length album by LEATHÜRBITCH. Especial attention to their vocalist Joel Starr with an out of the world performance and the speed glam metal these guys are able to offer!!

Hello guys, LEATHÜRBITCH was formed in 2015, you are releasing your debut album now, how has been the road until this point?

Honestly it hasn’t been the easiest road, but it has been fun and rewarding every step of the way.

LEATHÜRBITCH is a cool name for a band, kind or German-British name, how you got it?

Our name, Leathürbitch is inspired by Mötley Crüe. Mötley started their own record label called «Leathür Records» to release their debut album «Too Fast For Love», and that’s where we got the first half of the name. The band was originally called «Leathürwitch», but our founding member Patrick decided to change it to something a little more extreme, and that’s when the witch turned into the bitch.

Before your EP you started with a low budget three-track demo that was quite successful and I think impossible to get nowadays, right?

Our demo is no longer available to the public, and anybody that has our original demo is among some of our very first supporters. Our demo featured raw versions of Leathür and Lies, Streetwise, and Nasty Reputation. We also recorded a version of «The Calling» that didn’t make it onto the demo.

Later came your EP last year that offers a similar picture to the one we will find in your debut album, right?

Our EP and our album can be looked at as a 2 part series. They both feature our original lineup and share a lot of the same themes, from the people that we worked with, to the lyrical themes and the musicianship.

Has there been any change in the line-up since the beginning of the band?

Yes there has. Our original drummer Meshach was replaced with Rand Crusher from Bewitcher, and our guitarist Sebastian was replaced with Alex Ponder from Headless Pez.

How long have you worked in the new songs? Any track recovered from the old tracks?

We started working on the songs for «Into the Night» before our EP was even officially released. The song «Sleaze City» almost made it onto our EP, but we decided to keep it in the vault for later.

Many bands use some iconic image to create a link or uniform image from album to album, for example a logo, a figure… In your case is a model, of flesh and bone, something to follow in next chapters?

We haven’t put much thought into what our next album cover will look like, but we can gurantee that it will be intriguing and that it will stand out.

As almost any band, we can find similarities in your music with big bands from the past. But what gives you the extra fresh air is the speed metal salted with some glam ingredients. How did this idea get into your minds?

We are all huge fans of the 80s glam movement, but we never wanted to let our glam tendencies sacrifice any heaviness in our songs. We decided that the best route for us to take would be to make glam songs mixed with speed metal qualities. 2 genres at opposite sides of the spectrum blended together in perfect harmony.

Really cool! Another especial element is Joel Starr, this guy really can take all the weight on his shoulders and take a band to a higher level 

Joel is a great element to our band and presents a truly unique voice and stage presence. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What are the lyrcis about?

Our lyrics cover various topics, ranging from sex, women, whiskey, the night life, violence and self discovery. Overall our lyrics have a theme of sleaze, but that doesn’t stop us from having a serious moment.

Any favorite song in the album?

Our favorite songs from the album would probably be our first single «I Want What You Got» and the last track on the album «Killer Instinct».

Into The Night confirms the good sensations of your EP and you repeat with High Roller Records

Our new album definitely reflects a lot of the same style represented in our EP, but we feel like it’s a little bit more polished this time. We took a lot more time putting this release together and we think that it can be heard in the production.

If you were back in the 80s you would like to share stage with…?

There are a lot of bands that we would have loved to share the stage with. To name a few: Halloween, Savage Grace, Loudness, The Almighty Strut, or Terry era Pantera.

Any tour dates programmed?

We do not have a tour booked in support Into the Night.

Well, we will wait for you in Europe. Thank you very much for your attention , if you wish to add something…

Thanks for your time and we hope everyone enjoys our new album!

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