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Interview with LEGIONNAIRE

by Vpower

LEGIONNAIRE1The Band: Legionnaire

Country: Finland




LEGIONNAIRE’s music is based on powerful twin guitar harmonies and medieval style epic melodies. The band creates an original, personal sound, though you can definitely hear influences in their music that will make you grow eager and eager to listen to it, such as NWOBHM, Brocas Helm or some US epic Metal. Attention to this band, they are hungry to create but they are humble too, I cannot think of a better formula.

legionnaire logo

Hello guys, Legionnaire is a young band, tell us a little about your story

Hi! I guess the idea of a heavy metal band was planted already years ago, as the cousins Aku (vocals/guitar) and Frans (bass) had been digging and playing the music of this kind already for years. After a few failed attemps they found the right guys on the same wavelength (Petri, guitar and Heikki, the former drummer) and the band was there. 

Before releasing your fantastic debut album «Dawn Of Genesis», you only had 2 demos. Your ideas were clear from the very beginning?

Actually we have never had any particular target, just the desire to play our own music, and maybe publish some demos and play some gigs. Anyhow, after the release of the second demo we noticed that there were people who were interested in our music and we decided to seize the opportunity.

«Dawn Of Genesis» sounds classic as hell, was that your intention or it just happened?

Yes, we sure wanted to stay true to the sounds of our genre, as none of us prefers the over-produced kind of puristic sounds. Fortunately we got to play live in the analogue studio, and I guess that was also one of the reasons for the »classic» sounds on the album. 

What bands have inspired your music?

All the four of us have quite wide tastes of music, all the way from punk to progressive rock (and metal music obviously) but I think in our music you can hear tendencies from, for example, Slough Feg, Brocas Helm, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Legionnaire-dawn of genesisWe are gonna find a mix between NWOBHM sound and US heavy metal in your approach, a lethal combination

We haven’t given it much of a thought but as we all love the both genres I guess it’s quite evident that some elements from these genres have slipped into our music.

You have been signed by Gates Of Hell Records, how do you fell with the guys?

The cooperation with Enrico and Brigida has been more than pleasant. They appear very passionate about the music and are very open to our thoughts and wishes and always try to make them real.

Good, then. What are the lyrics about in «Dawn Of Genesis»?

There’s not any specific continuing theme in the lyrics of the album. The lyrics of the songs often deal with some kinds of mythologies and ancient, fictional themes. There’s also some hints of sci-fi here and there, which comes from our love for sci-fi. 

So, how long have your worked on «Dawn Of Genesis» and was process?

Well, the album includes songs all the way from the beginning of the band (Black Harbinger) so one could say that the process started already back then. However the actual preparation for the album started in the early 2016 (I guess) as we started the composition process for the new songs to be recorded. The process hasn’t been the fastest, but we are quite content with the result, and happy about the fact that the date of the release is finally confirmed. 

Since the very first chords of “Clairvoyance”, the first track, you know you are in front of a band called to do big things in heavy metal, I dare to say

Thank you for the flattering words! Of course we are very happy if there are people who like us! Still, our main target is not any kind of major success and I’m sure that we’ll keep on doing the things our own way also in the future.   

legionnaire 2And that is good too. All of the songs are great but do you feel more proud about any of them?

I wouldn’t say «proud» but I think the «Black Harbinger» is quite precious for us, being one of the first songs we’ve ever written, and still keeping its place in our setlists and even on the album.

The cover artwork fits perfectly with your music…

We definetely agree! We generated the idea with the cover artist Anu Bring and she executed it magnificently, and it is exactly what we wanted!

After a so brilliant album as «Dawn Of Genesis» the expectations for the next one will be very high, are you conscious?

In fact we haven’t even given a thought for the next release yet. Nevertheless, Petri and Aku have already come up with a few new ideas and I think it’s gonna be guranteed Legionnaire-stuff!

I could hear no better message! How do you see the heavy metal scene nowadays?

We think that especially the underground-scene is alive and kicking ! There are a few nice festivals around Europe and new bands are being formed all the time. In Finland there’s a whole bunch of young metal bands, such as Rapid and Chevalier ! 

Finland seems on fire, yeah. Have you already played live any of these songs?

Actually we have played all of them already, since we were gettig bored with playing our earlier stuff over and over again.

Hahaha that’s good, so are you preparing a tour around? This album deserves an international tour…

No tours in sight yet, but if there appears an opportunity, who knows!

Yeahh! Thanks!

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