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Interview with LORD VIGO

by Vpower

The Band: Lord Vigo

Country: Germany

Answers: Vinz (drums, vocals)




The Germans’ fourth release, an Ep and three full-length albums, turned out to be a true concept album with countless narrative segments and interludes in between songs that each represent a memory implanted into the mind of the female protagonist Nihlai, a replicant within the Blade Runner universe. A production modern and timeless, a band ever growing that might be reaching their pick with «Danse De Noir».

Hello Vinz, «Danse De Noir» is your third and new full-length album, sincerely I think this is by far your most inspired record to date

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. In fact “Danse De Noir” is already our fourth album as we see “Under Carpathian Sun” as our first Album, we released it with two more songs on our fist label, so it was a different release as our demo. And yes, we think the new record is our best work to date. The records sounds really round and it came out exactly the way we wanted it to be. The story and the music merged intro one.

There are also some new elements in it. For example the lyrics, you change the traditional sword and sorcery subject matter in favour of retro science fiction, how is it?

Well I think we already did all those old school lyrics enough on our previous records, hundreds of other bands did that as well. We don’t want to constantly repeat our self as a band so it was time to get a step ahead an move on. It felt natural to do a more futuristic version of Epic Metal and as we all love all those elements as vintage synthesizers and the sci-fi atmosphere. Albums like “2112” “Dimension Hatröss” and “Outer Limits” , just to mention a few are albums we all admire a lot so why not go into those directions.

This is a concept album, isn’t it? Usually a concept album implies more work and sacrifice to build the net of the story and all that. How hard was it?

Yes, it truly is. For me personally I find it much more interesting working on a concept album because you cant apply a cinematic approach to it.

Working with intros, speakers and all those storytelling elements makes it more interesting. Some of my favourite album are concept albums like “2112”
or “Operation Mindcrime”

Truly the cover art-work has that sci fiction air, what is the connection with the lyrics?

Well the concept revolves around the question “Are You Human”. Is Nihlai human or a replicant. In the original Book “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” the replicants are androids so it connects between the film and the book. We did not want to do the cover everyone expects from a epic metal band. No sword, no half naked women.

How long have you worked in this new album and how was the composition process?

It took about a year to finish the album. The mixing process alone took about four month. When we write a album we mostly so it as a thee piece, Volguus, Tony and myself. All our albums are written in the our studio so we could directly record all the riffs and then I usually have a week to work with the material and try some vocals over it. Then we listen to it together and keep working on it. That process keeps going until the song is finished.

It seems by the credits that the band has new members, have they contributed to the new songs or they have been recruited afterwards?

We did songwriting with Nunzio on the Song “As Silence Grows Old”. Basically we have a Studio and Live Lineup. This time Ivo and Zuul each recorded one track on the album so everyone from the both lineups could be heard on the Album. At normal gigs we are five persons on stage, at songwriting we are three.

The story has that 80s flavour, we can say the same about the sound, possibly «Danse De Noir» is your most classic record?

Yes, our goal was to do a record that sounds timeless and that would stand the Test Of Time. So I think most of the modern productions sound just to modern, overproduced and too compressed. Some of the best sounding albums are made in the 80s. The sound of a record does not have sound good, the sound has has to fit. “Into Glory Ride” from Manowar has, from a audiophile point of view, a horrible sound. But it is that sound that just fits the record. And it has signature sound that most modern productions does not have.

Even we find some musical reference to the NWoBHM?

That is correct. We all got musically socialised with NWoBHM Band and we still listen to them a lot. Maybe we are a part of the New Wave of Worldwide Epic Metal =) If we are we proudly take the part of Futuristic Epic Metal!

I also value the wide range of songs you display, heavy, epic, some rocker piece and of course the doom base

We don´t want to limit our self with a narrow genre. We all listen to a wide range of styles so that is mirrored in our songs. Maybe that is something unique about Lord Vigo. Of course you must keep the focus so that you not end up making songs like Duran Duran or drift away to much in incorporation orchestral sound to you music. That is always a problem when you have to much sound to choose from but I think we have enough experience to stay on

Any favorite song or a hot moment in the album you would emphasize?

I personally really think the most emotional part of the Album is the outro from the last song “Memento Mori”. Time to die! And I must say I don’t have a favourite song because all songs are great. We recommend to listen to the album from beginning to end because it was composed as one piece.

One concept album and no more or this story might have a second chapter?

I think the Blade Runner concept has ended. I don´t think there will be a “Danse De Noir 2”. I am working on a story for the next album but I it to early to give details. I am planing to continue working with Sci-Fi elements but before we start writing new songs I cant see if the new textconcept fits.

As a concept album it would be great if you could play it live from beginning to the end, the whole album, is this possible?

That would be great, indeed! But that would be something we only could do if we would do gigs as a headliner. Right now I don´t think we have the status to do that. Maybe it changes after this album so this would be a thing to keep in mind.

Any tour dates confirmed?

We are mostly playing festivals this year like “Band You Head”. We would really like to do some weekendtours as a headliner but I think it really depends on the success of this album. Maybe we get some attention and some good reviews, that would really help. So after the release I will start with contacting bookers for some liveshows.

Although as a band Lord Vigo can be still considered a “youngster”, in terms of age not of skills, with 3 albums in the market you can be already identified with a sound and style of music, do you feel that in the public?

Well, having something like a signature sound and not sounding like other bands could be positive and negative. It is is more difficult if don´t sound like Judas Priest but again, the test of time could only be passed if you sound different. So maybe in 2030 the people will still listen to “Danse De Noir”. To me that would be way more satisfying that selling now more albums or getting better positions on a Festival rooster.

As we are starting a new decade of this crazy century, please name a band or an album of this century that you consider a milestone in your life for whatever reason?

That is a difficult question for me because I must say that must of the time I am listening to stuff from the 70s or 80s. The only band from this century would be “Ghost”. I really like that band, especially their Album “Meloria”.

Thanks for your attention and congratulations for the killer new album. If you wish to add something…

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