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Interview with MAGNET

by Vpower

magnet2The Band: Magnet

Country: Italy

Answers by: Riccardo Giuffrè (guitar, vocals)



You like Rock, classic Rock till the bone? You miss the 70s spirit and the Black Sabbath’s occult ambient? You love guitar ripping solos and breathtaking riffs? Well, you got it easy, MAGNET  give you all that and more in their very first album “Feel Your Fire”, a bet for classicism. And it might be that we get another shot not very far in time, just keep reading.

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Hello Riccardo and congratulations for your debut album “Feel Your Fire”

Hello there! Thanks for this interview and thanks for the review guys!

It was necessary to talk with a class band as Magnet. So, what was the spark that put Magnet on fire?

Riccardo: Magnet songs were born during Spring 2016. Inspiration for those came by personal experiences I had in that time. That’s where it all really started. The band was then formed during summer, starting with the recordings of the album. Just few months later Soulseller Records showed interest in the band and now here We are haha.

You, Riccardo Giuffrè, bassist of Psychedelic Witchcraft, lead this project. But this time you are in charge of guitars and vocals, have you done it before? How do you feel about it?

My main instrument is actually guitar. I started playing it when I was 16 (23 now). I’ve been playing also piano, bass and drums during this time. When I joined Psychedelic Witchcraft it needed a bass player, so, having already Jacopo at the guitars I switched to the bass guitar for that band. Two different bands and two different styles, I love playing both. I feel comfortable with both instruments, though making a band where I play the guitar felt like going back to my roots. About vocals I feel just confident enough to get on stage to play and sing.

magnet1Magnet is a project to last in time or is just something you wanted to do right now and once finished you can get back to your usual tasks?

Yes sir it is. Magnet doesn’t exclude Psychedelic Witchcraft nor the opposite does. They’re two different bands with their own different path. We already got material to work on for the second album but, no need to rush it haha.

Wow, those are great news for all the guys, like us, that are enjoying your album “Feel Your Fire”. We can say Magnet is a more personal approach, something you wanted to do different to other projects?

Well, if We look at aesthetics both bands have their roots into a kind of ’70s style. What I wanted to do was a more intimate and personal kind of music that I couldn’t really hold back. Music is something I love and this is another way to let it out. I felt the need to play and enjoy Magnet as well as I already did for Psychedelic Witchcraft.

The band was formed in 2016 and “Feel Your Fire” was out in January 2017, you were fast composing the songs…

Haha, kind of. Songs were born during spring 2016. Demos were recorded during the composition of the songs so what took much less time than composing was the recording of the album. It’s almost like the album was born while recording it. There was enough inspiration to make it happen that fast haha.

Inspiration and high skills, I would add. Magnet’s songs are a team work or is more Riccardo’s individual effort?

We’d say that up to now it’s more about main ideas coming from Riccardo. We all put our effort into the songs, it’s been all of Us making it happen, teamwork.

In “Feel Your Fire” we are going to find fast tempos but also slow and dreamy rhythms…

The album is really natural and spontaneous, that’s what came out and what We would have liked to do. Magnet is about energy as it is about psychedelia with no fancy things and not much frills. We really like to swing between fast tempos and slow sections without making it feel like a rollercoaster haha.

magnetHahaha, yeah, it goes smooth as a silk. Rock, blues, the 70s… all of it come together in this great “Feel Your Fire”, pure classic

That’s what We love more than everything. That’s what We are. We think it is reflected in the songs and We’re glad You feel those in our music, because those are what moves Us. The majority of the music We love comes from the ’70s, comes with rock and blues, that’s what defined our way of listening and playing music.

If somebody asked me what is Magnet all about I would tell the guy that Magnet is a band formed in 2016 that sounds like if we were back in 1972, I mean, you don’t sound revival, you just sound like you were born 40 years ago 

We’re glad to read this 🙂 That’s pretty much it! Retro-rock, ’60s-’70s revival has become more and more a thing but, it’s not our purpose. We play music how We like to, without questioning about genre or about what people can say about it. We’re glad about all those who appreciate Us, regardless of any kind of genre-related question.

What bands have influenced you or you were thinking about when you wrote your debut album?

While making the album We were thinking at everything but bands. It is based on a really spontaneous and natural way of playing music, based on sounds We genuinely like. We were moved by ourselves. We can of course speak about the bands We love the most, the bands that made Us who We are right now. We’d call out big classics such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult. Those had a huge impact on Us.

I also enjoy the point that you even get into some dark ambient, like in the good Little Moon, with some occult metal atmosphere 

That’s a little part of Us as well. We’re not totally occult but there’s a hidden occult character in the album, it’s also something that moves Us deeply inside. The cover artwork has symbols that recalls to occultism and our true nature. Magnet is about the natural attraction We have towards what We love, about what moves Us to do everything We do.

magnet3And of course, we cannot forget the bluesy part of yours, when you turn on the “blues mode” it is just as a blast of creativity and fresh air 

Blues is a big part of our soul, the root from which everything is born. So going blues feels like going straight to our roots and literally free our souls. It also allows Us to take a break from the energy and the fast tempos We have in the songs. We just hope people feel this as well and appreciate it haha.

A strong point in your classic sound is the work on riffs and solos. Riccardo, how did you work in order to reach that point, it’s kind of hard work and hours of rehearsal or is more the fruit and the inspiration of the moment?

Practice came mainly before all of this. Practice has been about getting to know the instrument and getting to know how to express myself with it, and this never ends. I studied guitar for a long time, also attending a guitar academy in Milan. Though riffs are inspiration of the moment and solos are as well. All the solos were born during the recordings, They all started with improvisation on the track. Take after take the solos took shape until the final take, but it’s really a job made at the moment.

Rock never dies, but bands as Magnet take it to another level, the last song in the album, Magnet Caravan, is the proof of that…

We got words for this one! Magnet Caravan was born in a mood very similar to Planet Caravan. Though it’s not a Planet Caravan rip-off, let’s be clear. We just went through it naturally, let it out as it came out. The song closes the album, as it is the last song written before the events that inspired Magnet had a change. That change may be a great subject for the second album haha. In the end (of course) We couldn’t do but look at the song as close as it was to Planet Caravan. From that point on, it took a kind of tribute role to one of the biggest bands out there.

Amen. With this great stuff are you going to tour around?

We’re working on it, We really wish so. We’d like to play as much as We can and whenever We have the chance to!

What are your plans for the future?

Planes for the future are basically playing shows and whenever We feel it, work on new material as well!

Riccardo, a bunch of thanks for your time, best wishes & success!

We’d really like to thank Metalbrother for the great and kind review and this interview as well. Also We’d like to thank everyone who support Us and everyone who took the time to read this. Goodbye and hope to see You around soon!

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