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Interview with MANSION

by Vpower

Mansion4_Ulla_KudjoiThe Band: Mansion

Country: Finland

Photos: Ulla Kudjoi



In terms of lyrics, MANSION walks around Kartanoism, which if you do not know according to the wikipedia was a Christian sect in the 1920s through the 1950s in Finland, mostly in the Satakunta region and the leaders of the movement were Alma Maria Kartano and the «sleeping preacher» Amanda Matilda «Tilda» Reunanen. But, beyond their lyrics, their doom approach is worth to listen and very much enjoyable, a great debut album.


Hello Mansion, the band started in 2011 but the family has been growing with time, right?

That is correct.

In the credits of the album we find a saxophone, violin, trumpet or even a Hurdy Gurdy, right?

Things evolve according to His will.

So, with all that we can say Mansion is still a doom band or better don’t use any label to name it?

We are doom and beyond. The only label that truly fits us is that of the righteous. Mundane things do not concern us.

After 3 eps your first full-length First Death Of The Lutheran is out in the streets, how do you feel about it?

Unfortunately this accomplishment will only turn a few of the sorrowless’ heads. Most of you are doomed anyway.

Mansion_CoverWith so many peolple involved in the band how do you manage to compose the songs and give form to all those sounds in a track of 7 – 8 minutes?

The biggest challenge is to keep our sermons this short. We work channelling His guidance.

The voice of Alma is one of the strong points in Mansion’s framework…

The Lord speaks through Mother Alma revealing any traitors on our path. Thus her voice is soothing to the fold and terrifying for the sorrowless.

If I’m not wrong Alma is also the face that appears on the cover art, right?

That is correct.

We could say that Mansion takes doom to the ground and makes it accessible to any one, in other words, you don’t need to be a doom guru to enjoy it?

This is charity on our behalf, to spread the Word to the people, but unfortunately only few will see the Light. Any gurus will burn in the everlasting fires of hell.

What song in the album has been more difficult to conclude?

The psalm called Lutheran was our most time consuming effort. We started developing it into a more traditional piece, but through the sacred act of prayer another shape was unveiled to us, His most loyal servants.

We have never been in a Mansion gig, but one could think that your music is especially destined for the live performance

We have heard that our live sermons may cause panic attacks, severe regret and speaking in tongues. The afterlife by His side is the destiny of our faithful congregation.

Mansion5_Ulla_KudjoiSomething not to miss. What are your musical references? All you guys come from the metal or rock scene?

Joy Division, Portishead, Black Sabbath, Diamanda Galas, Godflesh, The Doors, Danzig.

Scenes are for whores.

What are your plans for the future?

Judgement Day is coming! Second Death is coming! When the time is upon us we won’t run or hide.

Hope we still got some time to enjoy your album, some others and bang our heads in several fests before Apocalypse sweeps us all. Thank you very much for your attention, if you wish to add something…

We would like to wish our followers a Merry Christmas.

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