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Interview with METALIAN

by Vpower

The Band: Metalian

Country: Canada

Answers: Ian Wilson (vocals, guitars)





METALIAN were originally formed in Montréal, Canada, in 2003 by vocalist/guitarist Ian Wilson. After playing for a few years, touring locally around eastern Canada and the United States and releasing a couple of demos, EPs and albums, as well as several member changes they are back with a new album full of classic sounds.

Hello guys, Metalian was formed around 2003 by Ian Wilson. But things have changed a lot since that time related to the members of the band, right?

Yeah, aside from me (Ian) we have gradually had a full line up change to the current which we`ve had for around 6 years and 3 albums.

Between your first album Wasteland (2009) and your second Midnight Rider (2017) are many years, what happened?

We had another album Metal Fire and Ice released in 2015 I think, and there was a release with Heavy Artillery out of the US called Rock Solid beween 2009 and 2015… but after that release our former bass player (Isho Bailey) ended up having 5 kids with his wife Aimee and had to move back to Alberta. A year or two after our former drummer (Dru Donovan) got married and moved back to Nova Scotia, so it took some time to find new members and learn all the songs before we started to write new material. And with there being a couple years between the two leaving it was a gradual thing. We experimented with different line ups too. Like for a short time I played bass instead of guitar.

Almost years after your debut you released your second album, but the style remained unchanged, didn’t it?

Yeah I think. Hopefully our style remains true to its origins. I think some of the greatest bands manage to do this like Motorhead, sabbath, acdc… It seems to be hard though as you want to evolve and improve over time.

For those who have not listened to the band it might be enough to say that Ian Wilson has a great voice which reminds of Rob Halford. Intentioned?

Yeah for sure. Also the lead harmonized guitar solos. When we formed me and the other guitar player (Liam Sullivan) were just learning how to play harmonies and I realized I could sing the falsetto so we were like, we should have a band that plays that shit! Which was rare back then. Not to just copy Priest though, we had other influences like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Dayglo Abortions. During our first few years people were really suprised to hear that style being played.

Your music also tends to sound ala Judas Priest although seasoned with a speed metal touch

Sounds rad to me! Haha

Hahaha How long have you worked on Vortex and how was the process?

We spent 6-8 months writing it and recored over 2 days. We are lucky to have such a good engineer (Ryan Battisuzzi @ Studio Beatbox R) to work with. The first day was rythm tracks all played live, and the following day was solos which were mostly improved and vocals.

Listening to your new album one could say that you enjoy playing music and you make people enjoy the listening, it seems flat simple but nowadays we sometimes have the sensation that if you don’t complicate it then it’s not good

Personally Im not into super technical complicated stuff… I prefer melodies. Like KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!

You start the album with the instrumental Prologue, I would say a song with a Iron Maiden flow, any intention on it?

Our guitarist (Simon Costa) wrote that. I thought more megadeth than maiden but its open to interpretation of course.

If I had to choose a song that would be without doubt the fantastic Liquid Fire, with an awesome tempo ala Rapid Fire and a superb atmospheric passage ala Beyond the realms of the death, what do you think?

Haha those are cool comparisons I never thought of but yeah sure! I was thinking Metallica tempo and kind of Van Halen breakdown thingy in the middle.

Yeah, another point. We also find some other tracks with a classic heavy sound that we could label as vintage heavy metal or nwothm, what do you think?

Sure I love the chuggy chuggy 80s rockers too. This albums would be the song Broke Down I suppose.

I also love that when it comes to the part of the guitar solos you throw the watch away and have no problem to take the time you need to accomplish the task

Guitar solos are as important as the vocals.

What are the lyrics about?

Our lyrics are based in a post apocalyptic not so distant future. Kind of like Mad Max world inspired. It seems to be an inevitable consequence to our current over population/consumption civilization.

The covert art has a psychedelic air that reminds of some covers from King Crimson or the 70s

Im not too familiar with those… we`ve always used the same artist (Metal Myke) since the beginnings of the band for gig posters, tshirts, album art, he even hand made our banner! Kind of the 5th member of the band.

You have already toured through Europe in the past, we will see you again in the old continent?

Yes! September 11th in Leipzig, 12th in Berlin, 13th at Storm Crusher Festival, and 14th at the Pyrenean Warriors Open air Festival.

By the way, as we have commented in previous interviews with other Canadian heavy metal bands, it seems Canada is living these last years a blast of heavy metal bands, do yo have that same perception?

Yeah I guess, there`s definitely a lot more old school metal bands now than when we first started. It`s awesome.

What are your plans for the future?

We already started to write the next album.

Thank you very much for your attention and congratulations for the good album!

Thanks for the support!! Hope to play a town near you soon, cheers!

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