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Interview with NAZGHOR

by Vpower

Left to right: Angst (guitars), Armageddor (guitars), Nekhrid (vocals), Cosmarul (drums), Crowlech (bass)

The Band: Nazghor

Country: Sweden



A brief dialogue with this band from Upssala to talk a little about their new album Infernal Aphorism. In Spain we have saying as “the briefer, the better”, this is brief, if it is better that is just up to you to judge, so here it is. 


Hello guys, Nazghor was formed in 2012, since then an album by year. It’s everything excep usual

This is not something that many bands do, or at least within our knowledge.

There have been several changes in the line-up during this year,  has it affected your sound in any way?

The current line-up has stand firm since the beginning of 2015. We would like to point that it has affected the sound in a positive way.

In October you are releasing «Infernal Aphorism», your sixth album, your best effort to date?

It is the biggest one yet and it may be the best job we have done so far. However every individual has its own favorite.

nazghor 1How was the composition process of «Infernal Aphorism»?

It was the most difficult to complete. We had a couple of incidents along the way. But we knew that we had to work harder to achieve that goal.

As a black metal band Satanism used to be the main subject in your lyrics, I suppose this hasn’t changed, right?

Satanism has many ways to be interpreted. We are no longer active shouting out what we believe in, but we have darkness on our side and we share it with the ones that seek that darkness.

However, melodies are also present in your compositions, right?

Our melodies are as important as our lyrics and aura. The whole composition is built with the melodies as the sign of Nazghor.

Another trademark in your sound is the fast and the slow tempos you combine throught the whole album

This is correct. Every album must be a complete album. Not to blast your way through one hour without no purpose what so ever. Every Nazghor album is compose from the same recipe.

You are from Uppsala, a town that appears in the “black metal travel guide” 🙂 , is there a big friendship or cooperation with other black metal bands in town?

We can not say that we have a cooperation with other black metal bands in this town. It is very quiet among these lands and every band has its own world. It is much easier to work with bands from Stockholm.

I think you have experimented a fast grow in terms of popularity in the last years, it has gone parallel to some evolution in your music or you stay true to your roots?

This is something that we wanted to achieve since we decided that we wanted to play abroad.

With so many albums which one is better represented in your live setlist?

Albums five and six will be better represented in a near future. Although we will add some old tunes as well.

Going back to the first question, in 2018 we will get another new album from Nazghor?

Nothing we talk about at the moment.

How do you see the current black metal scene in Sweden?

It is big. There are so many talented bands in this country and many followers. People do not forget that this genre was born here with the great Bathory. It is in the backbone of those who love the genre and its purpose.

Any gigs programmed?

Aros blast fest in Uppsala 14/10
Freezing Balkan tour 2-6/11
Klubb dissonans in Sweden 25/11

Thank you, if you wish to add something…

A reminder of the release of our sixth album ‘Infernal Aphorism’  13/10

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