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Interview with NEKROVAULT

by Vpower

The Band: Nekrovault

Country: Germany

Answers: V. (drums)



After the «Obscure» EP and the «Cursed by Ascended Darkness» 7″ it is about time to take the next step further into the deepest of vaults… Finally, German necromancers NEKROVAULT have exhumed their first full-length recording! We talk about it with dynamic drummer V. Come discover these guys, they really deserve it!

Hello V, all of you have a long experience with previous bands as Graven, Mötorcult, Nocturnal Weed, Hate Preacher, Revel in Flesh, etc. How has that influenced your sound?

V.: Hola, my friend! All bands you named were different styles of music or in places the first steps and, of course, in their infancy musically. So, Nekrovault is not influenced by our past bands in any musical way. Maybe you can find some parallels when it comes to the dark atmosphere, which some of the other bands also tried to catch as well in their own style.

When did you decide to kick off Nekrovault and how was it?

V.: Nekrovault was founded early 2017 by P. (bass/vocals) and myself to create our personal vision of darker and atmospheric Death Metal. We just tried to go back to our „blackenend“ roots and build music, which we want to hear by our own without limitation. We found in SS.(lead guitar) a more than talented guitarist (longtime friend and also founder of mighty Sacroscum!), who composed and devised the most parts of our debut album. Our line up became completed with our female guitarist S. and we played our first show in february 2018….and this was just the uncanny beginning. Ugh!

After the «Obscure» and the «Cursed by Ascended Darkness» EPs you present your first full-length recording, when did you start composing it and how was the process?

V.: The idea for the most songs and concept starts growing in the darkest minds of our guitarist SS. in late 2018. We began rehearsing in spring 2019 and started recording in September 2019 at the Ruins Rust Studio. The recording process itself was not spectacular.

Any significant diffenrence in terms of sound with the old songs?

V.: Of course! Our old recordings were more based on „black metal roots“, our debut album TOTENZUG: FESTERING PEREGRINATION screamed for a more brute sound. And Fabian Krapp from the Ruins Rust Studio turned out as best partner for this „hellish sounding“ next step for us.

Seems the guys at Ván Records had it clear and bet for you from the very first song

V.: „Krugi“ from Van Records was „Initiator“ of all. I send him our Obscure EP and the rest is history…! Fun fact: I played my last show with Revel in Flesh in September 2017 somewhere in Holland. And on the way back home I get a message from Sven(Van Records holder): Ok…How about releasing the EP on my label!? The ending of a new beginning at the same day!

The cover atrwork seems to be a real omen of what we gonna find on «Totenzug: Festering Peregrination»

V.: As I said before, our guitarist SS. had devised most of the album and also the idea for this visual implementation. He wanted a illustration of a „Monolith“ paired with this kind of unusual purple colour, which you can find on some versions from „De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas“ and which radiated some kind of menacing and mystical atmosphere. Chris from Misanthropic-Art implemented his idea perfect, as you can see. And of course…the TOTENZUG will overun you! Ugh!

There is a primitive darkness & atmosphere in your music that makes it very appealing

V:. We wanted set ourselves apart from that typical and supersaturated Death Metal scene a little bit. We just tried to pick up our own and personal opinion regarding „blackenend“ and „sinister“ music and packed all into a brute and more „waltzing“ sound.

In this line, I understand «Totenzug: Festering Peregrination» as an album that defines your sound and that will grant you not only a positive response but also many dates to tour beyond Germany if you wish

V.: You know…we´re not here to please everyone. TOTENZUG: FESTERING PEREGRINATION is a personal „snapshot“ and our definition of sinister and atmospheric Death Metal. Nothing more, nothing less! We´re not that typical touring band. So, if there is a change to play some shows beyond Germany…the TOTENZUG knows no borders! It overruns you everywhere!

A touch of Doom, Black, you are not the typical death metal band, are you?

V.: No. We´re not in that kind of „fairway“ like the most „buddy Death Metal bands“. We tried to create our own vision of more darker and atmospheric music. Main influences for our guitarist SS. on the debut album were Celtic Frost/Tryptikon and of course Morbid Angel.

Any favorite song in the album?

V.: All songs for themselves follow a red threat and make the whole album a really massive and unstoppable TOTENZUG. So, I have to say „classical“: all songs are favorites. But if I had really to choose, maybe: Sepulkrator and Eremitorium.

Any song you have dismissed for this album and why?

V.: Short answer: No!

What are the lyrics about?

V.: The lyrical concept also was created by our guitarist SS.. The album tells stories inspired by grim local folklore, necromancy and , of course, Dis Pater himself.

Nekrovault is your main priority right now or you are sharing your time with several projects?

V.: Some band members sharing their time with other bands (no projects!). Like Sacroscum, Khaos, Niht and Nocturnal Weed. But the main bands in our „Scumlight-Circle“ are Nekrovault, Khaos and Sacroscum. And main priority is always in order of the next release by whoever.

You have been confirmed for the PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR, what is great, more tour dates coming?

V.: We played last year at the PSOA Festival, if you mean that!? And of course, it was one of the concerts, which stayed in our minds. We´ll play a special release show on march 27th at the Braincrusher Festival in Germany. On this date we´ll play TOTENZUG: FESTERING PEREGRINATION in its etirety. Check out all other future dates on our „social media“ page.

As we are starting a new decade, is there any band or album that you consider like a milestone in these first 20 years of the century?

V.: I think the last 20years includes many bands and albums, which could be a milestone. But let me choose this two: Tribulation – The Formulars Of Death & Morbus Chron – Sweven ! And my guitarist SS. choose: In Solitude – Sister & Celtic Frost – Monotheist!

Hail to that! Thank you very much V. for your attention!! And congratulations for your great debut, if you wish to add something…

V.: Thanks for your interest and support! Remember March 27th: join the TOTENZUG! Ugh!

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