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Interview with NIGHT

by Vpower

The Band: Night

Country: Sweden

Answers: Sammy and Joseph



The great thing of NIGHT rock is that you get many things in the package for the same price, mainly rock, yeah, but also some other styles flowing like pop or 70s dance music that makes their proposal really cool and funny to listen. But don’t misundestand me, the guitars are played in the rock vein, fun, fun and more fun! To play it many, many times.

Hello guys, High Tides – Distant Skies is your forth album, how your already long experience un music has contributed to this new album?

We learn something new every time we enter the studio to record an album. This, as well as the previous time we have been trying to achieve something that feels exciting for us as a band. Either it could be about the way we record, or just how we approach the way we write songs together, every album gets its own identity in one way or another.

For those who don’t know it, Night as started out as a Judas Priest and Saxon tribute band, why or how?

Actually we never was a cover band of any sorts. This is a questions that sometimes comes up and we don´t really know where it comes from beeing. Love those great bands tho!

Yes, it seems an info that is around somehow. By the way have you ever shared stage with one of those two monsters or had any contact with them like thank you for covering our songs or the like?

No but we wouldn´t hesitate to if we got the chance.

In what moment you gave the step to create your own songs and why?

We started out listening to and ofc trying to play the songs we all knew and loved, but it was from the start something that always made us want to create our own band and our own songs to get out and play with!

Rock never dies they say… but it’s also true that some bands make Rock sound boring, the same tale time after time and I don’t wanna mention anyone. This doesn’t happen with Night

Well thanks, that is a hard one for us to tell ourselves, since we can only just do what we know and like, trying to be consistent. The rest is up to the listener to decide what they think and feel about our music. We appreciate it alot!

Where do you get the inspiration from?

Mark Knopfler and ABBA

Although you sound cool and fresh you drink from the influences of old monsters like Phil Lynott or Scorpions?

Yes absolutely we take inspirations from from a wide variety of genres of older and newer types of music. Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy is for sure a huge inspiration to us, but so is also Roxette and Bruce Springsteen in one way or another.

The first time I listened to your new album HTDS I realized that guitar is in command, leading your music

Yeah sure, Night as basically always been a guitar driven band, and this time as well. We write a lot on guitars and therefore a lot of the melodies and rhythms comes from playing and jamming on that instrument.

How do Oskar and Sammy outfit the guitar work?

There is a pretty equal split between the guitar duites on this and the previous record when it comes to the writing part and playing solos.

How long have you worked in the new album and how was the composition process?

We always write songs and have ideas floating around. This time we all wrote a lote of material on our own and then came together as a group to work them out. It has been a process from start to finish for about 7-8 months maybe.

Not a bad pace then. During the spring of 2020 you released a two-track 7” called «Feeling it Everywhere». Curious at least taking in account that you were preparing a full-length album, too much material on the shelves?

Since it had been a while since the last time we released something, we wanted to kind of build a bridge to connect the new and the previous album, and therefore we thought that it would be good to release something shorter and fun like a single. We did a live recording and that gave us an opportunity to try out the lineup with our new drummer Linus «Raging Thunder” Fritzson from Ambush before going into the album process!

Good idea, indeed. Point out those things that make this HTDS different to your previous releases?

Well to start with, the whole album has the vocal duties almost split even between Sammy and Oskar, which is something that we have touched on before but never at this amount. And again we have a new member in Linus, who has made his mark on the sound not just by himself but also in building the rhythm section together with Joseph ”Lill-Rogga” Max and the whole band.

Another surprising thing in your music is that you rescue some of the sound from the 70s, not only rock but also pop or even from the disco scene, an it works out well! How do you manage that?

Thanks a lot, yeah we like we said before, we really enjoy and get inspired by all kinds of different genres. That is probably why it then works out for us. since it is something that we ourselves enjoy and get excited about, which hopefully is reflected in the music.

What are the lyrics about in the new album?

We don´t really have a silver lining in the whole album as a concept when it comes to the lyrics. But as a difference from the previous one. These lyrics are probably more about the individual journey, instead of the more open worldy concept of changes like the last one.

What is the meaning behind the cover art?

We wanted something that would look like we thought it feels like. And connecting to the title we felt that a photograph instead of a painting this time fit the fram more accurately.

Any favorite song in the album?

For our personal opinions (Sammy and Joseph) we would probably at the moment say, Crimson Past and Under the Moonlight Sky.

Add me to that. You have released a video of the song Under The Moonlight Sky, a great song indeed, any more promo coming?

Yes hopefully soon!

How are you delaing with the covid19 in Sweden? Any plans for the future or just waiting until the storm is over?

Yes the situation has really put some sticks in the great wheel of touring for sure. Although we have been part of a really great live-stream at the wonderful venue ”Tyrolen” where the festival ”Muskelrock” usually takes place every year. We actually have a release party coming in celebration of the new album in September. It is gonna be held in our home town with a limited number of 50 people attending.

Only 50, that’s like a high-class club. Thank for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Thank you as well, make sure to keep the rock rocking!

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