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Interview with NIXA

by Vpower

The Band: Nixa
Country: United States




Exploring loss and ordeal, creation and destruction – themes that threatened to consume the whole band in the process – NIXA was reborn as a new beast through fire and grit. It is within this deep lore and passion that NIXA thrives and shows their mighty heft.

Hello guys, «Opus Tierra» is your second album to be released on March 29th, how do you feel about it?

I feel that it is definitely our strongest work to date, a lot of effort went into making it and we are very excited to share it with the world.

Compared with your debut in Trembling Path how would you define this sophomore album?

This album has a lot more layers and intensity to it and we wanted to take our time with it since we wanted to grow our sound naturally. The clean and powerful vocals is more dominant on Opus Tierra as well, something we felt was to a part of the new sound we where letting it evolve to. The first album was very much just what it was named, a trembling path, and Opus Tierra the new world that one day needs be destroyed to make place for another to take form again.

How long have you been working on it and how was the composition process?

This album took us quite a while because there was a lot of things that was going on in our lives during that time, it was a lot of growing and a lot of it was painful almost destructive at times. The process became a lot of reheating and reshaping ideas until we felt it had the right shape and sound to it. The process was something we willfully suffered through, a mountain we had to climb and we made a lot of sacrifices for it, in order to get it to the final result. The next album will be approach with a lot of this gathered experience in mind and heart and I believe it will set up for an even grander creation.

You are releasing the new album through War Anthem Records, a small label focused in European bands, how did it happen?

I was on a European tour with Death Wolf some years back and was introduced by Morgan to Jarne who is one of the label founders. Later after he heard Nixa, he contacted me again with an offer to release our music on War Anthem Records. We felt that having a label with a true passion, like Jarne and the team and War Anthem has, for our music and who also shares the vision of what we are trying to create with Nixa, would be the absolute best to work with so we obviously said yes.

Congratulations, then. Listening to your new album I get the feeling of it all flowing naturally, how do you get that approach?

We usually try and filter through a lot of ideas to find the pieces and parts that we feel are natural, strong and fits the songs spirit. Many times its simply me humming or coming up with very basic idea that supports a vocal vision to Raul or he bring in a song that he has worked on and we then perfect them while trying to still keep that underlying foundational emotion that we got when first envisioning the song. This album was very much a similar process as forging iron, like a sword or knife that becomes stronger each time we reheat, shape and let it cool down.

What are the lyrics about?

The main theme is a journey through the birth and death or the shedding of one belief system as new one takes its place. Individually and emotionally we create and destroy many internal worlds during our lifetime I believe, and Opus Tierra is one of those worlds in its transitional phase, a sort of genesis. For some their Opus Tierra is always beyond reach, simply a vision of a perfect world, in fear of that the actual creation sooner or later becomes something else in need of destruction. We fear death, we celebrate birth, like a good son and a bad one, but it has more to do with your perception, much like love or hate, its never perfect, the world and universe will never be “perfect” because perfection does not exist, the only thing constant is change. Its your own great creation within, every time you go through painful death and beautiful birth, when the portal closes and you can never go back to who you where, you where dead, now your are alive, you have stepped into your Opus Tierra.

Any favorite song in the album?

I really can’t pick a favorite to be honest, they all come together as one great big piece I feel and you really need to sit through the whole album to get the full spectrum. It was meant to flow as one piece with transitional phases.

If we compare you with bands like Neurosis, early Mastodon, Pentagram or Saint Vitus, how do you feel?

All great bands, so would feel very honored! We have been compared to bands like Tears for Fears and Type O Negative as well haha so I guess people will hear what they will hear and Im completely fine with that. Myself I have way too many influences and not all musical ones so its very hard to say, we aim and hope to mainly become our own in peoples ears of course and hopefully this will happen as our music gets more and more known.

Type O Negative… are you serious 🙂 ? The production by Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna, Pg.Lost) is also something to underline, it sounds very deep and I really like the work with the vocals

Kristian did an amazing job mixing the album and the production was mainly by the band itself at our studio Skybound. We really started to push the vocals during the making of the song “Earth of No Return” together with a friend of ours named Davin Sosa, who also plays drums in the band Shroud Eater, so Raul and I decided to really start pushing for more cleaner but still raw and powerful singing since we felt it was turning out to be the natural way that Nixa was meant to go sound wise.

This sophomore album settles Nixa as a band to follow in the forthcoming years, goal gotten?

Absolutely. We have no intention of slowing down or to stop growing, we have worked extremely hard and gone through a lot to get to this point in time, and we are already working on the next album.

You have shared the stage with bands like Crowbar, High on Fire and Jucifer. We are used to read that Metal in general is created to hit the stage, is that your case?

Definitely. We decided some time back to focus inward and grow not only our sound but also ourselves and now that the album is completed and ready to be released, that time is getting real close again. We are currently rehearsing and working on transferring Nixas grown sound and energy onto the stage again and we hope to be heading out on tours and do more shows shortly.

Any tour programmed for 2019?

We should be announcing some dates very soon yes.

Thanks for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Yes, thank you very much for the support! We hope to be out on the road to play in Europe real soon and we promise to bring nothing but raw heavy powerful energy and a kickass show!

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