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Interview with ORGANIC

by Vpower

Organic_1The Band: Organic

Country: Italy



Testimony Records proudly presents the debut full-length of South Tyrol based Death Metallers ORGANIC. Formed in 2013, the band released their first EP «Death Battalion» in 2014 and constantly performed live over the years, before starting to work on “Carved In Flesh”, old school sound with buzzing HM2 chainsaw riffs.


Hello guys, your debut with the ep Death Battalion was good but sincerely we didn’t expect a so big step ahead as you have taken with your first album «Carved In Flesh»

Yes, you could say that „Carved In Flesh“ was our bigger step. We think that everything was done right, also the feedback is being crazy so far!

You have had four years since the ep to grow and pulish your project, what has changed in your opinion in Organic in this last years (if something)?

We don‘t think that much has changed really, besides some line-up changes everything is still the same.

How long have you been working in «Carved In Flesh»? Any hard time composing it?

The composing of the album itself went great and it actually was done long before entering the studio, we were just waiting for the right time to enter the studio and everything went flawlessly.

organic 1Any guy in the band with more responsibility in the composition tasks?

It depends really, but usually everyone takes over his own part, so guitars are done by Benni, drums by Lukas and so on…

The cover art is corrosive as your guitars…

The artwork for the album is really describing our music, Defame (artist) did a perfect job!

Being a band from the beautiful region of South Tyrol you have grown listening to?

We can‘t say that we grew up listening to local music in the genere of metal, maybe some schlager haha!

That seems clear… Organic is more an Italian than an Austrian band or something in the middle?

Ex- founding member chrisi is actually from austria, our native language is also german.

If I had to underline something in your music it would be the sound of your guitars

What can we say, it‘s the HM2‘s fault! No, but we try to give it that rotten chainsaw sound.. No experiments.

By the way, the album will be released by Testimony Records in all formats: CD, Tape, limited LP including 2 bonustracks (100 x transparent blood red, 200 x black) and in digital versions, a full display

We are really glad to be working with a label like Testimony Records, they are doing a great job and everything is working out great.

Prior to this album you have played many gigs around, what did you learn or get in the process?

Playing shows is awesome, the most important thing to us is always to have a satisfied audience.. There’s always something new!

Organic_2Frozen Meat Medal shows the essence of the band with that Sweden 90s death metal sound?


However, Organic is far from being a revival band, tracks as Death Battalion or The Result Is To Collapse are proof of that

We represent the sound we play, but we can’t see ourselves as a revival band.

Being a band used to play live I suppose you will do an extensive tour to promote your brilliant debut album? Any date in Spain?

We really hope so! A tour is definitely on the checklist.


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