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Interview with OSSUARIUM

by Vpower

The Band: Ossuarium
Country: United States
Answers: Ryan Koger (drums)

Photos: Matt Pie


OSSUARIUM and its debut album «Living Tomb» are here, following on the heels of the widely hailed and brutal ‘Calcified Trophies Of Violence’ demo in 2017. OSSUARIUM‘s first full length record reveals immediate maturation to ruinous and overwhelming effect.

Hello Ryan, «Living Tomb» is your debut album, how do you feel about it?

We all put a lot of hard work into this record and have just had a general understanding that we would write a record that included all of our favorite elements of death metal. I think we did that and we are super proud to share it with all the basement dwelling mouth breathers out there.

«Living Tomb» is the anticipated follow-up to your demo in 2017, Calcified Trophies Of Violence. Any significant change since that time?

Since the demo we’ve definitely had a more collaborative songwriting process, which really shows in the dynamics of the record.

It seems you have taken your time to release your first album, but the long wait has paid off

It all seemed so fast, so it was totally worth it to us!

In the meantime you have played live around consistently or you were more focused in creating new songs?

More writing focused, all of us like playing live shows but definitely prioritize writing.

How was the compostion process of «Living Tomb»?

Start with a riff, saute for 1 minute or until fragrant, add d-beats, bass drops, delicate guitar harmonies and ripping leads turn heat up all the way and scorch the living shit out of it then sprinkle with nasty cavernous vocals and serve ice cold.

«Living Tomb» is an outstanding creation of death doom, a subgenre that is becoming more popular in the last years

Thanks, we all love death doom and the kind of sluggish pace of primitive death metal so those influences were definitely present in our writing.

In your music the dark atmospheres sometimes leave pass to some melodic moments that contribute to make your songs bigger and more brilliant?

We all love more melodic music but not necessarily melodic death metal, so the atmospheric element and harmonies were a way for us to sneak some more intricate tonality into the mix.

I was happily surprised but your awesome work on drums, you really pave the way for the rest of the band

Thanks! I owe everything I know to the hard hitters like Mike Smith, Billy Cobham and Earl Hudson.

Any especial song in the album?

Corrosive Hallucinations is definitely my favorite to play!

What is the album about in terms of lyrics?

I wrote most of the lyrics on the record, and thematically it’s about more psychological horror like the fear of losing your physical form and the relief of leaving it, your entire perception of reality being false and fabricated, social interaction leaving you praying for death, and being afraid of your own sexuality.

Although a young band you are already compared to big names as Autopsy, Incantation etc, that means something, doesn’t it?

Folks have been so quick to compare us to the greats and we are all beyond honored!

20 Buck Spin will release your album on February 1st, any actions to promote it?

Yeah! 20BS has been doing a great job to promote the record!

Thank you very much Ryan, if you wish to add something…

Death to misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism and all other xenophobic hateful ignorant bullshit in metal and hails to the rise of metal for all people!!!