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Interview with PALE DIVINE

by Vpower

The Band: Pale Divine

Country: United States

Answers: Darin (drums)




PALE DIVINE celebrate 25 years with their new album «Consequence of Time»! It’s the sound of a band whose sonic evolution is in full stride and unfolds across eight songs of enchanting songwriting and unrivaled metallic diversity. All time fans may be surprised with some songs and new fans will stay addicted to this great new album that finds Pale Divine in the best moment of their long history.

Hello Darin, Pale Divine are celebrating 25 years of existence. Are you living your best moment as a band?

Yes, as with every new album we are living our best moment. ha ha We live the excitement of what we have produced at that time. Personally I’m excited for this album because it really challenged us to reach outside of our comfort zone, yet feels really comfortable and natural to play. I sit back and listen to this album with pride. It’s well rounded and doesn’t get stale or repetitive.

What better way to celebrate it than with your sixth album Consequence of Time?

The title is fitting. 25 years have passed and we still grow as a band.

Although the moment might not be the best for celebrations with the covid19 around. How are you dealing with this situation? Have you postponed some gig or something?

A few festivals have been postponed, we’re hopeful that they are only delayed and not cancelled in the future. People need music in their lives and we’re more than happy to play for them. I’m sure that we will celebrate the release of the album once things start opening back up.

How long have you worked in the new album and how was the recording process?

We have worked on this album since our last S/T album was released. A few of the songs we had stored away to work on at a later date. When it was time to decide what songs were going to possibly go on this album we revisited those songs. Other songs were written solely for this album. We wanted an album that flowed with no filler, hopefully people will hear that when listening. We’re really happy with it.

If I’m not wrong, Dana Ortt has been the last to enter the band but he didn’t participate in the composition of the former album, how has he contributed to the new one?

When you listen to the album you can hear Dana’s influence throughout. Dana is a great song writer and lyricist. Dana, Greg and I were also in the band Beelzefuzz which had disbanded for a variety of reasons not the least of which was the fact that playing shows and festivals with both bands being on the bill became confusing to some as 3/4 of the members were in both bands, haha. In the long run it made more sense to focus on one band and meld the 2 together. That is why you will hear what could be considered a departure from what we’ve done on previous albums.

What are the lyrics about?

The album touches on a variety of topics. We try not to be too specific with our lyrics because we feel it’s really important for the listener to develop a connection to the music.without us steering them in a certain direction.


The cover artwork has a different style to previous releases, a warning that something has changed in this new delivery?

Not intentionally. Brian Tutlo has done a lot of our art including our logo. With this album we gave him a few songs and some lyrics and gave him free reign to portray the visual he saw fit.

More news, you have signed for the first time with Cruz Del Sur Music, right?

We had heard nothing but great things about CDSM. When Tom Phillips approached us about signing on we were more than interested. Nothing but praise for Enrico and Tom. It’s been a great experience thus far.

It’s complicated to redefine one’s self after 25 years but this Consequence of Time really seems to go a little in that direction, what do you think?

This is another aspect that wasn’t intentional. It all stems from new interests, having Dana in the band, and the combination of all of that coming together for this album. We didn’t set out to «redefine» ourselves it was just part of the ongoing progression from album to album.

After listening to the new album I think the work on guitars is so good that breaks the mold of your sound, opening new windows

Greg definitely honed in on the sound he was trying to achieve for the solos. Dana has his own particular style that really plays well off Greg’s. The two of them working together is what «broke the mold» I suppose.

We still find the old doom stuff in songs like Phantasmagoria or Consequence of Time although this one finally breaks free in a delicious way

There are so many sub-genre doom metal avenues to take now that we decided to travel down a few without feeling forced. We haven’t abandoned our original sound, we just don’t feel the need to stay in one spot or recycle the same ideas over and over again.

Even we can find some hard n’heavy sound in songs like No Escape. What was the key or cause to this turn in your sound?

Honestly there was no cause… It’s just fun to play honestly.

Great then. How do you think fans will accept the Pale Divine of 2020?

Some may take issue, others will be happy and excited that they hear something new and fresh. New listeners may take to it faster since they will not compare past albums to this. We’re curious to hear the reactions.

Any favorite in the album?

A few stand out, Tyrants and Pawns, Satan in Starlight and Saints of Fire. Ask me tomorrow and I could say a different group of songs. That’s what I like about this album. Each song lends itself to a different mood.

Consequence of Time finds Diener sharing vocals with Ortt, a great work by both by the way, but who is acting more as leading vocalist?

Equal parts Greg and Dana. We liked the idea of putting them both out front as a dual force. Their voices are quite different from one another and I think that makes for some interesting dynamics.

What plans do you have for the near future?

Introducing the new album to everyone and hopefully getting out and physically playing our music live again as soon as possible!

Any interest to travel to Europe some day?

We love playing overseas! Our last trip was for Hammer of Doom in 2018; So yes we’re itching to get back.

Thank you very much for your attention, congratulations for your great new album, if you wish to add something…

We’re excited for everyone to hear the album and hope to get out and play soon. Until then stay optimistic there’s plenty of future shows to look forward to.

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